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Coastal Interior Design Style: 6 Essential Tips for Your Beachfront Villa Bali

Coastal Interior Design Style- 6 Essential Tips for Your Beachfront Villa Bali

Coastal interior design strives to bring up images of a relaxing and carefree vacation. No wonder that coastal style and its tropical variation is one of the most popular interior design style in many villas and property in Bali. It looks inviting and pleasing in the eye, while it’s aesthetic is proven to win traveler’s heart over and over again. So, what do you need to do if you wish to incorporate coastal design into your beachfront villa Bali?

Emphasis on Natural Feeling of the Beach in Your Beachfront Villa Bali

Incorporating coastal design into your beachfront villa Bali is actually pretty easy. You can make your own oasis with seashells, driftwood, seagrass, and other natural items. A prominent aesthetic is coastal interior design. Homeowners generally draw towards this open and airy house design, which ranges from classic nautical style to more minimalist home decor with a bohemian coastal vibe.

Natural components from attractive beaches and coastlines, such as natural timbers, jute, rattan, and linen fabrics, are frequently used in coastal interior design. The coastal aesthetic also prefers a brighter colour palette, with blue and white tones that reflect the ocean’s crashing waves.

Coastal Design is All About the Airiness of the Beach

Coastal Design is All About the Airiness of the Beach

Coastal design is all about the sense of calm and enjoyment that comes with being near the water. And the style isn’t anything new. Coastal design has been around for ages, owing to the way people used to decorate their waterfront or coastal dwellings. Everything from the colour palette to the materials utilised in a seaside area is inspired by the natural surroundings.

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Light and Openness are the Key in Coastal Design

If there’s one thing a coastal home needs, it’s plenty of light. Light, open, and breezy interiors should never feel dark or claustrophobic. Large windows, glass doors, and skylights are essential for creating the illusion of no separation between indoors and outdoors. The window treatments are similarly kept to a minimum so as not to detract from the natural light.

Open Floor Design is A Must

Make sure your beach villa Bali use open floor design to amplify the light and airy feeling. You don’t want to fill up the villa with furniture or decor. The open floor design gives the impression that everything is flowing, just as what it’s like at the beach. If you can’t open up your floor plan, you may still make as much open space as possible by simplifying and going for a more minimalist look.

Keep the Neutral Tone to the Furniture Designs

Keep the Neutral Tone to the Furniture Designs

Coastal design typically integrates numerous natural elements to produce a comfortable, easy vibe. This is reflected in the furniture and materials, which are frequently made of wicker, rattan, or light, worn woods. Rugs are typically made of straw, seagrass, or jute, with plain, non-shiny textiles. Natural materials or airy, billowy fabrics, such as sheer curtain panels, are used instead of metallics or flamboyant textures. Woods are also largely used in many oceanfront villas in Bali, usually in white-washed, blonde, or ashy color. 

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Bring the Water and the Coast to the Inside of Your Beach Villa Bali

Actually, it’s very common in Bali to see beachfront villa to not really sits right in the seashore—both for security and legal reason. However, you can always bring the beach atmosphere inside!Hang a huge photograph of water and clouds of the seaside in the wall. Use clouds painting or motif as pillowcase or backsplash in the kitchen. It’s a terrific way to capture the essence of the shore even if you don’t have a direct view of the sea. 

However, there is a crucial distinction to keep in mind while choosing artwork and accessories. Coastal should not be confused with nautical. Anchors, seashells, and cabana stripes are maritime, not coastal, design elements.

An Insight to Estate Investments in Bali for Australian

An Insight to Estate Investments in Bali for Australian

It’s a no secret that Bali is Australian’s favourite playground. It’s hard to not love this island. The natural beauty of Bali may be found all around. There are numerous magnificent volcanoes, crystalline beaches, world-class diving, diverse nightlife, renowned ricefields, and beautiful waterfalls on the island. Australians know Bali’s best beaches like the palm of their hand and almost every bars around the coastal area rings with Australian accents. No wonder that many of the Australians find potentials in Bali for real estate investment. For them, Bali is not just a holiday destination—it’s becoming their second home. 

