10 Ways to Reflect Summer in Your Private Bali Villas

10 Ways to Reflect Summer in Your Private Bali Villas

The tropical Bali is close to synonym to summer. When you are thinking about Bali, you are picturing out bright blue sky, endless stretch of white and black sands, arrays of verdant green paddies, and probably some cafes tucked in cozy neighborhood casually canopied with bougenville flowers. Travelers flocks to Bali looking for a sunny escape, and if you own vacation rentals in this island, you want your private villas to reflect the summer coastal vibe that encapsulated this beautiful tropics. Here’s how. 

Liven Up the Outdoor Space with Patio Set

Add a table and chairs, lawn chair, or porch swing to your rental to make it simple for guests to enjoy the outdoor space. With a few cozy chairs, even a modest patio may be improved, allowing visitors to sip their morning coffee while taking in the sunrise or savor every last bit of a hot summer night.

Don’t Forget to Re-Stain the Porch

Guest love to hang out in the porch and just relax, soaking up the tropical sun. But like everything that soaked up too much sun, its colour will fade out just in few months. Guests will be spending a lot of time on the porch – if you have one – in the summer months. Spend some time updating it by giving the wood a fresh coat of stain. By doing this, the outside area gets a new look without any new furniture or decorations being added. Also, you can do it without a professional’s assistance, which is a huge plus as it save lots of budget. 

Freshen Up the Indoors with Plants

Freshen Up the Indoors with Plants

A sight of potted trees and hanging plants indoor could help your guests truly relax while on vacation. Having plants indoors has been shown to reduce stress levels and improve the overall mood. The good news is that adding a few plants to the main spaces of the house may make a big difference. Plants are also reasonably priced. To keep plants alive and promote relaxation for your visitors, including watering on the weekly vacation rental cleaning checklist.

Add Some Fresh Flowers Before Guests Come to Your Private Bali Villas

Bring in new flowers. No matter where they come from—the local store, the side of the road, or a tree—a little life goes a long way. Grab a cup, a mason jar, a pitcher, an empty wine bottle, or anything else you can find if there aren’t any vases available. Just put a container and start growing some flowers.

Drape A White—Or Light-Coloured Sheets 

In a dull setting, a white sheet can address a variety of issues. It can be layered over an unattractive bedspread to make your bed feel more hotel-like. You can create a skirt out of it for an ugly table. You can use it as a temporary slipcover for a chair or an old, worn-out, plaid sofa. You might even be shrewd and turn it into a lovely window treatment.

The same can be said for a little throw blanket or even that old pashmina you no longer wear. Add this extra layer from home to cozy up the sofa or make your beds more welcoming.

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Keep the Private Villa Cool

Lots of guests come from four-season countries where the temperatures rarely hit 35º even in the summer. Since it’s hot and humid in the tropical Bali, you should make sure the fans and air conditioner in your private villas are functioning properly. Invest in the electrical equipment that will keep your visitors happy. Installing fans will help to keep the house cool.

Maintain A Seamless Colour Palette to Emphasise the Airiness

Your living rooms will feel connected and have a strong sense of continuity if your color scheme is consistent throughout. Pretty pillows and plants are things you can never have too much of in your home. Fill your garden or balcony with plants, and look for hardy indoor plants to add vitality to your indoor environment.

Display Those Summer Accessories

Sun, sand, and sea are the epitome of summer. Give your private Bali vacation villa a serene summer feel by including tropical touches. The colorful gold pineapple is an example of how small things can have a big impression. Or make a statement with this wallpaper that is inspired by tropical flora. (If you want a distinctive accent that doesn’t overpower, try one wall at a time; you don’t have to commit to an entire room.) Prints of tropical plants can be framed and hung as a short-term solution.

Add Hammock to Your Private Villas Bali

An afternoon snooze on a hammock might be the epitome of summertime tranquility that everyone can identify with. Set up a hammock for your guests to enjoy as a quick getaway so they can read, relax, and nap.

Don’t Forget the Air Freshner

The sense of smell is just as essential in design and decoration as the sense of sight since it may influence the mood and atmosphere of a space. If you’re a summer aficionado, you should consider choosing a smell that conjures up memories of summertime activities, events, and experiences. While some air fresheners advertise themselves with phrases like “ocean breeze” and similar expressions, they lack a genuine and organic sensation.