Dealing With Video Games And Screens Addictions

Dealing With Video Games And Screens Addictions

Drugs and porn are not the only harmful addictions you need to be aware of. There are many other types of addictions that affect you not only mentally but also physically. They are video games and screens addictions. Especially in this modern era with easy access to high-tech devices, lots of people fall into addiction. Some people are addicted to social media, video games, and the screens in general. 

Damaging video games and screen addictions

Digitalized world has led us to a complex situation. Some screen time offer educational and support needed by children to build their social development. However, some others offer entertainment that can be addictive and damaging in long term. Especially with how people are forced to stay at home due to the global pandemic for almost two years already, falling victim to screen addiction has become more challenging than ever. 

The effects of excessive scree time

Spending your time on a screen gadgets can lead to variety of health problems mentally, emotionally, and socially. Some of health problems that have been linked to excessive screen time include obesity, violence, loss of social skills, poor sleep, behavioral problems, eye strain, neck and back problems, depression, anxiety, and difficulties with school or works. 

When you watch a screen from your gadget, you are often emotionally attached to what is happening on it. Your brain process and reacts accordingly so you can cry, laugh, and even angry. While gaming, your brain imagine the real scenario and your body reacts accordingly. It can lead to intense stimulation because your brain is in constant trigger. This can leads to other severe problems such as difficulties with paying attention, following directions, managing emotions, tolerating frustration, etc. 

As to physical health, excessive exposure to screen or video games can lead to excessive fatigue, jittery feeling, irritability, unstable blood sugar levels, decreased immune system, and difficulties to sleep properly. 

How to know the sign of video game or screen addiction

Video gaming can increase the release of dopamine and create pleasurable experience. Hence, the brain is set to seek it out again and again. Dopamine is what can keep your interest and attention. Signs of video games or screen addiction can be seen from having intense urges to play, spending too much time and money to play games, cutting back social activities, showing irritability and anxiety when stop playing, neglecting appearance, etc. 

How to deal with possible video games and screen addiction

There is information about how to deal with video games and screen addictions you can find from offline and online source since it has become one of the major problems nowadays especially to children and teenagers. To deal with it, follow guidelines of healthy amount of screen time, find a balance between virtual and real interaction with people, create a routine with more limited screen time, create a list of fun activities you want to do, and seek help from families, friends, or professionals if you need more support to deal with your possible addiction.