Find Most Stunning Views Through These Free Rides

Find Most Stunning Views Through These Free Rides
Man on a ferry in New York City, United States

One of the biggest spending of having a trip is transport fee. It can take up to third portion of your travel budget especially if you have many places to visit in your itinerary. It is pretty hard to find free rides out there. Everything costs money today  especially if you want something in return such as breathtaking views. However, there are free rides around the world you can actually get to enjoy beautiful views. 

Enjoying beautiful views through free rides

If you happen to visit these places, try the free rides they offer and enjoy the stunning views and memorable experience. Here are places that offer unforgettable views through a ride you can get on for free:

Staten Island Ferry in New York City

New York is known as one of the most expensive cities to visit. However, there is still hope for you to enjoy visiting the city without adding another burden on your travel budget. You may try taking a ride on The State Island Ferry across New York’s harbor. It departs from Manhattan and offers some of the best city views you could witness. Throughout the ride, you get to see the view of the Statue of Liberty, the Brooklyn Bridge, Manhattan Skyline, and Ellis island. You can also go for a night ride to see more stunning views at night that is full of lights. Be warned of scammers who often sell you tickets while it’s free to board the ferry. 

Free Public Transportation System in Luxembourg

Luxembourg is a small city in Europe but full of surprises. It is also the first country in the world to offer nationwide free public transport. This modern city has old-world charm which makes it such an interesting place to visit. And you get to enjoy free ride offering beautiful views through a growing tram network and regular buses. Not to mention that all transport here is wheelchair accessible. Through free ride on its public transport system, you will see cobbled streets, old walled city, beautiful church, and river valley  views. There are many remarkable places you will get to see while enjoying the free ride in the city. 

Ferries in Amsterdam

Not only in New York City can you enjoy free ride offering beautiful city views. In Amsterdam, there are also ferries operated for free. Amsterdam is already known as home for bikes. However, you can also explore the city with other transport mode other than bike. Head behind the Central Station and you will get to find a number of free ferries waiting to board. Don’t get surprised because the ferries are often crammed with bikes as well. On the ferry, you will get to see the view of Faralda Crane Hotel, the Botel, an abandoned Soviet submarine, etc. If you take Buiksloterweg ferry, it will take you to pass through the Eye Film Museum, the A’Dam Toren, etc. It’s also recommended to take sunset ferry rides to enjoy the legendary Amsterdam’s sunset when the water reflects stunning, fiery colors.