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How to Spot An Eco Skincare Brand from Greenwashing

How to Spot An Eco Skincare Brand from Greenwashing

While the natural and eco friendly skincare in beauty industry has experienced extraordinary growth, many of us are still baffled as to what we should buy and, more importantly, what we should avoid. As a growing number of consumers adopt ethical and sustainable shopping habits, there is increasing pressure on businesses to go green. Many firms have responded to this transition by developing ecologically friendly business methods, but some have misrepresented themselves — this is where greenwashing comes in. 

Understand Better About Green Washing and Why You Should be Careful About It

As a growing number of consumers adopt ethical and sustainable shopping habits, there is increasing pressure on businesses to go green. Many firms have responded to this transition by developing ecologically friendly business methods, but some have misrepresented themselves — this is where greenwashing comes in.

Greenwashing is a marketing strategy that deceives clients into believing that a company is more environmentally conscientious than it actually is. It takes advantage of the growing desire for ecologically friendly items by making claims that are intentionally deceptive, unfounded, or inflated. Greenwashing stifles genuine sustainability initiatives and makes environmentally conscious firms difficult to find in a competitive market.

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The Dishonesty of Greenwashing Beauty Product

The Dishonesty of Greenwashing Beauty Product

As a sales ploy, green-washing occurs when a product purports to be natural, eco friendly skincare, organic beauty, or ecologically conscious when it is none of those things.

This can be accomplished through product descriptions or even the company name, as well as the usage of pictures or packaging design that leads customers to assume the product is environmentally friendly.

Take example of a box of skincare with flowers or herbs on it. This would lead a consumer to believe it contains these kind of natural products at first glance…when, in many situations, it does not. The natural beauty industry is increasing in popularity, and brands are doing it because it sells. 

Greenwashing Deception in Skincare

Beauty brands, unlike organic food and beverage enterprises, are not legally required to be certified. With simply a few natural ingredients or even a drop of essential oil, a product might claim to be natural. Worse, they can contain elements that aren’t allowed in a really certified natural or organic product. Packaging can deceive us by using phrases like ‘organic,’ ‘eco,’ ‘botanic,’ ‘pure,’ and ‘natural,’ while carrying almost no substances to support those claims.

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Real Eco Friendly Skincare Pay Attention to Its Formula & Packaging

Real Eco Friendly Skincare Pay Attention to Its Formula & Packaging

Single-use plastic packaging is the most egregious offender, accounting for over half of all global plastic pollution. Pay great attention to a brand’s packaging. Is it in keeping with their image of being ecologically conscious?

The most environmentally friendly packaging is none at all, but that isn’t always possible, so seek for companies that are investing in sustainable packaging solutions and are continually looking for greener alternatives to reduce their environmental impact.

A true sustainable and green skincare will try hard to minimise all aspects of plastic from their packaging. Some brands are using refillable or recyclable bottles for their product, others are stripping the plastic down to the shipment packages. They’ll also use only plant-based ingredients on their products, without any artificial coloring, fragrance, surfactant, or preservatives. 

Being a responsible customer starts from today!

Dealing With Video Games And Screens Addictions

Dealing With Video Games And Screens Addictions

Drugs and porn are not the only harmful addictions you need to be aware of. There are many other types of addictions that affect you not only mentally but also physically. They are video games and screens addictions. Especially in this modern era with easy access to high-tech devices, lots of people fall into addiction. Some people are addicted to social media, video games, and the screens in general. 

Damaging video games and screen addictions

Digitalized world has led us to a complex situation. Some screen time offer educational and support needed by children to build their social development. However, some others offer entertainment that can be addictive and damaging in long term. Especially with how people are forced to stay at home due to the global pandemic for almost two years already, falling victim to screen addiction has become more challenging than ever. 

The effects of excessive scree time

Spending your time on a screen gadgets can lead to variety of health problems mentally, emotionally, and socially. Some of health problems that have been linked to excessive screen time include obesity, violence, loss of social skills, poor sleep, behavioral problems, eye strain, neck and back problems, depression, anxiety, and difficulties with school or works. 

When you watch a screen from your gadget, you are often emotionally attached to what is happening on it. Your brain process and reacts accordingly so you can cry, laugh, and even angry. While gaming, your brain imagine the real scenario and your body reacts accordingly. It can lead to intense stimulation because your brain is in constant trigger. This can leads to other severe problems such as difficulties with paying attention, following directions, managing emotions, tolerating frustration, etc. 

