Misleading Myths About Solo Travel

Misleading Myths About Solo Travel

Lots of experienced travelers suggest people to take solo travel at least once in lifetime. It is because there are so many valuable things to experience from travelling solo without any companion. However, not many people are brave enough to do it because of so many reasons. One of them being the myths that have been going around, making solo travel look to be terrifying thing to experience. However, solo travelling is not as daunting as people try to portray. 

Most common solo travel myths

Any kind of travel carries its risk. Regardless of where your destination, you should always be mindful with your own safety and prioritize it. However, it doesn’t have to discourage you from experiencing the joy of solo travel.  For solo female travelers, the myths are even worse. Here are the most common myths about solo travel (as woman):

Solo travel is too dangerous to take

Solo travel is too dangerous to take

Any travel can be dangerous regardless of your destination. Hence, it is important to always take precaution to keep yourself safe. It is true that travelling solo may expose you to more danger because you are easier target when alone. The key is to trust your instinct and always surround yourself with people. Avoid shady places and choose safe path to get around. The world is dangerous indeed but not as dangerous as what we are led to believe.

Talking to strangers always end up bad

Many people said you are not supposed to talk to strangers when travelling alone because you will get kidnapped and sold in sex trade. While there is a risk of that, doesn’t mean you cannot travel safely as solo female traveler. In reality, it is impossible to not talk to strangers at all while travelling. Not everyone is out to kill you. There are more good people in the world than what the movie tried to portray. Use your common sense and follow your instinct when travelling by yourself.

Tour is better than travelling solo

Yes, joining tours can be fun since you can share the fun and experience with other people in the group tour. However, there is also so much joy of travelling solo. Not to mention that tours tend to be expensive than solo travel. Sometimes, a tour doesn’t match what you want to experience from a trip. Therefore, there is no better travel than another. It is a matter of personal preference. You can still get kidnapped during a tour as well if you don’t know how to carry yourself in foreign place. 

Solo travel only for young people

While it is true that young people tend to have more opportunity and energy to go solo travelling, it doesn’t limit older people to experience it. Solo travel doesn’t have any age or gender limit. Anyone can do it as they wish. Even if you are no longer a single, young person with no family to take care of, you can still have your solo travel and create your own adventure. 

How to Spot An Eco Skincare Brand from Greenwashing

How to Spot An Eco Skincare Brand from Greenwashing

While the natural and eco friendly skincare in beauty industry has experienced extraordinary growth, many of us are still baffled as to what we should buy and, more importantly, what we should avoid. As a growing number of consumers adopt ethical and sustainable shopping habits, there is increasing pressure on businesses to go green. Many firms have responded to this transition by developing ecologically friendly business methods, but some have misrepresented themselves — this is where greenwashing comes in. 

Understand Better About Green Washing and Why You Should be Careful About It

As a growing number of consumers adopt ethical and sustainable shopping habits, there is increasing pressure on businesses to go green. Many firms have responded to this transition by developing ecologically friendly business methods, but some have misrepresented themselves — this is where greenwashing comes in.

Greenwashing is a marketing strategy that deceives clients into believing that a company is more environmentally conscientious than it actually is. It takes advantage of the growing desire for ecologically friendly items by making claims that are intentionally deceptive, unfounded, or inflated. Greenwashing stifles genuine sustainability initiatives and makes environmentally conscious firms difficult to find in a competitive market.

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The Dishonesty of Greenwashing Beauty Product

The Dishonesty of Greenwashing Beauty Product

As a sales ploy, green-washing occurs when a product purports to be natural, eco friendly skincare, organic beauty, or ecologically conscious when it is none of those things.

This can be accomplished through product descriptions or even the company name, as well as the usage of pictures or packaging design that leads customers to assume the product is environmentally friendly.

Take example of a box of skincare with flowers or herbs on it. This would lead a consumer to believe it contains these kind of natural products at first glance…when, in many situations, it does not. The natural beauty industry is increasing in popularity, and brands are doing it because it sells. 

