The List of Countries That You Should Never Travel to (At Least for Now)

Travelling the world is something that should be encouraged, but sadly there are countries that you should never travel to for many reasons. While travelling to these countries are not forbidden by any mean, perhaps you should avoid them for the moment. What are the countries that we are talking about?

The List of Countries That You Should Never Travel to (At Least for Now)

Venezuela is beautiful, but…

It got a government that sucks. You see, Venezuela is a country ripe with travel destinations and wonders to see. Their foods are delicious and their people are friendly. It is a country that can top the list of the most popular countries in the world under one condition: a change in its leadership.

Venezuela, as of the time of this writing, is basically one of the worst countries to visit thanks to a leader that is very much the personification of a devil’s wart. This socialist state is a country that is ripe with corruption, and a civil war would probably break in the near future. Tourists visit this country in bulk and lots of them were reported missing (which should be a giant red light on this country’s safety levels). 

It should be noted that not all socialist states are countries that should not be visited. Countries such as China and Cuba are all worthy of a visit (both of them are socialist countries). Do not ever think that all socialist states are states that you should avoid because you will be missing several of the most beautiful spots in the world.

Democratic People’s Republic of Korea (or North Korea)

South Korea is a place that should be visited anytime soon. Its culture is highly intriguing and its travel destinations are top notch. It is safe for tourists and you will not have your life threatened there.

The same cannot be said about its northern counterpart, though. The Korean Peninsula is beautiful, but the Northern folks are a bit more ‘barbaric’ when compared to the Southern folks. The leadership in North Korea makes the country a place that should not be visited because of one reason: it helps the regime (the leadership) in terrorizing its own citizen. 

Sure you can visit the country and you will be given the best sights in it, but they are mostly propaganda to make you say that North Korea is not as bad as it seems. We sincerely hope that Kim Jong-Un can open himself and his country to the outside world because North Korea, for all of its malice, is a beautiful place. 


This country is not that popular because of one thing: the brutality of its street gangs. El-Salvador is a beautiful country with sights that you will never find in other countries. Aside from having those sights, El-Salvador also got street gangs that will not hesitate in killing you for money. In fact, some street gangs are known to massacre people in daylight. The gangs rarely attack tourists, but that does not mean you should feel safe when you are travelling there. If you did something wrong, there is a chance that you will end up in the gutter. Truly a country that should always be included in the list of countries that you should never travel to.