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How To Make Your Flight Attendant’s Job Easier When Flying

flight attendant’s job

Being flight attendants is challenging because they have to take care of hundreds passengers while confined to a tight space. Not to mention that passengers are different so not all of them are always nice. Working in cramped space with strangers can be overwhelming but of course flight attendants are trained. However, we can make their job a little easier that you can even make them your friend. 

Making your flight attendant’s job a little easier during a flight

Flight attendants have a say to reward passengers such as giving free cocktail or an upgraded seat. However, even without the intention of gaining some rewards, why not making their job a little easier just for the sake of kindness and goodwill? And you can do it with these tips.

Be nice

Always be nice when interacting with flight attendants. You don’t have to invade their personal space because saying thank you or compliment their good job can be enough. Even a smile can make them feel more appreciated. Saying hello with a smile to your flight attendants and the cabin crew won’t hurt anyone. In fact, it can brighten up their day. 

How To Make Your Flight Attendant’s Job Easier When Flying

Be efficient

It means do not fumbling around something and make other people behind you wait for long. It is kind of disturbing especially when you block the way. Hence, be efficient with what you carry and how you move in the cabin. It will help everyone to get into their seat quicker which in return will make the flight crew also happy. 

Listen to what they say 

Take out your earbuds when your flight attendants are coming down the aisle with foods or drinks. At least take one of your earbuds so you can hear them better. It can be exhausting for your flight attendants to keep repeating the same questions just because their passengers are unwilling to take of their earbuds just for few seconds. 

Treat them as equals

Do not treat your flight attendants as your baby sitter. It is not their job to change your baby’s diaper or feed your baby. It is fine to ask for small favor like asking flight attendant to watch your baby for few minutes while you are in the toilet especially when you have no travel companion. However, do not ask them to do what you have to do. 

Be friendly 

You can be friendly to your flight attendants like making conversation with them. However, keep it short and don’t take their time or space. Chatting with them for more than 10 minutes then you are being annoying. If you need to the galley to stretch, ask for permission first because it is their space. 

Be more mindful and pay attention

It is flight attendants’ job to keep passengers safe during the flight so make sure to pay attention when they give the safety instruction. Also, leave the cabin when it is the time to leave. Do not wait just because your kid is still asleep. You have some places to go so does your flight attendant.

Managing Bali Villas for Rent: Calculating the Running Cost!

Managing Bali Villas for Rent - Calculating the Running Cost!

Having villas in Bali for rent is indeed a financially rewarding investment that can give its owners a promising income in return. However, owners of villas rental should never forget that holiday let needs quite an extensive maintenance which directly impact the income. To make your rental venture a success, you need to work out the cost of running villa rental and realistic financial planning. Every holiday villa owners need to budget everything to keep in track of all of your outgoings and know your net earnings. We are here to help detailing out some of the most common costs of running holiday villas in Bali that you need to prepare for. 

Cleaning and Laundry Costs for General Bali Villas for Rent

Maintaining a clean and tidy property is critical to the success of your luxury villa rental in Bali. One of the first things guests look for when visiting a holiday cottage is cleanliness, which has a significant impact on first impressions.

Cleaning and Laundry Costs for General Bali Villas for Rent

The cost will vary depending on the size and location of your property, as well as whether you hire a professional or clean it yourself. It’s also vital to factor deep cleans at the start of a busy season and after you’ve had a lot of bookings during the quieter times.

Repairing Costs

A busy villa rental, as comparison to an empty house, will surely incur additional, unanticipated operating expenditures from time to time. Furniture may be broken, walls may require touch-ups, glasses and plates may be shattered, and so on. If you have a large number of visitors staying at your house, the cost of such repairs and maintenance will almost certainly increase, since there will be significantly more wear and tear.

General Utility Bills for Bali Villas for Rent

Utility costs must be factored into your vacation let running cost budget in the same way that they must be factored into your personal household expenses. Consider your gas, water, and electricity bills, then shop around for an energy provider to discover the best price for you. Bali villas rental owners must pay for commercial garbage collection because their self-catering property is classified as a business.