As to physical health, excessive exposure to screen or video games can lead to excessive fatigue, jittery feeling, irritability, unstable blood sugar levels, decreased immune system, and difficulties to sleep properly. 

How to know the sign of video game or screen addiction

Video gaming can increase the release of dopamine and create pleasurable experience. Hence, the brain is set to seek it out again and again. Dopamine is what can keep your interest and attention. Signs of video games or screen addiction can be seen from having intense urges to play, spending too much time and money to play games, cutting back social activities, showing irritability and anxiety when stop playing, neglecting appearance, etc. 

How to deal with possible video games and screen addiction

There is information about how to deal with video games and screen addictions you can find from offline and online source since it has become one of the major problems nowadays especially to children and teenagers. To deal with it, follow guidelines of healthy amount of screen time, find a balance between virtual and real interaction with people, create a routine with more limited screen time, create a list of fun activities you want to do, and seek help from families, friends, or professionals if you need more support to deal with your possible addiction.

How To Stop Unhealthy Shopping Habits

Shopping is not a bad thing. In fact, it can be a great activity to relieve some stress. However, it can become unhealthy if you do it the wrong way. For example, you spend too much time and money on shopping things you don’t really need or don’t have any value for your life. Shopping can be consuming and addicted for some people. Some people are even willing to do anything to get money to buy the things they want because of that addiction. 

How To Stop Unhealthy Shopping Habits

Changing your unhealthy shopping habits

Any kind of addiction is challenging to shop and it is applied to shopping addiction and unhealthy habits as well. However, it is possible for you to change it so you have healthier life to live in aside from wasting money.

Pause before following the urge to shop

One of the most common reasons is that it is a fun escape from problems. It could be your coping mechanism when facing a problem in life. Keep in mind that the relief you feel is just temporary and the problem is still there after you spent all that hard-earned money. Hence, take a pause for a moment when the urge to shop comes. Ask yourself what you are avoiding exactly. Even if it doesn’t stop you from shopping, it can help you realize what problems you are truly facing. 

Find out what trigger you to shop uncontrollably

There are many reasons why you seem like cannot escape from shopping. It can be because you are surrounded by the people who have those unhealthy shopping habits as well. Or, it can be because shopping uncontrollably has been a part of your culture in your close community or circle. If this is the case, you can try setting up clear boundaries between yourself and what triggers your urge to shop. Hence, you are no longer influenced by others when it comes to shopping decision. 

Consider the true cost before buying something

More often than not, shopaholic don’t realize how much they spend and what it cost. Hence,  they keep buying more unnecessary stuffs. Sometimes, it is simply out of habits that you scroll through shopping platform online then make a purchase. It could be the money you’ve earned from difficult project you finished in weeks that you spent in just few minutes. Hence, make sure to ask yourself the cost of what you are going to purchase. Rethink your choice so you can make better decision for your money and life. 

Find alternatives

If shopping has become your hobby or a way to escape from whatever is happening in your life, you can try to find the alternatives. For example, you can try to learn new new hobby that brings more positivity to yourself or even others. Also, practice mindfulness to help stop unhealthy shopping habits. For example, think to give back to your community instead by donating to people in need. It helps you learn more about compassion, empathy, and kindness which can help reduce the urge of meaningless shopping. 

How To Spend Your Money Wisely

How To Spend Your Money Wisely

There are many people who are suffering from financial struggles due to various reasons. Some of them experience financial struggles due to not bringing enough money. Meanwhile, some others experience financial struggles due to not spending their money wisely or spending more than what they make. It is important to develop money management to help you more organized with your finance whether or not you have much money to spend. Here are several tips on spending money more wisely for better finance:

Know where your money is going

Before doing any financial strategy, it is important to know where your money is going. Track your money so you know what expenses you are spending your money on. It is important to track both your expenses and income. This way, you know if there is any imbalance. You will be able to spot the problem more precisely this way. 

Avoid impulse decision

Being impulsive sometimes can disadvantage you especially when it comes to money. It is fine if you just buy a $1 chocolate bar impulsively. However, it could become a major problem if you do it for larger purchases. Hence, avoid impulsive action when spending money and think about the long-term benefit of the purchase. Ask yourself important questions related to the worthy of your purchases, especially the big ones. 

