How To Travel More Environmentally-Friendly

How To Travel More Environmentally-Friendly

To become a more conscious traveler takes time but you can start now with little things. It is important to travel more environmentally-friendly because we all know that our surroundings are not in good condition due to many reasons. You cannot really blame on someone and instead of doing it, why not taking actions with something you can contribute now such as by travelling more environmentally-friendly. 

The ideas of eco-friendly travel 

More people are getting aware of the importance of eco-friendly travel or sustainable travel. Many travel organizers and providers are now promoting eco-friendly travel by preparing eco-friendly accommodations and programs. And here are things you can also do to travel more environmentally-friendly:

Pack lightly

A plane produces more carbon emissions the more it weighs. Hence, it is best if you can pack light and bring only necessities with you for the trip. You don’t have to bring too many clothes especially if it is for a short trip. Also, you can always wash your clothes in your hotel.  Also, you can use travel-sized toiletries as needed instead of taking so many bottles with you. 

Choose better alternatives for your transport

If you can travel overland then why not skipping a five-hour flight. Travel overland helps in reducing carbon footprint. Instead, you can take buses, or even trains to get to your destinations. Aside from being more eco-friendly, it allows you to see more of the countryside. It makes your journey even more interesting.

Avoid plastic bottled water

Instead of buying bottled water, bring your own reusable bottle that you can always refill throughout the trip. Today, there are water filters installed in many hotels and public settings such as airports, parks, etc. Hence, you can always refill your bottle with safe water to drink. 

Stick to the path

When exploring the places such as national parks, make sure to stick to the path designated for visitors. Do not wander around carelessly because there is high chance of you to damage protected lands or plants. Also, avoid making any marks that can damage the environments. Leave the place as it is just like how you found it. In fact, it is even better if you can leave the place better than you found it.

Reduce food waste

It might be your rare opportunity to visit a place and try so many different foods. However, you’d better forget it if you are going to waste them. Food wastes and plastic wastes are two of the major problems caused by travelers and tourists alike. Make sure to not take more than what you can eat. And if you are unsure whether or not you are going to like the foods, ask the cook first. 

Support local economies

You can support the local economies by staying in a homestay, buying from local artisans, eating at locally family-owned restaurant, etc. Supporting the local economy is also environmentally-friendly because you help them maintain their places. It helps their community to stay supported and flourished for a long time.