Greenwashing Deception in Skincare

Beauty brands, unlike organic food and beverage enterprises, are not legally required to be certified. With simply a few natural ingredients or even a drop of essential oil, a product might claim to be natural. Worse, they can contain elements that aren’t allowed in a really certified natural or organic product. Packaging can deceive us by using phrases like ‘organic,’ ‘eco,’ ‘botanic,’ ‘pure,’ and ‘natural,’ while carrying almost no substances to support those claims.

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Real Eco Friendly Skincare Pay Attention to Its Formula & Packaging

Real Eco Friendly Skincare Pay Attention to Its Formula & Packaging

Single-use plastic packaging is the most egregious offender, accounting for over half of all global plastic pollution. Pay great attention to a brand’s packaging. Is it in keeping with their image of being ecologically conscious?

The most environmentally friendly packaging is none at all, but that isn’t always possible, so seek for companies that are investing in sustainable packaging solutions and are continually looking for greener alternatives to reduce their environmental impact.

A true sustainable and green skincare will try hard to minimise all aspects of plastic from their packaging. Some brands are using refillable or recyclable bottles for their product, others are stripping the plastic down to the shipment packages. They’ll also use only plant-based ingredients on their products, without any artificial coloring, fragrance, surfactant, or preservatives. 

Being a responsible customer starts from today!

How To Travel More Environmentally-Friendly

How To Travel More Environmentally-Friendly

To become a more conscious traveler takes time but you can start now with little things. It is important to travel more environmentally-friendly because we all know that our surroundings are not in good condition due to many reasons. You cannot really blame on someone and instead of doing it, why not taking actions with something you can contribute now such as by travelling more environmentally-friendly. 

The ideas of eco-friendly travel 

More people are getting aware of the importance of eco-friendly travel or sustainable travel. Many travel organizers and providers are now promoting eco-friendly travel by preparing eco-friendly accommodations and programs. And here are things you can also do to travel more environmentally-friendly:

Pack lightly

A plane produces more carbon emissions the more it weighs. Hence, it is best if you can pack light and bring only necessities with you for the trip. You don’t have to bring too many clothes especially if it is for a short trip. Also, you can always wash your clothes in your hotel.  Also, you can use travel-sized toiletries as needed instead of taking so many bottles with you. 

Choose better alternatives for your transport

If you can travel overland then why not skipping a five-hour flight. Travel overland helps in reducing carbon footprint. Instead, you can take buses, or even trains to get to your destinations. Aside from being more eco-friendly, it allows you to see more of the countryside. It makes your journey even more interesting.

Avoid plastic bottled water

Instead of buying bottled water, bring your own reusable bottle that you can always refill throughout the trip. Today, there are water filters installed in many hotels and public settings such as airports, parks, etc. Hence, you can always refill your bottle with safe water to drink. 

Stick to the path

When exploring the places such as national parks, make sure to stick to the path designated for visitors. Do not wander around carelessly because there is high chance of you to damage protected lands or plants. Also, avoid making any marks that can damage the environments. Leave the place as it is just like how you found it. In fact, it is even better if you can leave the place better than you found it.

Reduce food waste

It might be your rare opportunity to visit a place and try so many different foods. However, you’d better forget it if you are going to waste them. Food wastes and plastic wastes are two of the major problems caused by travelers and tourists alike. Make sure to not take more than what you can eat. And if you are unsure whether or not you are going to like the foods, ask the cook first. 

Support local economies

You can support the local economies by staying in a homestay, buying from local artisans, eating at locally family-owned restaurant, etc. Supporting the local economy is also environmentally-friendly because you help them maintain their places. It helps their community to stay supported and flourished for a long time. 

