Traveling in A Big Group to Bali? Let’s Hunting For the Best Stay

Staycation is somehow a rare thing the travelers can experience where they can stay in comfort and maybe a luxury accommodation, while the stay itself can add more values for their trip experiences.

Now, what if there will be a big group consists of travelers around 15 up to 20 people and planning to come to Bali, don’t you think that if all of them are decided to stay close together, then the accommodation for all of them will be challenged to find.

Hosting such a big group travelers need more money for the accommodation business while the hotel rooms will be excluded from the options since there is way to get another staycation that can be fit for the group members and providing the comfort staycation inside.

Where to stay in Bali if you are traveling with such a big group of people?

If you are in Bali, it is easy for you to see and find that there are many people who are traveling in a big group. Most of them are found even using a bus for their main transportation that can be enough for at least 35 to 45 or 50 passengers.

Most of them are Asians. They can be Japanese but I do believe that most of them are dominated by the Chinese especially they are usually traveling in a group. It is rare to find Chinese that are traveling by themselves even if you will be in Bali and I don’t know why is that happening and why they are different?! Are they afraid that they will be lied especially when its come to talk about the money? I have no idea at all.

Wait! Surely we are not going to talk about them even though they can also make use of this post where they can find the staycation around Bali and will be enough to be stayed for all the group members in comfort and luxury.

Best stay for a big group of people or travelers when traveling around in Bali

The first thing needs to be thought about when hunting for big group accommodation in Bali is that to know first the location to stay.

There are various places you can choose to stay in with everyone, but you have to make sure that you are getting the top location where you can’t only stay in comfort but the surround won’t also break the bank account because most of your needs will be so affordable.

Another thing to considering is that the location is accessible for its destinations as well.

And I have none recommendation that can be accommodate all of those needs and the others but at Seminyak area. You can find various type of accommodation, the live costs are cheap, it has some popular and interesting destinations or tourist spots that can be reached by foot and many more.

Next, then the accommodation hunting can actually be started. For all the big groups of travelers that are planning to Bali whether they are coming with their school friends, company vacation, etc, I will suggesting them to choose one between the condos or villas.

If the numbers of bedrooms and all the facilities along with the services are provided as you need, then you can only see the other advantages you can get while choosing each of them.

But, if you are asking for my self recommendation, I would say that renting an accommodation such an 8 bedroom villa Seminyak is truly the thing I hope your group of traveling can experience.

But keep on remember that both type of the stays are recommended just because the location itself is closer to the shore and i think that there won’t be any perfect staycation that will be matched to the condos and also the villas at Seminyak.

If you are asking another location to stay in Bali, I think the choices can be different as well. But if you think that Seminyak area will be worth your visit, then welcome to the paradise of tropical breeze.

Is there anything you want to talk about related to the staycation for a big group of people that are heading to Bali right now?