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Taste The Culinary Delights of Pangandaran

Talk about Pangandaran Regency in West Java, known for its abundant coastal tourism. But who would have thought it, this city known as “Hawaii Van Jabar” also offers a variety of culinary specialties renowned for their delicacy.  Various culinary offerings certainly have unique and appetizing flavors. Here are some recommendations of specialties from Pangandaran that you can taste during your visit.

Pangandaran Chicken Soup

As we know, Soto is a typical Indonesian culinary dish in various regions. However, this typical Pangandaran soup has a unique and different taste from others Soto. The interesting thing about this typical Pangandaran soup is that there are chunks of meat that are quite big and in abundance in each portion. The existence of pieces of meat that make this Pangandaran style soup has many fans. Not only that, with a fairly clear yellow sauce which is its own characteristic of this unique dish. The stuffing contained in this soup is actually almost the same as the soup in general, namely chicken, bean sprouts, vermicelli noodles, a pinch of leeks, peanuts, red crackers and fried onions. The combination of the different toppings with the very distinctive seasonings can create such a delicious taste!


As it is known Pangandaran is a district on the west coast of Java, so the surrounding community has a fishing profession. Along the coast, there are several traders selling seafood dishes. Or often called seafood, including snapper, shellfish, crab, squid and many others. Usually, most fishermen in Pangandaran sell their catch directly to the local community or tourists.

Dawet Pangandaran

Dawet Pangandaran is made from black grass jelly or black sticky rice to which liquid palm sugar and coconut milk is added with fresh crushed ice. This Pangandaran drink is perfect for consumption when it is hot. The special feature of this Pangandaran dawet is the use of palm sugar, as the dawet generally uses only melted Javanese sugar. Now, after mentioning some of the above foods, are you starting to taste them? Come visit Pangandaran but always pay attention to the health protocols! Have a good vacation and also protect your health!

Top 5 Dive Sites in Kri Island

Kri Island

The island of Kri is a very tranquil little island. The island is one of the most popular destinations of Raja Ampat. It is often called the Lonely Planet Effect. Even though the island is small and narrow, it has extraordinary marine biodiversity and amazing beaches landscapes. No wonder the best walks on this place are along the coastlines during those special moments while watching the sunset. If you are a diver enthusiast, you must visit Kri Island because it has the earth’s richest marine biodiversity. There are plenty of dive sites around this island that are world-famous, and dive sites around this island are spectacular. Want to know where to dive on this island? Here is the top dive site for you!

Cape Kri, Favorite dive site at Kri Island

It’s located in the east of Kri Island. Cape Kri in Raja Ampat’s best-known dive site. You can feel an unforgettable experience here because there are so various fish and colorful coral reefs, and the sun’s rays from the surface of the sea cannot penetrate the water. Only this place, you can find carpet sharks or wobbegong sharks, snapper, tuna, fusilier, sweetlips, butterflyfish, and angelfish. If pure diversity of species is your list, then this is a dive site for you.

Melissa’s Garden

Melissa’s Garden is one of the best dive sites on Kri Island. The oval-shaped reef here is teeming with small beautiful marine life. The dive site features extended areas of coral gardens with their intense colors and beautiful forms that excite an exciting dive. With a depth of 20-25 meters, Melissa’s Garden offers gorgeous scenery you won’t forget. If you are a macro photography lover, it is an excellent place for you!

Mike’s Point

Mike’s Point is a popular site for advanced divers. This dive site offers a beautiful wall that is covered with massive black corals and giant gorgonians. When you dive here, you need to be careful because the current can be strong on this dive site. You can see lionfish, blacktip reef sharks, nudibranchs, seahorse trumpet fish, and pipefish. But if you are lucky, you can even see large Silvertip Sharks here.

Explore Kri Island Dive Site, Blue Magic

Blue Magic is famous for its underwater life with divers because it features lots of pelagic fish. Spectacular schools of fish swirled and gathered at this dive site to regularly feed or be cleaned by divers. Apart from the big marine fishes, there are also pygmy seahorses. The seawater is clean and makes the underwater life never ceases to amaze explorers.