Subscription Services 

Utility Bills

To make your holiday rental a relaxing retreat for guests, include the cost of entertainment, such as broadband, a TV license, and possibly a TV streaming service, so they can unwind in the evening. An annual villa TV cable costs start from IDR 325.000 at the time of writing, a monthly Netflix subscription starts at IDR 153.000 for a basic plan, and Disney+ Hotstar IDR 199.000 per year. 

The Heartwarming Welcoming Packs 

Making your visitors feel welcome and at ease doesn’t have to cost a lot of money or time. Welcome packages are always well-received and well-received. A pint of milk or a selection of regional goodies might offer that personalized touch. While it is an additional cost, it is one that must be considered. Guests that are pleased with their stay will return and suggest your vacation home to others. The price of a welcome pack can vary. Some property owners, in our experience, like to leave a little selection of tea and coffee, bread, or local cookies. 

Maintenance and Gardening

If you own a vacation rental with a garden, you will need to keep it in good shape all year, which will almost certainly necessitate the hiring of a gardener.

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Bali Villas for Rent Agency Fees 

It’s easy to be overwhelmed by the prospect of purchasing and operating a vacation rental, on top of all of your other daily duties. This is where a Bali villas for rent agency, such as Kibarer, can assist you with everything from property selection to bookings, payments, and marketing.

Holiday letting agent costs may be worth their weight in gold in terms of making the procedure as stress-free as possible, so plan beforehand. The majority of letting agents charge a commission per booking, but there may also be set-up costs and annual fees to consider.

How To Dress Appropriately For Air Travel

How To Dress Appropriately For Air Travel

Air travel is one of the comfiest and safest way to reach your destination. However, there are also some circumstances that can make you feel less comfortable especially when you dress inappropriately. Given the cramped seats and temperature changes during the flight, you may put your body in such uncomfortable situation for the entire flight if you don’t wear the right things. 

Must-wear items for comfortable air travel

The most important thing to consider when choosing what to wear for a flight is comfort. If the clothes are not comfortable you might suffer during the flight. Here is the guide to dress appropriately for comfortable flight.

Clothes from breathable fabrics

Wear clothes made from breathable fabrics. The most important points of choosing such clothes is to maintain in-flight comfort and cleanliness. You can choose clothes with materials from silk, cotton, or linen. Non-breathable fabrics will only hold in sweat which can make you feel dirty and can cause unpleasant body odor. 

Layer it up

Layer it up for comfortable air travel

Layer up to bring extra comfort during the flight. The temperature changes during the flight can be overwhelming for your body. It can cause many kinds of discomforts so wearing layers can help a lot to bring in more comfort. You can choose your favorite layers such as travel scarf, blanket hybrid, cardigan, and many other more. 

Consider the compression socks

Wear compression socks or legging to support your leg better. Compression legwear is not only for pregnant women. Men and women can also wear them for more comfortable flight. A pair of compression legging for example, can help promote blood circulation and prevent from swelling of the legs. 

Simple and comfy shoes

Wear simple, comfortable shoes. Choose a pair of shoes with arch support, thicker sole, and breathable fabrics. It is also recommended to choose a pair of shoes that are easy to slip on and off when needed such as when passing through security check. 

Loose-fitting clothes

Loose-fitting clothes for comfortable air travel

It is highly recommended to wear loose-fitting clothes to bring extra comfort. They are not restricting your body or blood circulation. Being stuck in cramped seat wearing tight clothes will give you such unpleasant flight experience. Besides, it can cause serious health problems such as deep vein thrombosis. Instead of jeans, you can wear pants with a touch of spandex that can stretch perfectly to follow your body contour without restricting your blood circulation. 

Pick the perfect bag

Not only clothes, you also must choose the perfect bag for best air travel experience. Consider slim backpack so you don’t have to keep holding your bag while travelling. Also, choose the one with lots of pockets so you can put many items with ease. Choose the bag with large space to fit in all your essentials such as passports, phone, medication, toiletries, etc. 