Stop trying to impress people

It is fine if you buy something you really need or enjoy. When you have the budget, you can also buy something to indulge your hobby. However, it is not wise to make purchases just to impress other people. Maintaining image through spending too much money more than what you can even afford is unhealthy for you both financially and mentally. 

Find out habits draining your budget

Sometimes you can miss some important points when tracking finance. It is your habit that can be draining to your own finance. Hence, make sure to make a thorough track on your spending habits. It can be your habit of eating out frequently, expensive hobbies, collecting unnecessary clothing, etc. When you know those habits that have been the holes for your financial leaking, you can find the best strategies to fix it. 

Can you really afford to put money on your credit card?

This question is important to be asked to help you manage your finance better. In the ends, credit card is useful and convenient. However, make sure that you can fully pay it off at the end of the month if you want to use credit card. By paying it off on time each month, you can avoid being charged with high interests. 

Consider investing early

Aside from avoiding unnecessary purchases and saving money, you can manage your money by investing early. It means you put your money towards tings that help your each your better financial goals. Savings are passive money you can always draw anytime you need. However, investment can help you build your future. Learn more about safe and promising investment and don’t wait until you are old to invest.

Habits That Bring Significant Impact To Your Life

Habits That Bring Significant Impact To Your Life

There’s so many people still don’t realize that some habits can bring positive impact to our lives. It might be something simple like  having proper sleep. However, it can make you become more productive during the day, making you feel accomplished with what you have done all day. However, many people don’t know how to change their habits. And the main reason is because they don’t even realize that they have developed bad habits. Hence, it is important to be aware of our bad habits and change them into more positive ones that can significantly bring good impact to our lives. 

Here are some of the most beneficial habits you can try to apply on your everyday life:

Waking up earlier than you usually do

Many experts suggest that you set the alarm as latest as possible so you don’t have a chance to snooze or wake up late. However, it is even better if you can wake up regularly without a blazing alarm. And you can actually do it. To build this habit, try to set alarm to wake you up earlier than usual and wake up on the first ring of your alarm. Waking up early helps you prepare yourself better so you can be more prepared to face the day. 

Working out regularly

Working out is not only about building muscles or losing weight. It is about keeping your body in check, keeping it as active as possible. Hence, you don’t have to go overboard with your workout regime. The main key is your consistency to do it routinely. Working out is not only beenficial for your body but also mind. 

Reading Holy scripture

When you are someone who belief in God, regardless of your religion, make a habit of reading the Holy scripture, be it the Quran, Bible, Vedas, etc. This kind of routine helps in keeping your mind tranquil. When you do it regularly, it helps bring peace to your mind, making you more motivated to do good and be good. 

Drink plenty of water

When you are dehydrated, you will feel all the symptoms from headache, irritability, to weaken immune system. Water is the main source of your body to function properly. Hence, make sure to keep yourself hydrated throughout the day and stick to healthy beverages. Limit the intake of alcohol or sweet beverages if you want to see significant changes to your body. 

Practice gratitude and acts of kindness

Try not to expect people to be good to you. Instead, focus more on how you treat yourself and others. Practice gratitude by acknowledging even your small accomplishment of the day. You deserve to be appreciated. Then, don’t forget to practice gratitude and kindness to others as well. A simple thank you, a smiles, or a greeting in the morning to the people you meet can make huge differences. You will realize how those simple act of gratitude and kindness bring happiness to your life. And maybe those also bring happiness to others as well. 

Reliable Yogyakarta Residential Furniture Manufacturers: How to Spot Them

There are countless of Yogyakarta furniture manufacturers and labels out there just as there are suppliers, but how do you determine which one is the best for you? Furniture shopping unfortunately isn’t as simple as attire-shopping even though you’re essentially outfitting your home and dressing your space to its best potentials. Here are some of the most basic things you should be on the lookout for when you’re looking for trustworthy furniture manufacturers in Yogyakarta.

Reliable Yogyakarta Residential Furniture Manufacturers: How to Spot Them

What makes a reliable Yogyakarta furniture manufacturers

Wide variety of materials vs specific materials. While going for Yogyakarta furniture manufacturers that provide the widest possible variations and availability of materials can be a very convenient way for your furniture shopping, sometimes, going for shops that sell only one or two specific materials can be worth a visit. Manufacturers that have their own specialization tend to be of higher quality, and they can often trace the source of wood they get, especially if you’re concerned with legality and/or sustainability of your furniture.