Why Many Australians Buy Houses in Bali

A growing number of Australian decides to invest in the island and take it seriously. Compared to the exorbitant real estate prices in their own country, purchasers can get magnificent beachfront villas Bali with swimming pools and groomed gardens for a fraction of the price. Australians can easily swapped their average daily life back in the continent with a luxurious, celebrity lifestyle with private housekeepers, butlers, chauffeurs, and weekly party in their own private oceanside villa in Bali. 

Why Many Australians Buy Houses in Bali
This stylish villa with private pool in Berawa is priced around AUD 607,000 according to Kibarer site

As a comparison, a 400 square meter to 500 square meter Bali property on about 1,000 square meters of land in Batu Belig, near trendy Seminyak, can be purchased for $1.5 million. According to the Domain Group, the median house price in Sydney is currently just under $1.2 million.

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A Second Home in Bali for Impromptu Vacation

Villas are in high demand, although the number of people buying for permanent residence is always significantly lower than those looking for vacation houses. However, several Australians come to Bali for extended vacations, staying two to three months each year. Bali, on the other hand, is ideal for retirees because long-term visas are granted for individuals over 65.

Turning Real Estate in Bali as Vacation Rental Business

Bali’s holiday rental industry has proven to be a profitable endeavor for those prepared to put in the effort. The return on investment for villas can be anything from 6 to 10%.

Seminyak, a popular tourist location, now provides the best return on investment, but competition is severe in this area. You might also want to consider the up-and-coming Canggu, where the present ROI is approximately 7% but is predicted to improve. Villa owners can expect a consistent stream of visitors and, as a result, excellent rental returns. However, from a quick glance at real estate website in Bali like Kibarer, you can see about 3,000 villas are available for rent and , this means tight competition of villas and price war. 

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Owning A Real Estate for Business in Bali

If you want to rent out your villa in the future, you’ll need a ‘Pondok Wisata,’ or rental license, which can only be obtained by an Indonesian citizen and is usually in the name of the landowner. Luxury-seekers have gotten more choosy when it comes to their lodging, and vacation homes will need a competitive edge to stand out. One of the most essential considerations in the appeal of a villa to renters is its proximity to the beach. The most popular villa site in Seminyak is Oberoi Street. Customers also want villas that have a modern, minimalistic design. All of our guests expect a swimming pool, WiFi, and a lush, tropical garden. It’s also beneficial to have a cook on staff at the property.

Managing Bali Villas for Rent: Calculating the Running Cost!

Managing Bali Villas for Rent - Calculating the Running Cost!

Having villas in Bali for rent is indeed a financially rewarding investment that can give its owners a promising income in return. However, owners of villas rental should never forget that holiday let needs quite an extensive maintenance which directly impact the income. To make your rental venture a success, you need to work out the cost of running villa rental and realistic financial planning. Every holiday villa owners need to budget everything to keep in track of all of your outgoings and know your net earnings. We are here to help detailing out some of the most common costs of running holiday villas in Bali that you need to prepare for. 

Cleaning and Laundry Costs for General Bali Villas for Rent

Maintaining a clean and tidy property is critical to the success of your luxury villa rental in Bali. One of the first things guests look for when visiting a holiday cottage is cleanliness, which has a significant impact on first impressions.

Cleaning and Laundry Costs for General Bali Villas for Rent

The cost will vary depending on the size and location of your property, as well as whether you hire a professional or clean it yourself. It’s also vital to factor deep cleans at the start of a busy season and after you’ve had a lot of bookings during the quieter times.

Repairing Costs

A busy villa rental, as comparison to an empty house, will surely incur additional, unanticipated operating expenditures from time to time. Furniture may be broken, walls may require touch-ups, glasses and plates may be shattered, and so on. If you have a large number of visitors staying at your house, the cost of such repairs and maintenance will almost certainly increase, since there will be significantly more wear and tear.

