Unexpected Things You Can Actually Bring On A Plane

Travelling by plane is considered one of the most efficient way to reach destination. However, one of the worst part of it is probably lining up for a security check. Not to mention that packing is probably the second worst part of it because you have to be careful of what you are going to bring on a plane. If you are a type of person who tend to be unsure of everything, you might end up not bringing anything on a plane but your essentials only. However, you will be surprised of what unexpected items people bring on a plane and the airport security allow it. 

unexpected things

Unimaginable things you can bring on a plane

If you are unsure about what to and what not to bring on a plane, make sure to check the airport security website first. Each airport or airline might have different rules on this. However, we are going to make a list based on what’s stated on TSA’s official website. And here are rather unexpected items that are allowed to bring on a plane:


You might think antlers are things TSA would not approve to bring on a plane since they are kind of ‘special’ in a way. However, you can actually bring them on a plane as long as they are not attached to a head. It is because a skull would qualified as real bone, which is not allowed to bring on a plane. 

Artificial skeleton bones

It is not allowed to bring any real skeleton or bones on a plane even for archaeologists. However, you are allowed to bring artificial skeleton bones on the plane. You can pack them in your checked or carry-on bags. 

Live lobster

You might have dreamed of taking fresh lobster you got from your vacation to your home but remember that the TSA would not allow it. However, you can actually bring live lobster on the plane. However, you have to pack it carefully. Make sure to put it in a clear, plastic , spill-proof container. The TSA staff will check it at the checkpoint. And make sure that you don’t put it in your carry-on. 

Holiday lights

You can actually pack your holiday or Christmas lights in your carry-on because they are TSA-approved item to be brought on the plane. 

Tattoo guns

Any kind of guns are not allowed to bring on the plane. However, tattoo gun is an exception. You can bring it with you on the plane with proper packing. Make sure the tattoo needles and ink are put in containers 3.4 ounces or less. You can carry them in your carry-on bag. 

Camp stoves

You can take camp stoves with you on the plane. Make sure that it is empty of any fuel. It needs to be completely cleaned so no fuel or reside remains. Leave the propane behind since it’s prohibited. Then, wrap cords and layer items in clear bags. For more detailed information about flying with camp stove, visit MSR.