Quality and construction of furniture

Learning whether a furniture is of good quality is more than just looking for anything labeled grade A teakwood. It also comes down to the built quality as well. Look if the furniture is stapled, nailed, or put together with glue. Those three are often a sign of poor quality and should be avoided. The sturdiest built for joints are dovetailed or screwed. Remember that you’d want yogyakarta furniture manufacturers to get you furnishings that are durable and can last you decades. Quality furniture should always be able to get passed down as heirloom furniture.

Furniture styles and aesthetics

Reliable Yogyakarta Residential Furniture Manufacturers: How to Spot Them

The first thing you’d notice about a certain piece would be how your furniture looks. Each person has their own preference, but when it comes to putting together a look for your home, the best thing you can do is to plan it. Create a theme, get inspired by image boards, and stick to your furniture buying using the guideline you’ve set for yourself. While mismatched furniture has its own charm, it simply looks like a clutter and a poorly planned space when done wrong.

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Get to know your suppliers

Find reviews, and not just good ones. Not so stellar reviews can often be insightful for you to determine the quality of the furniture. It goes beyond pissed-off seller; ignore those kinds without constructive essence behind them. When you find negative reviews, find a pattern to determine real-life value of the piece; often, times, while it’s a setback for others, it won’t be a problem for you.

Ask other local businesses

If you have a big project and would like to take your researching a step further, then don’t hesitate to ask other businesses in the local area that have used the furnishings from the Yogyakarta furniture manufacturers you have your eyes on. Furniture suppliers often begin their businesses locally, so if there’s any place they’ve sourced to, ask them. If possible, go to the place they asked and connect with the people there. Buying a tea or coffee in the local cafe while getting to know the furniture products you’re looking to buy may not be the first thing in your todos, but words from past customers you ask to directly, while subjective, can change can truly contribute to insights about your furniture suppliers.

Exquisite of 3 Bedroom Villa Discovered in Seminyak

Seminyak–a village in Bali has been a home of some breathtaking luxury and private 3 bedrooms villa in the world. There is even no exception in Indonesia for that. It is part of exploring a tropical Bali lifestyle from the mesmerizing ocean view location to the nearby downtown of shoreline.

Somehow, it feels like there is an endless special offers for every travelers in their needs of an exquisite accommodation to experience the tranquil retreat in Bali. From the cheaper accommodation for backpackers to the hidden luxury surrounded by the vertical garden at the entrance.

Hu’u Villas Bali is where you are heading with your family when requiring a high level of privacy for a 3 bedroom villa at Seminyak. For all the guests worldwide, you are all welcome here.

Exquisite of 3 bedroom villa discovered at Seminyak

The beautiful villas are designed to be the luxury hidden way to experience the tropical breeze in Bali. Located at Seminyak where you can reach the beach within minutes by slow walking distance can even be an attraction itself. The 3 bedroom villa Seminyak itself be located with its own restaurant and bar where the guests will have some things to do about.

This villa can also be the dream for some travelers that will need more than just 3 bedrooms as it is built to be interconnected so the 1 and 2 bedroom villa can be united. You can even possible to get a 13 bedroom villa if you will need that.

The 3 bedrooms villa is also features an elegant King Size bed for the master bedroom along with a bathroom with separated rain shower and bath tub. There are also 2 Queen bedrooms with a shower room each.

The beautiful part surely won’t only at the room interiors and features, you can even enjoy the dramatic sunset and sunrise as the nature theatre or enjoy the swimming time in a private pool that wraps around the expansive entertaining backyard.

It is truly a harmony living where the tropical atmosphere of Bali met the great location with water element nearby the beach. The harmony experience continues by living around the local attraction and religion activities in the heart of Seminyak. And just for your information, you can even reaches the square of Petitenget in around 5 minutes or less by Taxi. You can even go by foot since the distance won’t even up to a km.

Seminyak is truly a perfect spot for villa accommodations. You can proves that since there are so many special offers and I think that the villas are quiet dominateing the area itself rather than the other type of accommodations. That can be the essential reason since the characteristic of the area is perfect for that. Who wouldn’t appreciate the villas proximity to the seashores and beaches?

It is undoubtedly that you will be excited by it and giving the villa option to the top than the other available stays. Therefore, going to rent the exquisite 3 bedroom villa at Seminyak for your family can be the grand getaway and is a worthwhile way to finds out how beautiful a travel can be.