Style it out

You can also wear accessories that can make your air travel more comfortable such as travel pillow or outer such as cardigan. Remember that you don’t have to sacrifice your fashion. You can stay in style wile focusing on the function of what you wear. Dressing comfortably and appropriately for air travel doesn’t mean you cannot look good. 

How to Know You’ve Find the Best Family Resort in Nusa Dua

How to Know You’ve Find the Best Family Resort in Nusa Dua

When you are taking the little ones for a family holiday in Nusa Dua Bali, you want to stay in a place that actually care to your kids and give you time to enjoy the blissful island life. Don’t settle for less. Look only for the best family resort Nusa Dua that ticks all boxes for being a family-friendly accommodation. 

Location: The Best Family Resort Nusa Dua Should be Very Accessible

You want to know that wherever you go on vacation, your whole family will be safe. Adults and teenagers can enjoy a location with steep cliffs and soaring waves, but young children should avoid it. When it comes to the resort, look for one that will childproof your room upon request, as this is a sign that they are serious about accommodating families. You don’t want to be preoccupied with the possibility of the kids falling off the balcony. A pool is a must in the summer, but make sure it’s one that your kids can safely use. Graded pools (or separate kiddie pools) that allow toddlers to splash around are an added bonus.

Kid-Friendly Meals with Kid-Friendly Bites

Kid-Friendly Meals with Kid-Friendly Bites

An all-inclusive holiday package that offers meals as part of the total price can be beneficial because it eliminates the need to look for restaurants. The resort should also have kid-friendly portions and healthy snack options.

Also, inquire about dining arrangements. Some resorts serve children’s main courses alongside adult appetizers. That way, the kids finish first and can dash off to a nearby play area while Mom and Dad relax and enjoy a leisurely meal.

Many resorts sell kids special meal packages, such as the Holiday Inn Benoa which can easily be the best family resort in Nusa Dua for offering free meals to children under the age of 12 when accompanied by an adult at mealtimes.

The Best Family Resort in Nusa Dua Have Room for All

While you’re on vacation to be together, you don’t want to be tripping over each other, so suites with separate living areas and kitchens can be a good choice. Cabins will do the same. For large families, connecting rooms are also ideal. Don’t forget about sleeping arrangements when you’re figuring out room problems. During the day, a pull-out sofa can be folded back in to give you more room.

They Have the Best Program for Kids

Kids should have plenty of chances to have fun away from Mom and Dad on the trip — and vice versa. The types of programs and playgroups offered by resorts have become increasingly diverse. Some of the best ones take kids outdoors and allow them to engage with nature through activities such as snorkeling, sports, and exploration. Programs should be enjoyable, promote individuality, and enable children and teenagers to interact with peers their own age. Some resorts teach circus arts to children. Others have teen video editing workshops. It’s also important to take time to relax and do nothing — after all, this is a holiday!

Kids’ Pool is A Must

Kids’ Pool is A Must

Multiple pools, waterslides, and water play areas are available at family-friendly resorts, and the best also have adult-only pools. Look for resorts with a lot of water activities for kids. It will keep them entertained for hours, and they will meet other children with whom to play.

The Best Family Resort in Nusa Dua Have Kid-Safe Beach 

A swimmable, protected beach is always a plus, and it’s even better when it’s kid-friendly. Resorts in Nusa Dua is ideal for families as beaches in this area is shallow and sheltered. The water at Holiday Inn family resort is warm and clear with almost non-existent currents, which makes it as the best resort for family around Nusa Dua area. It’s also quiet enough for small children to enjoy some swimming or playing in the shallow water.

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Kids Activities to Keep Them Entertained

Kids Club will come to your rescue when it’s raining or you need some alone time. Many family vacation resorts offer special clubs or camps that promise to keep your children occupied while you relax and drink a tropical cocktail. Most resorts have Kids Club nowadays, following the steps of Holiday Inn Nusa Dua beach resort where children can plunge in ball pits, play in bouncy castle, climb wall, or do face paint while their parents enjoy some time being adult. 

