Interesting But Creepy Holiday Tradition in Europe

Interesting But Creepy Holiday Tradition in Europe

Every country may have different holiday tradition. Some of them seem fine while others are borderline creepy. Regardless, it is always interesting to learn new things related to culture and tradition. Travelling to different places can open our mind to see the beauty of diversity because you see so many things a long the way including holiday tradition.

European holiday traditions you might find creepy

The beauty of a culture is that it can be seen through different perspectives. It can be perceived as unique, strange, beautiful, or even creepy. Regardless, it is a must to respect the culture you get to know during your travel to different countries. You may have heard some strange holiday tradition in the US. However, you might find these holiday tradition in Europe a little bit creepy.

Interesting But Creepy Holiday Tradition in Europe

The Yule Cat is holiday tradition in Iceland. The people in Iceland believe that the cat will eat anyone who has not obtained new clothing by Christmas. It sounds cute somehow that you are going to be eaten by lovely cat due to your fashion crime. However, the Yule cat is not a kitten. It is a giant beast with large body/ imagine how long its teeth are. So if you are planning to celebrate Christmas in Iceland this year with your family, don’t roll up in last year’s clothing. 

Krampus is holiday tradition in Central Europe. It is said to be the sinister friend of the mythological man, St. Nicholas. It is like the opposite of St. Nicholas. Krampus has a job to punish naughty kids instead of giving out candy like St. Nicholas do to good kids. Krampus has demonic looking character who beats children with birch branches. It also says that Krampus kidnaps bad kids in shacks. The kids who are taken by him will disappear without trace. During Krampus festival in Austria and other central European countries, you will see people in Krampus mask strolling around the streets. 

Gryla is another holiday tradition in Iceland that is considered creepy. Gryla is said to be the Christmas witch who live up in the mountains. Her hobby is showing up in the dark of winter days to steal naughty children. The legend also says that she ate her husband when she got bored. The legend has been around since the 1300s. the rumors say that she is still living up in the mountain.

Mari Lwyd is a holiday tradition in Wales during Christmas season. It can be creepy and fun at the same time because a group of people accompanying one person dress up as as a horse body with a fake skull on top. They knock at your door asking to come in via cool rhyme. The people inside the house whose door is knocked at should come up with cool rhyme to response. Once the battle finished, they will be welcomed inside the house and given drinks and foods before head off to the next door and challenge for another rap battle.