What Do You Think About Bungee Jumping For Your Next Travel Idea?

What if you are experiencing the bungee jumping for your next travel schedule either with your friend or someone you love or simply just on your own?

Bungee jumping is one of the challenging outdoor’s activity that will usually allowing you to go up to the higher structure such as the dam, the bridge above the stream river or sea, or on top of the cliff and then, you will jump down as the instructor will tell you to do so.

Why people are experiencing bungee jumping?

When you want to experience this, it means that there will be elastic cord tied down on your legs so you can be bounced up and down while the suspension is reaching its limit.

Bungee jumping seems dangerous, not challenging! Why people are experiencing it?

People are unique, we have our own different thoughts than the others. So does when its come to traveling. When you are wishing for the luxury trip, some others are requiring to challenge theirseif to the next level.

I haven’t been experienced bungee jumping before. It is because I don’t see it as the challenging experiences in a trip, but the dangerous one. Seems to be I am a coward? Whatever!

But, no matter how dangerous I and many others are seeing it, yet, there still some of the braves who are suggesting theirself to experience this dangerous kind of jumping.

The first thing I have thought of must be; they need more challenges in life for whatever reasons they might got. They must be the adrenaline enthusiast and bungee jumping can be the part of what they are looking for.

It is not about right or wrong things to do in traveling but as simple as to know why people are thirst to something especially relating to the travel idea.

But to be honest, travellers who are experiencing the bungee jumping somehow make me jealous since they are seem to be jumping in the face of the fear. Something that I have not been got the enough spirit to be done.

No matter how dangerous it is as I have considered, there must be something in it while jumping off hundreds of meters from top of the bridge that somehow can make the others experiencing the fearless thing as well as the feeling as the invincible ones.

I do really jealous about their mindset and faith that everything will be working out especially when they have been dealing with the great preparation while using the professional gears.

Bungee jumping can also be the solution for those with fear of the heights. I think there’s a psychological fear about that called as the Acrophobia. But, even if you have no Acrophobia at all, you and many of us should be admitted that jumping off to the hundreds meters below can be a fear itself.

I think that the gears should be plugged on me someday and see if I could have the new me and feels like a bird for a couple moments.

Even though bungee jumping can only be experienced for couple of minutes while you can always trying it over and over again in the same day if you want, this activity should be admitted as the one that is also contributing to the different and mind blowing view of the nature and surround.

Although you will only experiencing that for not so long, but I think that it will still a worthy one.

Another interesting thing about it is that, I can also bungee jumping with friends where this thing is encouraging me to do it someday and even more.