How to Build Social Interaction during Travel Smoothly

You see, traveling doesn’t always bring excitement, sometimes, it can trigger the traveler’s fears of something including fear of building social interaction.

How to build social interaction during travel smoothly?

Lots of people are worried if they cannot make friends during their trip because they think they are too boring. If you have this type of fear or insecurity, you are not alone. However, you shouldn’t succumb into this fear because you can indeed build social interaction confidently and smoothly even if you are not an extrovert person.

Those who travel a lot are not always the social butterflies. Besides, there are many solo travelers out there who may also have the same fears like you do.

How to make friends during your trip

Interacting with others during travel is inevitable. One way or another, you will have to interact with others for various reasons.

Instead of closing yourself even more, you should choose this opportunity to build your skills in social interaction. You will experience the benefit of it sooner or later when you are back at home but it surely will happen. So here are some tips to socially interact with others during your trip.

First, you need to find a way to give people reasons to talk to you.

It doesn’t have to be a serious topic. You can think of light topics such as clothing, props, etc. for example, you can comment about how interesting a word on the other hats. Or, you can comment about the book the others carry around.

With a small talk like that, conversation will keep going to more interesting topics. Once you start talking, it will become easier to keep going.

Next tips to be interesting for social interaction during your trip is do not look closed-off.

It means your mannerism should be fixed. If you keep crossing your arms while sitting, it gives the impression that you are not interested to talk with others. Try to relax your posture and be approachable.

You don’t have to keep looking down on your book or phone during your lunch. Try to maintain relax posture so it seems you are welcoming others to approach you.

Another thing to try is to not hesitate to ask questions even if it is not ‘high quality’ question.

You don’t have to look like a genius while asking question. It is not about showing off your smart brain. It is about engaging yourself with others in fun interaction through conversation.

Try to ask some advice if you happen to meet more experienced travelers. Ask about they experience so far during their trip and you can share yours too.

Sharing meals is also a good way to interact with others during trip.

You see there are solo travelers out there who eat alone miserably. You can start talking about the foods or small things like how nice the environment of the restaurant is, etc. Through meals, your conversation will not be too awkward especially at the beginning when it is the hardest part.

Sharing interests in foods is not a bad idea to start making friends during your trip.