General Utility Bills for Bali Villas for Rent

Utility costs must be factored into your vacation let running cost budget in the same way that they must be factored into your personal household expenses. Consider your gas, water, and electricity bills, then shop around for an energy provider to discover the best price for you. Bali villas rental owners must pay for commercial garbage collection because their self-catering property is classified as a business.

Subscription Services 

Utility Bills

To make your holiday rental a relaxing retreat for guests, include the cost of entertainment, such as broadband, a TV license, and possibly a TV streaming service, so they can unwind in the evening. An annual villa TV cable costs start from IDR 325.000 at the time of writing, a monthly Netflix subscription starts at IDR 153.000 for a basic plan, and Disney+ Hotstar IDR 199.000 per year. 

The Heartwarming Welcoming Packs 

Making your visitors feel welcome and at ease doesn’t have to cost a lot of money or time. Welcome packages are always well-received and well-received. A pint of milk or a selection of regional goodies might offer that personalized touch. While it is an additional cost, it is one that must be considered. Guests that are pleased with their stay will return and suggest your vacation home to others. The price of a welcome pack can vary. Some property owners, in our experience, like to leave a little selection of tea and coffee, bread, or local cookies. 

Maintenance and Gardening

If you own a vacation rental with a garden, you will need to keep it in good shape all year, which will almost certainly necessitate the hiring of a gardener.

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Bali Villas for Rent Agency Fees 

It’s easy to be overwhelmed by the prospect of purchasing and operating a vacation rental, on top of all of your other daily duties. This is where a Bali villas for rent agency, such as Kibarer, can assist you with everything from property selection to bookings, payments, and marketing.

Holiday letting agent costs may be worth their weight in gold in terms of making the procedure as stress-free as possible, so plan beforehand. The majority of letting agents charge a commission per booking, but there may also be set-up costs and annual fees to consider.

Attracting Investors During Remote Business Climate

For business, fund is vital to keep everything up and running. One of the way to secure fund for business is by having investors. However, attracting investors n today’s remote business sounds more challenging. Meeting face-to-face is not a good option today. However, you still have to get investor’s interest to keep your business running. 

How remote business can attract investors

Finding investors remotely is still possible and here are some tips you can consider:

Since it is remote business climate, you communicate and connect with others through online platforms. Hence, you first have to find the right platforms to find the right investors. Then, you can start networking using the most effective methods. For example, you can create interesting video message. Make sure that the content is not too long. Make it short, simple, shareable, to-the-point and contains your value propositions. Use your platforms to keep talking and connecting with other people so you can also get people point you in the right direction. 

Do your own homework even remotely. It means you have to do your own research on prospective investors. You need to outreach your investors with solid, eye-catching, and persuasive method. However, all those will only work if you know what you are looking for in an investor. Also, make sure that you show your value because investors also want to make good investment too even under remote situation.

Be mindful when personal branding yourself. During this tough time, it is important to be noticed by others as a thought leader. Make sure to create your content authentically to show your business value. You can create high quality content through various platforms. This will help help you to standout from the rest, and easily get noticed by investors. 

Build your brand solidly. It takes time to build your brand and gained credibility and respect that long lasting. You need to have good track record of your past ventures as well as of what you are currently doing. This is a good showcase to show your business as solid brand that has good record and promising future. 

Be more active in your platform by sharing your story especially if you have value-add. Generate your media coverage to generate awareness as well. This way your investors will see you as great innovator who know how to use publicity positively to your advantage. With the right publications, it will be easier to get noticed by investors. 

Do not be afraid to talk about your numbers. Make sure that you are ready with solid numbers so when investors approaching, you know what to deliver. Make sure you know what you are doing, how much you are selling, and provide information through relevant data. 