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Manta Sandy

Manta Sandy is one of the busiest dive sites in Raja Ampat. The site is the main cleaning station for Manta Rays because this site is very rice in plankton, and there is a narrow channel with several coral bommies that features small coral bommies located between the main and a smaller one. The Manta Sandy is a shallow site; this site is perfect and offers you the chance to get close, swimming with excellent manta ray views.

Things To Do in Ciwidey for Family Vacation

Ciwidey is a village and district about 30 km south of the city of Bandung, in the mountainous region of Parahyangan in West Java, Indonesia. Many people admire art for its beauty. Long weekends or vacations will make more sense when spent with the family. One of the areas you should visit, Ciwidey in Bandung, offers a series of recommendations of interesting tourist attractions that can give the impression of a vacation.

Candy House – Ciwidey

How does it feel to live in a fantasy world? You can experience this feeling directly at Candy House Ciwidey. The reason is that this house is equipped with candy that will never run out in different sizes. Even if it’s not edible, you can take pictures in various interesting places, such as lollipops, cotton candy, marshmallows and more. No less unique, visitors can also take pictures in unicorn or princess costumes.

Driam Riverside – Ciwidey

Having a vacation visiting natural attractions is very interesting because it is an event to get closer to the universe. You can enjoy a variety of interesting offers, such as a large swimming pool and other stimulating activities. The experience of rafting can be one of the activities that leads to team building. No need to worry about safety as it is equipped with body protection equipment. Apart from rafting, you can play paintball with colored paints to catch your opponent. This family vacation arena is very suitable for children and also trains their dexterity. Not only an exciting activity, the Dream Riverside manager also offers various interesting places to use as photo backgrounds. For some out-of-town visitors, you can spend the night as there are complexes with comfortable facilities and affordable prices.

Teras Bintang

Feeling the sensation of standing at an altitude without obstacles or pollution in the air is very impossible in a big city. However, you can try this experience when you visit Bintang Ciwidey Terrace. This place offers a four foot star-shaped observation post above a beautiful tea plantation. This natural charm is capable of hypnotizing every visitor who comes, so it should not be missed.

Bukit Jamur

It is called a mushroom hill, but the contours of the road and its views are not similar to hills. Instead, you will see many green trees with mushroom-like shapes. The attraction of this place lies in the mushroom shape of this large tree, so visitors will look like dwarves. The location of this evidence is around the plantation, no wonder the atmosphere is very beautiful with the cold weather!

Raja Ampat Liveaboard Take You to The Misool Island

Raja Ampat Liveaboard

Raja Ampat is one of the most sought-after destinations, for its stunning nature. Be it adventure lovers, family vacation, or honeymoon couple who would rather lounge on pristine beaches. In Short, Raja Ampat consist of forth big Islands, namely Misool, Waigeo, Salawati, and Batanta. When it comes to tropical hideaways, there is a recommended choice like Misool Island. Apart from being one of the largest islands in Raja Ampat, it offers numerous options of the amazing nature attractions. The natural beauty of the island makes millions of travelers both locals and foreigners curious to set the beauty of Misool. Whether it’s by Raja Ampat liveaboard or a backpacking trip.

Culture and history of Misool Island

Misool Island was a part of the sultanate of Tidore in ancient times. The Island was colonized by the Dutch and sparsely populated, because the location is remote and access to it is complicated. One impressive one is a relic of history in the caves hidden among the forests of Misool, you can find the form of paintings on the walls of caves more than 5,000 years ago. Local people seem still strongly holding cultures they have, including millenary folk dances and a deep respect for and love of the nature surrounding them, are main characteristics of culture in this area.

Exploring Misool Island, Raja Ampat Liveaboard popular destination

The island of Misool is like a hidden paradise with beautiful beaches and amazing marine parks. Most travelers visit the Island for some fun activities like diving, snorkeling and sightseeing. Here, you can find a lot of diving points which keep the charm of the underwater beauty and variety in Misool. Another thing to do in Misool is visit the small villages. There are small several villages with local people that are still a bit, of course will give experience and knowledge of the traditional culture, history, traditions, and more interesting things to enjoy. Exploring the cave is a great way to fill your vacation. For those who love culture and history, this is going to be an interesting adventure for you.  Another thing to do in Misool is exploring mangroves and watching the birds.  So, that’s why some tourists love the island on their Raja Ampat liveaboard trips!