Most Amazing Viewpoints Around The World

It has been almost a year we all a re putting travel on the back burner. However, hope is there especially with how vaccines are being distributed all around the world. There is no exact time when we will be able to travel freely again both domestic and international. It takes time for the vaccines to evenly distributed especially for developing countries. Even after the pandemic ends, there is still need for a transition time. However, we can plan future trip from today, starting by choosing the est destination. 

Beautiful places with amazing viewpoints worth traveling for

So for now, you can have virtual travel and visit various destinations around the world from home. You can use it for reference for your future trip. And here are some of the most amazing places with stunning viewpoints you can put in your bucket list:

Seoul Sky at Lotte World Tower

Seoul Sky at Lotte World Tower

Seoul Sky at Lotte World Tower in Seoul, South Korea is one of the most amazing places in the world offering such a stunning viewpoint. Lotte World Tower itself is the highest building in South Korea and fifth in the world. This 123-storey building has Seoul Sky, a viewing deck visitors can enjoy to see panoramic scene in 360 degree. You can see it on the highest indoor glass floor. It gives you the experience of floating in the sky. You can also try a walk on the Sky Bridge. 

Burj Khalifa

Burj Khalifa

At The Top, Burj Khalifa is also not less stunning. Burj Khalifa itself is the tallest building in the world. And At The Top allows you to enjoy the most stunning viewpoint. You can see the view of Dubai from the 125th  and 148th floors. The viewing decks are accessible for visitors who pay the charge from 149 AED per pax. You can also book a ticket to catch the sunset but make sure to do it early at least 90 minutes in advance. 

Sky Garden

Sky Garden

Sky Garden in London is such a heaven to die for. It is the highest public garden in London. This social space offer 360 degree views of the iconic skylines scattered around the city. Aside from enjoying the spectacular view, you will also get to enjoy the lush greenery around. The gardens, observation decks, and open-air terrace are all designed to blend with each other perfectly creating the most enjoyable place on earth. 

Sky Terrace 428

Sky Terrace 428

Sky Terrace 428 is located in Hong Kong where you get to see amazing viewpoints from The Peak. This is the highest viewing in Hong Kong and the vantage point it offers is truly stunning. Hong Kong’s iconic skyline is captured well from this viewpoint. Get the Peak Tram Sky Pass to enjoy the best experience of observing stellar views. 

Fisherman’s Bastion

Fisherman’s Bastion

Fisherman’s Bastion in Budapest offers strong romantic vibe. This medieval lookout tower presents the tranquil Danube River. This viewpoint is located at the 19th century castle. In 2013, a chapel and a terrace cafe are open. Hence, you can look at the view while sipping your favorite beverages. The cityscape truly looks like something out of fairytale. 

What to Look When Choosing Family Friendly Villas in Bali

What to Look When Choosing Family Friendly Villas in Bali

Spending a blissful break at a tropical island like Bali is a dream of many. But when you are a parent, adding children to the equation might result in not-so-relaxing holiday. Between tending an energetic toddlers, making buffer breakfast works for everyone, and juggling holiday needs, family holidays could be a real work for the grown-ups. That’s why family friendly villas is always on the first option for families; it’s one way to make the vacation easier. Here are things you need to consider upon choosing the best villas in Bali for your family. 

How Close is the Bali Family Villas with Your Holiday Destination? 

Other Consideration for Locations

A remote gateway at a hidden village in Bali, surrounded by lush forests and acres of green paddies would be perfect for newly-weds and anyone seeking for an utmost privacy. If you a travelling with young kids and planning to visit a handful fascinating attraction in Bali, you’ll want a villa that’s a bit in the centre. No one want to drive for 1.5 hour with cranky kids and tired spouse just to see a Barong dance. Some of the best areas in Bali that are perfect for families are Seminyak, Canggu, Bukit Peninsula, and Nusa Dua. 