Build a trusted network. This sounds challenging but worth it. What you need to do is to be on point and transparent. Ensure your investors that you have a solid business case. Worth their time. Make sure to explain everything under 60 minutes but ensure your explanation easy to understand.

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Basic Bali Property Prices Investment Analysis

You must be familiar with the 80/20 rule in determining Bali Property Prices. The 80/20 rule is also general rule that can be implement in various type of industry. The rules states that 20% of your effort will go for 80% of your results. That’s isnt a quite good thing considering the opposite 80% of your effort only provide 20% of your results. In addition, if you willing to have more time in life, you need the techniques that can produce more benefit for your work.

Bali Property Prices

Otherwise, you can use the following analysis for Bali Property Villa analysis with small changes it can apply to secure and flip deals. Each point may quite similar with previous ones. When one point doesn’t suit your demand, you can move to another effort. Often you can implement this without the effort visiting Bali property in the first place. It could also be a decision guide whether you will take the time to inspect the property or not.

Study The Price Index in Various Area

Only mind the types of bali property prices that you are aware of and between your financial investing number. You should study the price index in various neighborhood. For instance, in Canggu area the average price for property on bali is between $150.000 – $ 250.000. Meanwhile Seminyak possess in $ 300.000 – $500.000. More affordable option would be Jimbaran area with average of $100.000 – $180.000.

These price index may also affect by aspect of nearby school district, shops, hospital, crime rate, etc. If the bali property prices interests you but you still need to figure out the neighbourhood, dont rush this technique. Thus, spend your time studying the local environment and neighbourhood before digging to much deeper hole.

Consider Basic Rehab Cost

This shouldn’t be much more than a brand new furniture in your living room. Since you know and aware the surrounding neighbourhood, you should have a consideration about your desired quality and cost. In addition, you might want to settle $4,000 average for rehab cost in several area in Bali.

Bali Property Prices

With more experience, you should have insight and estimation for medium and huge rehab cost. Often it vary from $15,000 and $25,000 respectively. Not to mention, the labor and materials to be include vacancy and demolition costs.

Calculate Your Bali Property Prices Monthly Payment

Some professional businessman and investors thought knocking off two zeros from their investment cost is rather close. But it’s worth it to calculate the number through the mortgage calculator. For instance, in $87,000 payment with $5,000 down and at 4% interest the calculation will result monthly payment for $400 (before taxes and insurance). Its more better rather than getting $870 by simply erasing the two zeros ($87,0ØØ).

Roughly Calculate Your Cash Flow and Equity

Subtract your monthly costs from the rent value that you consider to collect between your expected cash flow. Your equity is the gap between the after rehab price and your total buy value plus investment cost. Obviously, a successful investment is indicate with both positive cash flow and huge equity.

Affordable Bali Property Prices in Jimbaran

After you study and calculate the investment analysis in bali real estate industry, consider this affordable unit to close your investment goals. This robust 2 level villa is for sale with special price from $260.000 only to $183.172 ! How friendly is that for your investment analysis.

Bali Property Prices

This brand new villa located in remarkable area of Jimbaran. Gorgeously features 3 cozy master bedrooms with exquisite bathrooms. Fully furnished and decorated in each of its corner. Include with spacious garden, 2 living areas, fine dining area and kitchen, 7×3.5 m of swimming pool, car garage, security and one gate system in the house.

Without a doubt this unit is the most prolific option when it comes to Bali Property Prices analysis. Enquire this unit now on and get the detail investment return report in just 5 minutes!

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Improving Your Staffs To Grow Your Brand Successfully

Diving into entrepreneurship doesn’t mean you just sit down and watch your teams work for you. There are many things you have to take care of so everything runs smoothly. To run successful business, you need to build solid team consist as well of reliable staffs who can help you grow your brand. As the leader, you cannot just let them figure it out by themselves on how to work. You need to help them keep engaged and motivated so they can do the best. 