Coastal Interior Design Style: 6 Essential Tips for Your Beachfront Villa Bali

Coastal Interior Design Style- 6 Essential Tips for Your Beachfront Villa Bali

Coastal interior design strives to bring up images of a relaxing and carefree vacation. No wonder that coastal style and its tropical variation is one of the most popular interior design style in many villas and property in Bali. It looks inviting and pleasing in the eye, while it’s aesthetic is proven to win traveler’s heart over and over again. So, what do you need to do if you wish to incorporate coastal design into your beachfront villa Bali?

Emphasis on Natural Feeling of the Beach in Your Beachfront Villa Bali

Incorporating coastal design into your beachfront villa Bali is actually pretty easy. You can make your own oasis with seashells, driftwood, seagrass, and other natural items. A prominent aesthetic is coastal interior design. Homeowners generally draw towards this open and airy house design, which ranges from classic nautical style to more minimalist home decor with a bohemian coastal vibe.

Natural components from attractive beaches and coastlines, such as natural timbers, jute, rattan, and linen fabrics, are frequently used in coastal interior design. The coastal aesthetic also prefers a brighter colour palette, with blue and white tones that reflect the ocean’s crashing waves.

Coastal Design is All About the Airiness of the Beach

Coastal Design is All About the Airiness of the Beach

Coastal design is all about the sense of calm and enjoyment that comes with being near the water. And the style isn’t anything new. Coastal design has been around for ages, owing to the way people used to decorate their waterfront or coastal dwellings. Everything from the colour palette to the materials utilised in a seaside area is inspired by the natural surroundings.

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Light and Openness are the Key in Coastal Design

If there’s one thing a coastal home needs, it’s plenty of light. Light, open, and breezy interiors should never feel dark or claustrophobic. Large windows, glass doors, and skylights are essential for creating the illusion of no separation between indoors and outdoors. The window treatments are similarly kept to a minimum so as not to detract from the natural light.

Open Floor Design is A Must

Make sure your beach villa Bali use open floor design to amplify the light and airy feeling. You don’t want to fill up the villa with furniture or decor. The open floor design gives the impression that everything is flowing, just as what it’s like at the beach. If you can’t open up your floor plan, you may still make as much open space as possible by simplifying and going for a more minimalist look.

Keep the Neutral Tone to the Furniture Designs

Keep the Neutral Tone to the Furniture Designs

Coastal design typically integrates numerous natural elements to produce a comfortable, easy vibe. This is reflected in the furniture and materials, which are frequently made of wicker, rattan, or light, worn woods. Rugs are typically made of straw, seagrass, or jute, with plain, non-shiny textiles. Natural materials or airy, billowy fabrics, such as sheer curtain panels, are used instead of metallics or flamboyant textures. Woods are also largely used in many oceanfront villas in Bali, usually in white-washed, blonde, or ashy color. 

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Bring the Water and the Coast to the Inside of Your Beach Villa Bali

Actually, it’s very common in Bali to see beachfront villa to not really sits right in the seashore—both for security and legal reason. However, you can always bring the beach atmosphere inside!Hang a huge photograph of water and clouds of the seaside in the wall. Use clouds painting or motif as pillowcase or backsplash in the kitchen. It’s a terrific way to capture the essence of the shore even if you don’t have a direct view of the sea. 

However, there is a crucial distinction to keep in mind while choosing artwork and accessories. Coastal should not be confused with nautical. Anchors, seashells, and cabana stripes are maritime, not coastal, design elements.

Fun Things To Do When Visiting Seoul, Korea

South Korea is one of the most visited destinations that has drawn in so many people around the world each year. It is a good time to plan a visit to Korea now since the situation with covid-19 is getting better. As long as you follow safety protocols then there is no need to worry about travelling to this beautiful country. Seoul is highly recommended to visit because there are so many places to explore. There are many attractions to visit. However, there are also quirky or let’s say silly things you can do while getting to know Korea more. 