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Raja Ampat Liveaboard will take you to The Misool Island

Raja Ampat Liveaboard

To reach Misool Island, you can schedule a flight to the airport Domine Eduard Osok in Sorong from Denpasar or Jakarta. Thereafter, the best way to explore the island by Raja Ampat Liveaboard. The ship would drive around and explore the beauty of Misool Island.

The Future Of Virtual Tour After Pandemic

Our opportunity to heading outdoors and enjoy a vacation is not limited due to the pandemic. However, it doesn’t mean we cannot do anything to truly enjoy our life during isolation. Thanks to the technology today we can still travel around the world even if it is virtually. The pandemic has brought virtual tour into a trend. It is one of the most enjoyed entertainment during pandemic where people cannot go outside. 

Virtual tour after the pandemic ends

virtual tour while pandemic

A virtual has a purpose to reduce the over-tourism issue in the beginning. It was seen as an eco-friendly solution for it. There are many benefits of virtual tour such as reducing the carbon footprint of tourism. The majority of places around the world put a limit and restriction for people to travel. Thus, taking an adventure through Virtual Reality or VR is now considered a great option to enjoy. Due to the reduce number of people travelling, the air and water has become cleaner now as reported and covered by medias. 

The pandemic has been devastating for the tourism industry and no one can deny that. However, the benefits it has brought to the nature is a great investment for the future as well. Now, we all hopeful that the pandemic will soon end and we can get back to normal where we can go outside without worrying over coronavirus. When the pandemic ends, will virtual tour stay or forgotten?

We all know that virtual travel or travelling through VR is not something new. It has already existed even before the pandemic. It is only the impact of covid-19 that the popularity of virtual vacation increased. There are many issues that may limit the longevity of virtual tour to stay existed after the pandemic. Many experts said that it will stay there just like it used to be. It will be likely still used to enhance some travel experience. Some people may still treat is as a ‘try before buy’ kind of thing. 

However, it is hard to tell whether it will truly replace physical tour or vacation entirely. The gap is still big. Not to mention that the technology itself seems to not ready yet. The tools and equipment needed to deliver impressive virtual tour are expensive as well. Even if some travel agencies can afford them, travelers might still find them uncomfortable to wear because some of those equipment can cause nausea, headache, etc. 

Limited sensation is another issue of the popularity of virtual tour after pandemic. The videos might provide you with great image and clear sounds. However, it is still limited to it. You cannot smell, taste, or touch. VR experience is impressive but it still needs to some upgrade to truly replace the real one. Also, gaining new experiences as a tourist in unknown place and develop ability to adapt won’t be experienced through VR tour. It may be improved and upgraded in the future to give more impressive experience for travelers.

Reasons Why Private Villa Bali Is Best For Investment

Sometimes people need time to indulge and isolate themselves from the busyness of everyday life. Bali is one of the destinations to find pleasure and escape from boredom. Basically, the Balinese people believe that the goal of life is to achieve a life of peace, balance, and harmony. Anyone who lives in Bali will move towards that goal. That is why many local and foreign investors are moving quickly to build accommodation such as private villa Bali.

Private villa Bali for a better life

Private villa Bali with amazing swimming pool

Bali is not only filled with tourists but also ex-pats and those who have retired and want to enjoy old age. They choose to find a place to live that is perfect private to complement their daily life. Private villa Bali can be called a profitable long-term investment. There are many types of villas ranging from simple ones to those offering the highest luxury. When you want to invest, all you have to do is determine the location of the villa.

It is a fact that the location of the villa determines how much money you will invest. The more popular a location is, the more you have to prepare a budget that is super fantastic. Property prices in Bali continue to increase every year and offer multiple benefits for investors. Unfortunately, not all foreigners can easily invest in Bali. There are many requirements and documents that need to be prepared.