Business Brands

Inspiring and encouraging your staffs

You may have solid teams with reliable staffs. However, problems will still arise. Sometimes, it is hard for your staffs to generate ideas. It is your responsibility to help spark their deeper thinking. This way, you can inspire and encourage your staffs to do their best. Here are things you can question your staffs to help them generate ideas or solutions:

Do not hesitate to ask your staffs of what they really think. Maybe, your staffs are not often speak because you don’t really give them opportunity to make them. When you ask your staffs of what their opinion, there will various ideas coming up that can be used as solutions. Do not hesitate to open yourself for group discussions. It doesn’t matter if at the beginning your staffs don’t really give you the best solutions. They will get better the more they get used to speak up. 

Prompt a question that makes you know more about the current situation of your staffs. Maybe, the difficulty of generating ideas come from their personal problems. You can check whether they are okay in the moment. This will show your care as leader. Not to mention that it also helps create positive work environment. 

You can also ask your staffs of what would they do as a leader if they were in your position. This may sound intimidating to answer. However, this can be an act of encouragement because you give so much power for your staff to share their opinion. They may have difficulty to generate ideas because they think they have limit due to their role or position in the office. By imagining themselves to be a leader, they may think of more options. 

Spark your staffs’ creativity by asking what things they would change if they were given the power or opportunity. This can spark their creativity of thinking. They also won’t be stuck in just one solution or idea. This kind of question can be a regular thing to ask. It can help your brand to grow and develop. 

Sometimes, the solution cannot be found because there is no mutual understanding of the problem’s root. Hence, it is important to reach mutual clear understanding of it. Before trying to find a solution. It is essential to discuss the root of the problem first. It will guide you and your staffs to truly think and find the right solutions.

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Tips to Maintain Villa Lovina Bali Exterior

A well-develop Villa Lovina Bali isnt just helps you to feel proud as an owner, but also to retain its value and cut renovation costs. If the villa unit are not consistently take care, more damage can happen. Which means you will getting more expense to fix it. In your journey for a dream sustainable villa, here the tips to maintain your villa lovina bali exterior:

Villa Lovina Bali

Settle the Roof

Depending on which material it made of and amount weathering it received. You will need to at least replace the roof for every 12 to 25 years. You may clean the roof to help sustain its lifespan in short period, but consider to replace it for long term. Whenever you seek for Villa lovina bali, find the one which offer a new or strong roof. In addition, this could be a great buying point when you negotiating the unit.

Villa Lovina Bali

Pose as extension of the roof, gutters also needs an attention. Furthermore, there are several option to prevent gutter damage. The modest way to do are to clear any over-hanging branches that interrupt villa unit in each corner.  Its best to routinely clean the gutters out before it become sticky and clogged.


You could tidy up your windows and blinds from inside of your villa lovina bali, but consider to wash the exterior routinely. Cleaning the exterior of villa’s window is not just make your unit look astounding, but it also remove any new dirt and rust. Untouched dirt and rust will do more harm if its not remove quickly.

Similar to roof, windows pose as long-term object, but still it need to be replace or repair after awhile. If any problem occurs, like the frames are cracked, difficult to open, bring in a draft, or absorb a lot of noice, then its time to find s new living journey. This approach will consume you a lot of time in maintaining your window’s home.

Villa Lovina Bali Siding

Mostly serves to guard your villa from the other aspect. Regardless of the material pose as the siding, it still needs a cleaning. The simple way to clean villa’s siding is to brush it with soapy water and clean liquid. Also, dont forget that siding is usually in angle direction and not completely in flat surface. Its best for you to maintain it to clean between any corners.

Villa Lovina Bali

Be sure to note any cracks so you can come back and fix them to prevent any water coming through the walls. Getting outside and working on your house can be a tedious and time-consuming task—but the results are worth it. Though these are just a few tips to maintain your home’s exterior, if you stick to it, you’ll encounter a gorgeous looking villa lovina bali for a long time.