Fun Things To Do When Visiting Seoul, Korea - ihwa mural village

Have some  exercise by climbing the stairs to Ihwa Mural Village

Ihwa Mural Village is a very iconic place to visit in Seoul, Korea. This village was set to be destroyed because it was seen as being too rundown. However, the Ministry of Culture, Sports, and Tourism added murals to revitalize the area in 2016. There are arts almost everywhere such as on the stairs, rooftops, and walls. However, be mindful when enjoying your time because it is still a residential area. Hence, be considerate and respectful to the residences living in the village. 

Indulge your taste buds at Museum Kimchikan

Restaurants and street vendors are not the only places in Korea you can visit to get to know more their culinary scene. At Museum Kimchikan, you can have a taste of authentic Korean kimchi. This is a museum dedicated to kimchi. It is such an important food in Korean culture and history so having a museum to dedicate it is far from being too extra. You will learn more information about kimchi and its significance to Korea. You will also learn more about the making process of kimchi and of course, taste some of them. 

Simple life by eating ramyeon at convenience store

There have been a trend in social media of how Korean love spending their time at convenience store  by eating ramyeon, making their own coffee, or finishing their school works. You can also try this one Korean experience by visiting one of the convenience store and make yourself a ramyeon. Aside from ramyeon, there are more foods and drinks you can try since convenience store is Korea is pretty complete. There are also various tools for you to prepare your own foods and drinks freely. 

Have fun at Noraebang

Noraebang is karaoke room Korean people like to rent to have fun. Renting a singing room in Korea is such an experience because you can find it practically everywhere, especially in big city like Seoul. You can search for Korean or English songs to sing from the machine and just sing your heart out without a care in the world. You might have seen this scene in a Korean drama. And it is time for you to experience it in real life. Hence, don’t be a shy bean and just have fun. Don’t forget to jump around and dance to the songs you like to amplify the experience.

Flores Tour Island, 5 Uniques Things To do

Aerial view of Kelimutu volcano and its crater lake, Flores, Indonesia - flores tour island

Flores Island, located in the Indonesian archipelago, is a unique destination. Flores is located far east of Bali and Lombok, and many people overlook it in favor of its more well-known neighbors. It’s a shame because the island has so much to offer. It is an island that screams adventure, with pink sand beaches, flaming volcanoes, and Komodo Dragons. And in this article, we’ll tell you about all of the interesting activities to do in Flores, as well as our best travel suggestions. Flores tour island is getting more and more interesting as your next holiday travel choice.

Flores Island is an excellent spot to start if you want to venture off the beaten path in Indonesia. While the Komodo National Park continues to draw tourists year after year, few travel deeper onto the island.

Flores tour island, how to get there 

By Air: Flying is the simplest and quickest way to get to Flores, Indonesia. Flights to Labuan Bajo (Far West) and Maumere are available daily from Bali’s Ngurah Rai Airport (Far East).

By Liveaboard: Flores can also be reached by taking a 3- to 4-day liveaboard boat from Lombok. This boat leaves every day and takes you to Flores by island-hopping — how exciting!

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Unique Things To do during Flores tour

Flores isn’t going to be as jam-packed with activities as Bali. Flores is still a relatively tranquil island with some tourism infrastructure, but not quite as developed as Bali. However, there is still much to do in Flores for a week or less.

Padar Island Trek

While Komodo Island is perhaps the most well-known, Padar Island captures the hearts of those who visit. It’s easy to see why the island has become such a popular tourist destination just by looking at the scenery. The three various colored beaches of the island, one black, one white, and the last pink, may be seen from the top of the hill, set against an unending expanse of water. Padar Island may be visited on a day excursion from Labuan Bajo. Join a morning Flores journey for the finest experience. Not only will you see the sunrise, but the walk up to the peak will also be a little cooler.

Kelimutu Sunrise

The three Tri Colored Lakes of Kelimutu are located in the foggy hills of central Flores. The three lakes, which are only a stone’s throw apart, are each a distinct color. In the sunlight, the hue changes. The lakes are normally red, white, and blue, but if you want to see the complete spectrum of hues, go at sunrise.

