Yoga Retreat on a Royal Fortuna Liveaboard

Yoga Retreat on a Royal Fortuna Liveaboard

Wellness holiday has lately become so famous that some might even feel as if it was another of those fleeting trends. A yoga retreat is a great healing trip as it appeals to people of a wide age range and physical condition that can easily be adapted to. Most yoga retreats are held in a great place surrounded by nature. For instance, close to the ocean. But, can you imagine a yoga retreat on a liveaboard yoga retreat on a liveaboard is an excellent way to exercise and relax from daily stress. Imagine waking up in a different place and heading to the front of the sailing boat to partake in your morning yoga session, relaxing and peaceful surrounded by nature.  Experience an amazing feeling of yoga retreat by joining a sailing holiday with Royal Fortuna Liveaboard.

Why choose a Royal Fortuna Liveaboard for yoga retreat?

Life can be hectic and leave you feeling like there’s no time — especially for truly relaxing. However, life on a liveaboard is very different. This sailing holiday allows us to escape from the stresses and strains of a busy life. The boat is a traditional phinisi, with a capacity of a maximum of 11 passengers. Royal Fortune has a spacious deck with beanbags and sunbeds that could fit all the travelers for enjoying the sunset. The boat also offers a spacious open space deck for a yoga retreat. This lovely boat has a total of five cabins. All cabins are equipped with fans for a good night’s sleep. Royal Fortuna liveaboard is a perfect liveaboard for yoga retreat!

What can you expect from a yoga retreat on a boat?

Practice yoga at blue ocean offers you a chance to discover new experiences whilst being surrounded by the beauty of the natural pristine. A yoga retreat on Royal Fortuna liveaboard allows you to experience how life is on a boat. This kind of holiday has the invincible power to heal you.  There are many benefits of yoga retreat on a boat, from wellness, helping your physical and mental being. Moreover, this sailing holiday will make you disconnect in the most amazing way from any land worries. It will connect you with breathtaking nature with the stunning sea.

Imagine waking up in beautiful places, heading to the upper deck, and practicing your morning yoga. After you finish your morning yoga, take your time to enjoy breakfast in the open dining area of the liveaboard, followed by sailing to a remote destination to explore the underwater. Then, heading to the local village for sightseeing. An early afternoon dive followed by an evening sunset yoga at golden hour. Thereafter, having dinner at the outdoor dining area surrounded by the stars. So what are you waiting for?

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