Other Consideration for Locations

Upon choosing the best villa in Bali, you might want to consider other factors like:

  • How close is the villas to the nearest grocery store? You might need a quick trip to grab some tissues, diapers, milk, and other essentials. 
  • How close is the neighbours? Some families feel safer when they know people are staying close, when other seek for more secluded residence. It’s a matter of preference, really. 
  • How close is the villa to the beach? It’s nice if you can reach the beach within minutes. 

A Shallow Pool 

A Shallow Pool

Private pool is almost a default when it comes to villa rental in Bali. But if you are travelling with little kids, you would want to pay special attention to the pool. A real family-friendly villa will have pools with shallow bottom where kids can swim safely. Look for villas with shallow section incorporated to the main pool or bigger villas that might have a separated kiddie pool entirely. You might also want to consider choosing Bali family villas where the pool is not located directly on the side of the living areas. Some villas has statement pool built directly to the bedroom that—while absolutely stunning—is not exactly kids-friendly. 

The Availability of Toys and Games for Kids at Bali Family Villas

Anyone who’s ever go travelling with little kids know how much appreciated toys and games are. It can keep the kids busy with themselves and stimulating their mind while allowing parents to breathe for a moment. Luckily, some of the most family friendly villas in Bali know just the perfect toys for these little travelers. Wooden blocks of all variety and board games are the staple, but some villas have game consoles installed. If that’s not enough, you can always rent children’s equipment and toys in Bali. 

A Fully-Serviced Bali Family Villas

For most parents, a time to fully relax is true luxury. And for you who want to have the best time in Bali, consider to rent a fully serviced Bali family villas. Let the staffs cook for your meals and clean the house while your kids are out playing. Spend the time just to breathe, get back to yourself, or having a precious quality time only with your spouse. 

Important Things To Know Before Visiting New Places

Important Things To Know Before Visiting New Places

International travel can be scary for the first-timers. However, it can be a life-long experience to have. It helps build your confidence the more you do it because you are exposed to many different things. You are out of your comfort zone and grow yourself to be more independent and mature. However, the travel itself can be challenging because you at least have to learn and know some important things to ensure your comfort and safety during the trip. 

What to know before visiting someplace new

The very first thing you need to know and prepare is passport and visa requirement. You need to check your destination passport as well as visa requirements in advance because every country may apply different rules. It may take longer than you thought to obtain proper documentation. Keep in mind that having passport alone is not enough. In some countries, your passport should be valid up to 6 months after your return from the trip. Some countries also require a visa to gain entry. 

Travel warning and advisory

Travel warning and advisory

Next is travel warning and advisory. Every country may have different travel warnings and advisories depending on the situation and condition. For example, some countries may have high level of safety risk due to high potential of terrorism threat. Also, warnings and advisories may change from time to time depending on various factors such as political situation. Hence, always look up to those information in advance. 

Look at health situation 

Research the health situation in your destination in advance. Learn more about potential health risks exists in your destinations. If from the information you learn that you will have to take a vaccine, then discuss with your doctor to get proper shot before the trip. Food and water safety measures are also included in health information so you know if you can or cannot eat certain foods or drink tap water in your destination. 

Look up at the weather

Look up at the weather

Weather is also necessary thing you need to know prior the trip. This way, you can at least check whether it is the best time for you to visit. You can also make the right decision of what essentials to pack to accommodate you with the current weather. Also, look for the potentials of natural disasters so you can be prepared just in case of emergency. 

Information about festivals and holidays

Information regarding to festivals, seasonal closings, and holidays is also important to know. This way, you know if the situation in your destination fits you travel agenda. It is better to find out about this information before booking the trip. So you don’t have to cancel it if the situation is not ideal for you to pay a visit. 

Look up to local customs and laws

Last but not least is the local customs and laws. Every country may have different culture, laws, and customs. You have to know the basic to respect the locals. Also, learning about those aspects may also influence what you pack. For example, some countries may apply different rules for dressing so you have to pack particular clothes for the trip. Keep in mind to always use your common sense and be respectful. 