Meet the dragon

The Komodo Dragon is one of the world’s five natural wonders. Komodo Island and Rinca Island are the two main islands where you may see the Komodo Dragons. The Komodo Dragons are easier to observe on Rinca Island than on Komodo Island (since the dragons are fed near the kitchen), but the trekking on Komodo Island is actually better.

Visit Wae Rebo Village

Another great thing to do in Flores is to visit Wae Rebo, which is located in the middle highlands. In Indonesia, there are several “Traditional Villages,” but Wae Rebo is one of the nicest. It’s a lovely town located in a valley amid undulating hills. A four-hour hike is required to reach the settlement. This makes it more difficult to access and less commercialized. You would need to book an overnight tour to visit Wae Rebo. Bring a change of clothes because you will be staying overnight under a star-lit sky.

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Swim With Ray Manta

A Flores tour island usually includes scuba diving. Manta Point is one of the top dive locations in the Komodo National Park. This dive spot is located between two islands in a channel. The manta rays and other marine animals are drawn to the fast-moving stream because it is rich in nutrients. If you enjoy diving, you should visit this site. You can observe schools of Manta Rays gliding quietly through the water amidst turtles and other aquatic life if you dive here. Manta Point is truly one of Flores’ top attractions.

Dealing With Video Games And Screens Addictions

Dealing With Video Games And Screens Addictions

Drugs and porn are not the only harmful addictions you need to be aware of. There are many other types of addictions that affect you not only mentally but also physically. They are video games and screens addictions. Especially in this modern era with easy access to high-tech devices, lots of people fall into addiction. Some people are addicted to social media, video games, and the screens in general. 

Damaging video games and screen addictions

Digitalized world has led us to a complex situation. Some screen time offer educational and support needed by children to build their social development. However, some others offer entertainment that can be addictive and damaging in long term. Especially with how people are forced to stay at home due to the global pandemic for almost two years already, falling victim to screen addiction has become more challenging than ever. 

The effects of excessive scree time

Spending your time on a screen gadgets can lead to variety of health problems mentally, emotionally, and socially. Some of health problems that have been linked to excessive screen time include obesity, violence, loss of social skills, poor sleep, behavioral problems, eye strain, neck and back problems, depression, anxiety, and difficulties with school or works. 

When you watch a screen from your gadget, you are often emotionally attached to what is happening on it. Your brain process and reacts accordingly so you can cry, laugh, and even angry. While gaming, your brain imagine the real scenario and your body reacts accordingly. It can lead to intense stimulation because your brain is in constant trigger. This can leads to other severe problems such as difficulties with paying attention, following directions, managing emotions, tolerating frustration, etc. 

As to physical health, excessive exposure to screen or video games can lead to excessive fatigue, jittery feeling, irritability, unstable blood sugar levels, decreased immune system, and difficulties to sleep properly. 

How to know the sign of video game or screen addiction

Video gaming can increase the release of dopamine and create pleasurable experience. Hence, the brain is set to seek it out again and again. Dopamine is what can keep your interest and attention. Signs of video games or screen addiction can be seen from having intense urges to play, spending too much time and money to play games, cutting back social activities, showing irritability and anxiety when stop playing, neglecting appearance, etc. 

How to deal with possible video games and screen addiction

There is information about how to deal with video games and screen addictions you can find from offline and online source since it has become one of the major problems nowadays especially to children and teenagers. To deal with it, follow guidelines of healthy amount of screen time, find a balance between virtual and real interaction with people, create a routine with more limited screen time, create a list of fun activities you want to do, and seek help from families, friends, or professionals if you need more support to deal with your possible addiction.

Top 5 Recommendations of Best Dive Centre in Bali!

Top 5 Recommendations of Best Dive Centre in Bali!