Government policies regarding ownership of property on behalf of foreigners are very strict. Foreigners can only own property with “Hak Sewa” with a term of 25 years. After 25 years, they can do 2x extensions of “Hak Sewa”. Of course, with certain requirements such as having a business in Indonesia, having a KITAS, and KITAB.

private villa in Bali offering a better life for you

The high demand for long-term private villa Bali long term rentals for foreigners is one of the reasons why there are many villa developments in several favorite areas. Seminyak, Kuta, Jimbaran, Nusa Dua, Canggu, and many other places at fantastic prices. Fortunately, not everyone is concerned with a favorite location or area. Many private Balinese villas that stand in local areas with rice fields and soothing views.

Private Bali villas always offer luxury and serenity for you to enjoy a better life. Away from the crowd with better air quality, a more regular lifestyle, relaxing, and avoiding stress. Bali and private villas bring many dreams for both domestic and international migrants. Determine the location and purpose of your stay in Bali, whether to enjoy a better life so that you can determine the best private Bali villa. This is why private villa Bali is the best investment for you to get a better quality of life.

What to Notice Before Going to Komodo Diving Trip

Indonesia is part of the famous world’s coral triangle and that means this country offers amazing marine biodiversity under its waves. The Komodo National Park is definitely part of this marine paradise. It’s among the top best of marine life in the country—aside of Raja Ampat, Spice Island, and Bunaken. Diving in Komodo is one of the highlight of many travellers who wander to this archipelago. The Komodo’s underwater burst with life; hard and soft corals of all shapes and kinds, millions of fishes in every colours and species, massive pelagic fishes patrolling round and about, and mesmerizing critters living in the midst of everything. Here’s what you need to notice if you have Komodo’s underwater in your wish list.

What to Notice Before Going to Komodo Diving Trip

Consider the Best Season for Diving in Komodo

There’s basically two best time to have diving trip in Komodo based on your interest. If diving with manta ray is in your top priorities, you better schedule your Komodo trip around December to January. It’s the time nearing the wet season (which fall around January to March) but the sky is still clear and the sea calm. You can have up to ten Manta Rays circling around you during the season!

However, if you don’t mind having fewer Mantas and aim for general best diving experience, you better sail on May to June or September to October. The weather is the best and the sea is at the calmest. These times is rated by many divers for having the best conditions in Komodo.

Consider Embarking in Komodo Diving Liveaboard

You cannot simply come to Komodo, dive in one spot, and go home. The Komodo National Park is comprised by more than 20 small islands spread on the Flores Sea. This means all the diving sites are spread out and you need to hop on a boat to reach them! You have two options; going with a day trip speed boat (which is cheaper) or go on full sailing with diving liveaboard. While it’s obviously pricier, diving liveaboard actually gives a more fulfilling experiences for divers. One, you can reach more remote dive sites earlier than day trip boats. Two, you have everything you need—dive gears, equipment, storage, and special designed space for divers. Three, you get amazing experience of being in the heart of this Jurassic-looking landscape and see everything up close. Diving in Komodo never feel so rewarding in liveaboard trip as you live by the sea during all the time.

Most Diving Sites in Komodo is Affected by Currents

What to Notice Before Going to Komodo Diving Trip

Here’s the best and worst thing that happen on Komodo’s water; the currents. Strong flows of currents bring in rich nutrients for the marine life which results in high and healthy biodiversity that makes Komodo so special in the first place. However, it also means that the diving condition is heavily dictates by the strength of currents. Stronger tides and currents usually happen during new and full moons, but it also greatly varied by the weather of the day. Diving operators in Komodo know this situation the best. The usually know when is the best time to do certain diving according to the lunar calendar and assessment of the sea.

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Have Your Dive Insurance Ready

One thing that you need to prepare if you plan for some underwater adventures in Komodo is diving insurance. There are obvious risks of diving, and thinking about what can go wrong on the diving holiday could kill the fun. Protect yourself with a trusted and reliable diving insurance that covers you on most countries all around the world. Take the appropriate cover for diving and have everything—health, gears, and trip—covered.