This is Why You’ll Love the Nusa Dua Resorts for Summer Holiday

This is Why You’ll Love the Nusa Dua Resorts for Summer Holiday

What are the things that cross your mind when you are thinking about summer? The breeze that cools off your sweaty skin? A cup of gelato in a hot sunny day? A getaway in somewhere tropical where you can drink a refreshing coconut water in a sandy beach and playing at the blue sea? Summer in a tropical island like Bali would always make a perfect, care-free vacation. However, things can get even better when you spend the summer break at Nusa Dua resorts. This is why you will absolutely love the experience.

Everything you need for a pleasant stay at Nusa Dua Resort

Everything you need for a pleasant stay at Nusa Dua Resort

Resorts are made to cater travelers need. It’s like living like royalties for few days. We love staying at a resort because there will always be someone else that tidy up the room and make sure  everything is functional. You wake up, having breakfast, play in the pool, do everything you want to do and come back to new sheet and clean room. Nothing should worry a holidaymaker aside of reapplying sunblock or filling up the water bottle. All the things that might go wrong (the air conditioner or broken TV) wouldn’t be your concern. There will always be someone else to fix it. 

Delicious breakfast every morning 

Breakfast is one of the best thing when you’re holidaying at a resort! Don’t you agree? They always have something mouthwatering and so scrumptious every morning! Even the simple english breakfast or Indonesian nasi goreng can be so good. Here in Holiday Inn Nusa Dua resorts, breakfast range from the healthiest to not-so-healthy option. Surprise yourself with different breakfast each morning from the delectable menus. 

Spending time just relaxing in the balcony

Spending time just relaxing in the balcony

One of the simplest thing we love in a resort is the balcony. Beach resorts are famous for their incredible balcony view, especially when you book the oceanfront room! Just like this Nusa Dua resorts which enjoys impressive view of the calm Benoa Bay. Sometimes the best moment on a holiday resorts happens when you do absolutely nothing, just sitting on the terrace and absorbing the moment. To just look at the calming surrounding, allowing the scent of the sea to soothe your body and mind. This is a well-deserved holiday that you have earned from all the hard works. It’s one simple luxury that you cannot get everyday back at home. 

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Spa heaven in just 5 minutes walking from your room

One thing that everyone need beside of pool and beach plays in a summer holiday; a spa retreat. Knowing a five-star spa ready on the premise of your resort is another thing that you’ll love in a resort-holiday. Just put on your slippers and head to the spa facility to enjoy a pampering bliss.

All the facilities at Nusa Dua resorts within 5-minutes walk

When you are on a relaxing holiday, you don’t want to try too much. It’s like living in a tiny town with all five star facilities. Want to unwind in the beach? Just walk to the backyard of the resort. Need to burn all that fatty foods and deserts? The gym is at the other tower of your room. Looking for a lounge atmosphere? Go to the resort’s oceanfront restaurant and order yourself a tropical drink. Everything is easy when you are holidaying at a resort, and this is exactly why you’ll love it. 

Interesting But Creepy Holiday Tradition in Europe

Interesting But Creepy Holiday Tradition in Europe

Every country may have different holiday tradition. Some of them seem fine while others are borderline creepy. Regardless, it is always interesting to learn new things related to culture and tradition. Travelling to different places can open our mind to see the beauty of diversity because you see so many things a long the way including holiday tradition.

European holiday traditions you might find creepy

The beauty of a culture is that it can be seen through different perspectives. It can be perceived as unique, strange, beautiful, or even creepy. Regardless, it is a must to respect the culture you get to know during your travel to different countries. You may have heard some strange holiday tradition in the US. However, you might find these holiday tradition in Europe a little bit creepy.