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How To Know If Train Is Safer Mode For Travel Today

How To Know If Train Is Safer Mode For Travel Today

Considering to leave your bubble during pandemic can be scary due to the pandemic that is still going on. Many people are still wondering if it is now safe to travel to different places. The risk of contacting and spreading the virus is still there even the number of case has gradually decreased in some places. Taking measurement and follow guidelines from authorities are best to do to stay safe. Train is one of the mode of transportation that put you at risk of the exposure to the virus. So is it really safe to take train for travelling now?

Safe ways to travel by train during pandemic

Regardless of your choice of travel type, there are always risks since the pandemic is evolving. Train is by no means the safest mode of transportation that can keep you safe from contacting the virus. However, there are still ways you can follow as measurement to stay safe and minimize the risk of exposure to the virus. 

Safe ways to travel by train during pandemic

A Hit in Hygiene Standards 

The pandemic has made us more aware about the cleanliness. In this case, it is important for you to know the cleanliness of the train you are planning to take. Find information about the new cleaning procedures and protocols the staffs implement. However, keep in mind that the transmission of the coronavirus is through respiratory not inanimate objects. Thus, it is important to practice social distancing to minimize the contact with others. 

Maintain Your Hygiene

Even if the train has implemented new cleaning policies, you still have to keep yourself clean by washing your hands regularly, wiping the surface around your seat with disinfectant wipes, and stay out of touching your face area with your hands. Many people thought that airplane has better air circulation and filtration system. However, train also has good system to keep he space refresh periodically. 

Which Mode of Transportation is Safer?

There are many factors to consider before deciding to decide whether airplane is safer than train to travel. No matter how safe the trip it may be, always take precautions. Even if the airplane is considered has better air circulation or filtration system, it has smaller space of cabin. Thus, the safer one is which of them implement protocols properly such as limiting the number of passenger, maintaining strict cleaning procedures, etc.

Avoid Any Direct Contact

During your ride, it is advised to avoid any direct contact with other passengers as well as the train staffs. Always wear your mask even if you are alone in your cabin. Your mask is a good reminder for you to not touch your face carelessly as well. If it possible, bring your own logistics so you don’t have to order anything during the ride. Pack your own foods and drinks. You can also pack your own blanket or pillow if you are having a long trip.

Train travel might not be the most ideal for a trip during pandemic. If it is not necessary, you might want to choose another alternatives. If you have to take train, take necessary precautions and follow the guidelines. 

Social Media Agency In Bali; How Your Business Can Take Advantages Of It?

When I am about to write about this post, the first thing comes up to my mind is the social media agency in Bali presented by Kesato & Co. It is actually a digital marketing agency as well but since social media managements have also becoming their business concern, calling it specifically as the social media shouldn’t be a mistake at all.

Today, it is important to market your business digitally especially by using the social media since you can make use of their free features as well as to reach your customers through out the available ads platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter ads, etc.

Whether or not you are going to use them both (free and paid ads), those can’t be avoided to get more advantages for your business. Sometimes, introducing your business brand can be hard by using the personal free account or even a page on Facebook or a business account on Instagram. To drive the traffics to your page or even site can be hard when you are doing it naturally since it will really take a long time. Even if you can do it in short time, that will be a wonderful thing but I think that not many people can’t do that no matter how good the plans are.

So, using both of free and paid strategies can’t be avoided any longer for purely the businessmen. You won’t wasting time preparing the contents that you are wondering they will be working or not, right?

How your business can take advantages of the social media agency in Bali?

First thing first, this social media agency in Bali things may sounds for only those businessmen in Bali. The fact is not. No matter where your business is, you can always get in touch with the agency I have mentioned on above.

But I should admit that focusing my topic to Bali itself have some reasons where I am going to tell you in a second.

How your business can take advantages of social media agency in Bali?

There are so many business lines in Bali where many businessmen are not only from Indonesia alone but were coming form anywhere in the world. Knowing this fact means that there will be high competition in any major businesses especially those who are selling and or offering the tourism-related businesses.

