Improving Your Staffs To Grow Your Brand Successfully

Diving into entrepreneurship doesn’t mean you just sit down and watch your teams work for you. There are many things you have to take care of so everything runs smoothly. To run successful business, you need to build solid team consist as well of reliable staffs who can help you grow your brand. As the leader, you cannot just let them figure it out by themselves on how to work. You need to help them keep engaged and motivated so they can do the best. 

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Inspiring and encouraging your staffs

You may have solid teams with reliable staffs. However, problems will still arise. Sometimes, it is hard for your staffs to generate ideas. It is your responsibility to help spark their deeper thinking. This way, you can inspire and encourage your staffs to do their best. Here are things you can question your staffs to help them generate ideas or solutions:

Do not hesitate to ask your staffs of what they really think. Maybe, your staffs are not often speak because you don’t really give them opportunity to make them. When you ask your staffs of what their opinion, there will various ideas coming up that can be used as solutions. Do not hesitate to open yourself for group discussions. It doesn’t matter if at the beginning your staffs don’t really give you the best solutions. They will get better the more they get used to speak up. 

Prompt a question that makes you know more about the current situation of your staffs. Maybe, the difficulty of generating ideas come from their personal problems. You can check whether they are okay in the moment. This will show your care as leader. Not to mention that it also helps create positive work environment. 

You can also ask your staffs of what would they do as a leader if they were in your position. This may sound intimidating to answer. However, this can be an act of encouragement because you give so much power for your staff to share their opinion. They may have difficulty to generate ideas because they think they have limit due to their role or position in the office. By imagining themselves to be a leader, they may think of more options. 

Spark your staffs’ creativity by asking what things they would change if they were given the power or opportunity. This can spark their creativity of thinking. They also won’t be stuck in just one solution or idea. This kind of question can be a regular thing to ask. It can help your brand to grow and develop. 

Sometimes, the solution cannot be found because there is no mutual understanding of the problem’s root. Hence, it is important to reach mutual clear understanding of it. Before trying to find a solution. It is essential to discuss the root of the problem first. It will guide you and your staffs to truly think and find the right solutions.

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