Interesting But Creepy Holiday Tradition in Europe

The Yule Cat is holiday tradition in Iceland. The people in Iceland believe that the cat will eat anyone who has not obtained new clothing by Christmas. It sounds cute somehow that you are going to be eaten by lovely cat due to your fashion crime. However, the Yule cat is not a kitten. It is a giant beast with large body/ imagine how long its teeth are. So if you are planning to celebrate Christmas in Iceland this year with your family, don’t roll up in last year’s clothing. 

Krampus is holiday tradition in Central Europe. It is said to be the sinister friend of the mythological man, St. Nicholas. It is like the opposite of St. Nicholas. Krampus has a job to punish naughty kids instead of giving out candy like St. Nicholas do to good kids. Krampus has demonic looking character who beats children with birch branches. It also says that Krampus kidnaps bad kids in shacks. The kids who are taken by him will disappear without trace. During Krampus festival in Austria and other central European countries, you will see people in Krampus mask strolling around the streets. 

Gryla is another holiday tradition in Iceland that is considered creepy. Gryla is said to be the Christmas witch who live up in the mountains. Her hobby is showing up in the dark of winter days to steal naughty children. The legend also says that she ate her husband when she got bored. The legend has been around since the 1300s. the rumors say that she is still living up in the mountain.

Mari Lwyd is a holiday tradition in Wales during Christmas season. It can be creepy and fun at the same time because a group of people accompanying one person dress up as as a horse body with a fake skull on top. They knock at your door asking to come in via cool rhyme. The people inside the house whose door is knocked at should come up with cool rhyme to response. Once the battle finished, they will be welcomed inside the house and given drinks and foods before head off to the next door and challenge for another rap battle. 

Yoga Retreat on a Royal Fortuna Liveaboard

Yoga Retreat on a Royal Fortuna Liveaboard

Wellness holiday has lately become so famous that some might even feel as if it was another of those fleeting trends. A yoga retreat is a great healing trip as it appeals to people of a wide age range and physical condition that can easily be adapted to. Most yoga retreats are held in a great place surrounded by nature. For instance, close to the ocean. But, can you imagine a yoga retreat on a liveaboard yoga retreat on a liveaboard is an excellent way to exercise and relax from daily stress. Imagine waking up in a different place and heading to the front of the sailing boat to partake in your morning yoga session, relaxing and peaceful surrounded by nature.  Experience an amazing feeling of yoga retreat by joining a sailing holiday with Royal Fortuna Liveaboard.

Why choose a Royal Fortuna Liveaboard for yoga retreat?

Life can be hectic and leave you feeling like there’s no time — especially for truly relaxing. However, life on a liveaboard is very different. This sailing holiday allows us to escape from the stresses and strains of a busy life. The boat is a traditional phinisi, with a capacity of a maximum of 11 passengers. Royal Fortune has a spacious deck with beanbags and sunbeds that could fit all the travelers for enjoying the sunset. The boat also offers a spacious open space deck for a yoga retreat. This lovely boat has a total of five cabins. All cabins are equipped with fans for a good night’s sleep. Royal Fortuna liveaboard is a perfect liveaboard for yoga retreat!

What can you expect from a yoga retreat on a boat?

Practice yoga at blue ocean offers you a chance to discover new experiences whilst being surrounded by the beauty of the natural pristine. A yoga retreat on Royal Fortuna liveaboard allows you to experience how life is on a boat. This kind of holiday has the invincible power to heal you.  There are many benefits of yoga retreat on a boat, from wellness, helping your physical and mental being. Moreover, this sailing holiday will make you disconnect in the most amazing way from any land worries. It will connect you with breathtaking nature with the stunning sea.

Imagine waking up in beautiful places, heading to the upper deck, and practicing your morning yoga. After you finish your morning yoga, take your time to enjoy breakfast in the open dining area of the liveaboard, followed by sailing to a remote destination to explore the underwater. Then, heading to the local village for sightseeing. An early afternoon dive followed by an evening sunset yoga at golden hour. Thereafter, having dinner at the outdoor dining area surrounded by the stars. So what are you waiting for?

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