Have a good time in Komodo’s breathtaking underwater world!

Supporting The Locals While Traveling

You can do both travelling and supporting locals at the same time. In fact, it is a good thing to do because then your travel will be much more meaningful. For your information, travel and tourism industry give contribution to global economy. It is such a goal to know that the wealth resulted fro travel and tourism industry somehow is given back to the communities you visit. 

Support the locals while exploring the place

Travel is not only about spending your money. Travel is also about sharing happiness. You are happy because you get to visit a place you have dreamed of regardless how much it costs your wallet. It will be more meaningful when you can share a little bit of your happiness with the communities of the places you visit. 

There are many ways in which you can support the local communities while travelling. You can eat at the local restaurant or eat local foods. Choose smaller local restaurant, stalls, or cafes to eat out. This can ensure your money goes into the community in the surrounding directly. Not to mention that it gives you deeper insight into the local culture through their authentic dishes. You may also learn something more such as how the foods are cooked or how the locals originally eat them. 

Do as the locals do

go local while traveling

Try living like a local. This can gives you different but more authentic experience of the trip. When you try living like the local, you get to know more their culture in their original habitat. Not to mention that this brings comprehensive authenticity of the local. Staying at homestay with the local family is not a bad idea. Who knows maybe you can develop long lasting relationship with them even after your trip ends. 

Avoid chain supermarkets

Avoid big chains and supermarkets when you shop at your travel destination. Instead, you can try more authentic experience by shopping local. It is also a good way to support local small businesses. You can help the economy of the locals to thrive. You can also bargain the price so you can pay with low price. However, make sure to not overdo and pay reasonable price instead. 

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Minimize tourist footprints

Do your best to minimize your footprints. It means, don’t let our presence disturb the peace of the place. Always clean after yourself. Remember to always bring reusable bag to reduce the use of plastic bags. To ensure that you don’t cross any line, always remember that you are only a guest. You have to respect your host no matter what. Do not destroy or damage any property, nature, or wild animals. 


You can donate something you don’t really need. Something you don’t need might be a life saver for others. If you have a bit of extra cash, you can purchase some clothes you won’t find in your own country from the local shop. Then, you can donate your used clothes to the local charity shops, communities, or organization. This way, you can also avoid stuffing up your suitcase unnecessarily.

Best Tattoo Artist Bali Why Book by Artist’s Specialized Style

Each artist has their own style and specialty. It’s the same with tattoo artists. There’s no definite answer to who the best tattoo artist Bali largely because of this factor. Someone who’s exceptionally good at fine line and intricate tattoos may not be good at doing tattoos of other styles; or they are simply not interested to do it. 

Some Bali tattoo artists do dabble in a little bit everything. We call these tattoo artists generalists. But if you’re a huge fan of a certain tattoo style and would like your permanent art to be perfect, then your best bet is to get the specialist artists to do it. Many talk about hygiene, services, and whatnot, but I don’t think we talk enough about style. While we can’t put style into rigid blocks, fact remains that you won’t have an abstract painter do you a hyper-realistic painting. They may be able to do it; but is it really something that they choose to do? 

Best tattoo artist Bali 

bali tattoo seminyak

What makes a best tattoo artist Bali is not just the number of years they have under their belt and whatnot. The right tattoo artist highly varies from individual to individual, just as artistic endeavor is something personal. If you love a certain style and know that you absolutely want to get your art done in that style, then go for the specialized artist. 

When you’re looking for specialized style tattoo artist instead of generalist, first off, you need to find out the niche of your tattoo art. It’s one of the keys in finding the best tattoo artist Bali There are numerous niches out there and chances are, the art you’d like to ink onto your skin belongs to one. 

Here are some of the niches known in the industry: 

  • Tiny tattoo artists 
  • Cover-up scar tattoo artist 
  • Realism tattoo artist 
  • Virtually most types of art you could think of 

With this in mind, it’s worth noting that some artists don’t want to do fine lines; or they simply won’t do it at all. Approaching a tattoo studio or an artist with this knowledge will save you a lot of time. So during your tattoo research, finding out your tat’s niche can be highly useful. 