Bali is unquestionably one of the most popular scuba diving locations in the world, located in Indonesia’s coral triangle in Southeast Asia. Scuba diving is one of the most entertaining things to do in Bali, thanks to world-class dive sites like the Liberty shipwreck, Crystal Bay, and Manta. Underwater huge marine species such as manta rays and mola-molas are commonly seen by scuba divers visiting the island of the gods (oceanic sunfish). You can dive without a guide in several spots on Bali. However, it’s highly recommended to explore the underwater of Bali with professional guide from local dive center!

Speaking with dive shop employees or looking through dive guide books will provide more than enough knowledge. Moreover, some spots with strong currents are only recommended if accompanied by a local guide. Below are our recommendation of five best dive centers in Bali to dive with. 

Bali Diving

If you’re wanting to do your PADI divemaster internship in Bali, Bali Diving, based in Sanur, is a fantastic option. You can add more certifications to your diving trip, such as wreck diving, underwater navigation, rescue diving, and other options.

The ‘explore scuba’ or a resort course, both of which are supervised by a competent instructor, are suitable for complete beginners. PADI and SSI certifications are available in Bali Diving. This dive center can also take divers on daily exciting diving trips that cover the majority of Bali’s popular dive spots. Beginners can travel to Tulamben and Menjangan Island as well as the Sanur reef nearby, while the more advanced can visit diving sites around Nusa Penida Island.

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Dune Atlantis Bali

As a PADI-certified 5-star Instructor Development Center, Atlantis International Bali debuted on the Bali scuba diving center in 1996. (IDC). It’s a French-owned dive club that’s also one of the few that’s registered with the FFESSM (French Federation of Underwater Studies and Sports).

PADI’s first-timer training are for beginners, while advanced divers can enroll in PADI’s Open Water Scuba Instructor courses. ‘Introduction dives,’ which typically include a session in a training pool and two ocean dives, can be a great way to get a feel for diving in a real-world setting. The renowned shipwreck off the coast of Tulamben in East Bali is a popular optional diving location.

Bali Bubbles Dive Centre

Bali Bubbles Dive Center is a Candidasa-based Bali dive center that offers SSI teacher training as well as a comprehensive variety of SSI and PADI diving courses. Certified divers can choose from a variety of diving packages and dive locations based on their certification and experience levels, and go on guided dives in small groups to Bali’s top dive spots.

There are daily dive trip packages available, which typically include a dive leader guiding a maximum of four divers per day, as well as lunch, hotel transfers, and diving equipment. Newcomers can sign up for SSI’s Bali Bubbles’ ‘try scuba’ program.

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Nautica Bali

Since 2006, Nautica Bali has been a professional diving center on the island of Bali. The Nautica Bali manages a diving trip, dive tour, and dive course for all levels with PADI (Professional Association of Diving Instructors) certification and is conveniently located in Nusa Dua, where a number of luxury hotels, resorts, and tourist spots are within walking distance.

Manta Manta Diving

Manta Manta Diving is a small dive shop in Bali that focuses on providing high-quality service at a reasonable price. They pick you up from Tuban, Kuta, Legian, Seminyak, and Sanur and take you diving all over Bali.

Protecting Yourself From Air Pollution When Travelling

Air pollution is a real threat to our health yet we breathe in it on our everyday lives. Lots of people die from it annually. Unhealthy air sometimes is hard to avoid especially when we live in such a big and crowd city. Not to mention that when we visit certain countries, we don’t really know the level of air pollution there but we still go to get that travel experience we have been dreaming of. Short term effects of breathing unhealthy include dizziness, breathing difficulties, and sore eyes. 

Tourist woman wearing protective face mask and  exploring new place

Taking proper precautions from unhealthy air when travelling

Regardless of your purpose of travel, here are some precautions you can take to protect yourself from air pollution:

Check the air quality of your destination in advance

Today, it is not hard to find almost any information you need including air quality of a city. There are many factors that make certain place has higher air pollution than others such as burning season, dust from desert, etc. Hence, it is best to find out more about your destination and its air quality prior the trip. At least, you can avoid visiting during annual peaks.

