What to Expect on Komodo Sailing Trip

There’s few places like the Komodo National Park left on earth. A far-flung frontier, protected by local government and UNESCO to provide wild habitat for the rare, endemic, and prehistoric Komodo dragons. A place that almost totally untouched by mass civilisation except a few resort springs in the midst of wilderness. One of the last haven of earth to be home of incredible ecosystem and stunning landscape. Each natural wonder is spread among more than 20 islets and the underwater world in between, making Komodo sailing trip as the most popular choice to roam the wondrous Komodo. 

Here’s what to expect if you embark a journey with Komodo boat or cruisers:

What to Expect on Komodo Sailing Trip

Gourmet Meals

You can be relieved knowing that most Komodo sailing trip, either luxury cruisers to humble liveaboard, always make their meals from fresh and locally sourced ingredients. You wouldn’t find any pre-made quick food that we usually grab at nearest convenience store. The only thing that differ cruisers with budget liveaboard would be the menu. Cruisers and other luxurious liveaboard often feature extra fresh seafoods such as lobsters, clams, shrimp and pawns, and combining international menu with local sources. Budget liveaboard may have not such expansive (and expensive) variation of food. But you can always be sure to find warm tea, coffee, veggies, and freshly sliced fruits on every meal, regardless the type of the boat. 

Most Komodo Sailing Trip Itinerary Would Include Land and Underwater Exploration

Much like Bali, Raja Ampat, and Thailand, Komodo sits right in the middle of world’s famous Coral Triangle. With extremely rich marine life, it’s no wonder that half of the travelers come to Komodo are divers and snorkelers. Diving just come in second after the much-awaited tour with the dragons, and it’s normal to find three to four dives featured on most Komodo sailing trip itineraries. 

Hotel-Standard Service

One from many things to love from taking a cruise/ sailing boat in Komodo is the service. Even in the remoteness, you would still have the same service as you would in a hotel. In a very basic level, you would at least have your cabin cleaned every day, get clean sheet, and towel changed. Again, additional facilities would varied between luxury, mid, and budget liveaboard. In luxurious cruise, you can expect to have toiletries supplies, flat screen TV, air conditioner, and ensuite cabin with double bed. 

Additional Charges

Sure, you have paid your boat tour full in front. But Komodo sailing trip is not about sailing with the boat itself. You would also have to pay entrance fee to the national park, pay the fee of Komodo rangers (don’t try to skip the ranger guides, they are the one that will keep you in one piece after the Komodo tour), and other charged fees to do another activities around the national park. The latter could varied from one activity to another, such as diving, fishing, canoeing, wildlife observation, and many others.