Some artists won’t do certain tattoo 

tattoo artists in bali

Just as there are artists that does specialized styles, some won’t do certain styles at all. One of the most common examples is tiny tattoo. A few tattoo artists feel they simply aren’t equipped with the fine lining super tiny design; some simply don’t like to do them. However on the other hand, there are artists who specialize on tiny tattoo and fine lines, and they only do those types of tattoos for clients who are especially looking for them. This is merely a simplified example of why choosing specialized tattoo artist that matches the niche of your desired design is so important. 

How to find out tattoo artist’s specialty 

best tattoo artist bali

Portfolio, portfolio, portfolio. You wouldn’t be able to find the best tattoo artist Bali without identifying this first. Keep that as your mantra whenever you’re hunting for just the right tattoo artist. Tattoo portfolio does not merely consist of what your tattoo artist has done. It displays what a tattoo artist choses to display. And they only display the work they personally love to see on their portfolio. And it shows, whether it’s in their social media or their website.

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Up to date artist’s portfolio 

tattoo seminyak

It’s highly advisable that you check more than just the best tattoo artist Bali official website but their social media accounts as well. Website takes time and a little bit more effort to update. What they put on their website are often likely not as up to date. Updating their artwork on social media, however, is effortless. In this case, social media accounts such as Instagram are invaluable for your search for just the right tattoo artist. 

Travel Tips And Guides To Shanghai You Might Need 

Shanghai is located in the biggest populated country in the world. The country itself is very big and there’s so many destinations you can visit for your travel plan. Shanghai can be considered as the focal point of tourism in China since it is the first place you can land on during your arrival. Shanghai is considered one of the top modern cities in the world. It is where you can find the fastest commercial train in the world. Shanghai itself is home to 20 million residents. 

Smooth, enjoyable trip in Shanghai, China

Choosing Shanghai as your travel destination is not a bad idea. The big population of the country should not intimidate you. You can still have smooth, enjoyable travel in Shanghai, one of the most futuristic cities in the world. This city is also where you can enjoy the past, the present, and the future. 

shanghai china travel

Accommodation in Shanghai

It is one of the most important elements when it comes to travel. As for travelling in Shanghai, accommodation is not an issue at all. There is wide variety of accommodation to choose such as luxury, mid-range, and budget hotels. For luxury accommodation, Park Hyatt Shanghai Hotel is recommended. It is the highest hotel in Shanghai. As for mid-range accommodation, Hotel Equatorial is a great option especially for international travelers. For budget hotel, Jinjiang Inn is a great place to stay at. The location and price are superb.

Dining experience

China itself is a great place for food hunting since its cuisine has already popular all around the world. It is even better when you can enjoy Chinese cuisines in China. In Shanghai, there are hot spots for enjoying Chinese best dishes. You can try out various dishes in restaurants such as Jesse, Fu 1088, or Yi Long Court. Those are most recommended restaurants to visit to have exquisite dining experience. 

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Dining alternatives

Dining alternatives – If you are not into formal dining in luxury restaurants, you can opt for the alternatives. For example, you can visit Hai Dai Lao hot pot to enjoy bubbling pot of broth contained meat, seafood, and vegetables. You can also head to Qibao food street to enjoy various Chinese foods in more casual setting. Aside from prime meals, there are also Chinese iconic snacks to try out such as the stinky tofu, xiaolongbao, and more. 


Nightlife escapade – Don’t head to your hotel room too early. The night is young in Shanghai so you still have time to venture the city more. There are strategic spots you can visit to enjoy your nightlife escapade in Shanghai. For example, you can visit Flair, a rooftop bar with stunning terrace overlooking the city since it stands at 250 meter in the sky. Or, you can also head to the Apartment. However, it is not to visit a resident but to enjoy various meals and drinks. The structure consists of two floors with a roof garden. The bar is open until 4 a.m so you can enjoy your night as you wish.