Always bring masks

It is not enough for you to bring only one mask for your entire trip. You need to pack at least two or more. Make sure to choose the right mask as well. You can buy it online with good quality. At least, choose masks N95 to make sure it is certified to do the job of protecting you. Today, it is even encouraged and recommended that you double-mask. It is a better protection especially when you are travelling. 

Wear your masks properly

Make sure that you wear your mask properly. Regardless of how expensive and good your mask is, it won’t do proper job if you don’t wear it properly. Make sure to not just hang it around your chin. If it is disposable mask, make sure not to wear it again on the next day. Do not attempt to wash disposable or single-use mask because you will only break the layer and it won’t do any good with protecting you. 

Pay attention to your skin

It is not only your breathing that is affected by bad air quality. Your skin can be affected too since it is the outer part of your body that protect you from any harm. When your skin is exposed to unhealthy air, it can suffer from various skin problems such as eczema, dermatitis, psoriasis, premature aging, skin cancer, etc. Make sure to always wear moisturizer and reapply your SPF every two hours. 

Stay indoor or move somewhere else

When you are abroad and experiencing bad air quality in the place you are visiting, it is best to stay indoor and wait until heavily polluted days are over. If you have to move around, opt for metro or taxis. You can also consider a relocation to some places better, because constantly breathing in bad air will affect your mental well-being too.

Solo Traveling Raja Ampat Trip, Is it Possible?

Raja Ampat, a tourist area that has been very popular since ancient times until now. One of the famous destinations located at the eastern end of Indonesia, whose nature is arguably still very wild to be touched. The cost of a Raja Ampat trip is not cheap but is it possible if you want to travel solo? 

Solo Traveling Raja Ampat Trip, Is it Possible?

Raja Ampat Trip Guide

In general, the Raja Ampat region, which is part of the West Papua district, consists of 4 large islands, namely Waigeo, Batanta, Salawati and Misool islands. However, of the 4 big islands, only Waigeo and Misool islands are very well known and are now the main destinations for travelers in Raja Ampat. 

If you decide to go on a solo Raja Ampat trip, you have to prepare everything carefully. To go to Raja Ampat, your starting point is from the city of Sorong. Look for flights from your city to the city of Sorong, West Papua.

There are several flights from Jakarta to Sorong: Batik Air, Lion Air, and Sriwijaya Air with costs ranging from 2-4 million rupiah.  If you start from Bali, you can search flight Lion Air, Sriwijaya Air, Citilink, Batik air dan Garuda Indonesia. The price starts from 2-5 million rupiah. 

Arriving in Sorong, you can find transportation to get to the islands you want. If your goal is to go to Waisai, you can use:

Kapal Bahari Express

  • Economy class: 125 thousand rupiah
  • VIP class: 250 thousand rupiah
  • Departure:
  • 2x a day
  • 09.00 WIT
  • 14.00 WIT
  • Travel time: 2hours

For destinations to Misool:

Kapal Bahari Express

Departures: Monday, Wednesday, and Friday

  • Ticket price: 250 thousand rupiah
  • Travel time: 4hours

For other island destinations, usually, every homestay prepares a special boat for pick up from the Waisai. The cost is borne by the passenger and can be shared with passengers with the same homestay destination.

Open Trip Raja Ampat

If you don’t want to be bothered and can experience a complete and satisfying tour to Raja Ampat, the choice is an open trip. The operator usually has arranged all trips to the islands in Raja Ampat. You just come to the meeting point and prepare your personal needs. Open trips are usually 6-7 days or maybe more according to your wishes. The ship’s facilities are also quite ok. For a more expensive price, you can get a private cabin facility with an air conditioner. For a cheaper price, you can share the cabin with other travelers.

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