No wonder if there will be so many tour and travel products or services in Bali that everything seems interesting. An issues comes up, how you can differentiate your business with the others ever since you are not the only one in the line?

Some others are building their brands through websites, have a great noticeable logo, and everything that can help them build their online business reputations including to take advantages of using the social media platforms.

The thing with social media is that, the users will need the reasons whey they have to be your followers? Your business can be the great one, it helps many people, but why they need to following you?

If you are paying attentions and observing how the other business page or group social media accounts are active, the first reason they are doing is that they keep on posting and giving updates in their page no matter the page have been got many likes or followers or not.

By the time, many users are being interested with them, moreover if they keep on updating valuable contents on social medias. Later, the more followers you have sometimes always the better. You can even got more chance now to convert all the followers into customers or even offering your popular page to the other businessmen to get you paid when posting about their businesses.

Posting contents on social media may sounds an easy thing to do. But, what if I am asking you that: Can you do that for months?

Planning the contents can be hard when doing it monthly, so does when you are going to preparing the captions and post description. And what if you need to put the ads as well that sometimes from several ad-sets, you will only get one ads that is win?

All of those things including the ones that I have not been mentioned are seemed to be easy at first, but to be honest, you will need a team for that. That’s why since the very first of this post, I am suggesting you to find and use the services from the social media agency in Bali especially if you are living in the same region or province.

How the others are using the social media today aren’t only for connecting with their friends and family but to reach the potential customers as well. There are even many people who don’t have an online shop at all but making use of the social media as their main platform for doing business.

If you have not been use the social media for building your business before, you’d better visit an agency to know more about what your business can really achieve and possible to get by combining various platform.

What Makes Bali Family Villas Stand Out From Other Villa Rental Agency

You see, there are lots of villa rental agency everywhere because today, travelling is not a luxury but primary. Speaking of travelling, Bali is one of the most desired travel destinations in Asia if not in the world. It is a great place for family bonding. And to accommodate your holiday, the agency you can trust is Bali family villas. Since Bali is a popular place for tourists, it is not hard to find accommodation like villas. However, it will be challenging to find the best one because most of villas in Bali offer great amenities, services, and facilities. However, the team will help you to choose the right villa for you and your family.   

Bali family villas stand out from the rest

When you travel with family, one thing that always comes as the issue is accommodation. Deciding the place to stay during vacation with family is crucial so that you can truly enjoy your destination. Amongst villa rental agencies in Bali, Bali family villas is one of the most reliable. Here are the reasons why:

Information is transparent and clear – After visiting official website, you can send booking request. You need to fill out information details such as your name, the number of people you are going to bring what you need, etc. then, you will need to wait for the team to reply. From the reply, you will receive necessary information related to the location, security, price, service, and standard inclusive, etc.

Personalized service – Taking your families especially when kids included to vacation can be a quite hassle. However, the team will prepare you personalized service to meet what you and your family needs. You can even request for a certain arrangement to be set before your arrival, bet it some equipment, foods, or other settings you need for comfortable stay in the villa. Or, you can also request to set a fence around the pool to prevent your kids from wandering around it carelessly.

The best staffs – Each villa featured in Bali family villas ha in-house staffs with experiences in hospitality industry. They consist of private driver, chef, butler, gardener, manager, front desk, etc. they will always be ready at your service anytime you need. You also don’t need to do mundane activities like grocery shopping or doing laundry. Those are handled by charming, friendly staffs.

Additional request – if you think there are something you need but is not provided by Bali family villas team, you can request it. However, make sure to ask information about policies and charges if your request is outside the standard package which consist of standard inclusions such as complimentary car seats for airport transfer, co-ordination and pool fence installation, complimentary baby cots and high chairs, welcome gifts and use of toys basket, as well as personal advice from parents in the know. Therefore, there won’t be any misunderstanding in the end especially about the payment. Remember that there is always manager ready to listen and attend to your wish.