How To Know If Train Is Safer Mode For Travel Today

How To Know If Train Is Safer Mode For Travel Today

Considering to leave your bubble during pandemic can be scary due to the pandemic that is still going on. Many people are still wondering if it is now safe to travel to different places. The risk of contacting and spreading the virus is still there even the number of case has gradually decreased in some places. Taking measurement and follow guidelines from authorities are best to do to stay safe. Train is one of the mode of transportation that put you at risk of the exposure to the virus. So is it really safe to take train for travelling now?

Safe ways to travel by train during pandemic

Regardless of your choice of travel type, there are always risks since the pandemic is evolving. Train is by no means the safest mode of transportation that can keep you safe from contacting the virus. However, there are still ways you can follow as measurement to stay safe and minimize the risk of exposure to the virus. 

Safe ways to travel by train during pandemic

A Hit in Hygiene Standards 

The pandemic has made us more aware about the cleanliness. In this case, it is important for you to know the cleanliness of the train you are planning to take. Find information about the new cleaning procedures and protocols the staffs implement. However, keep in mind that the transmission of the coronavirus is through respiratory not inanimate objects. Thus, it is important to practice social distancing to minimize the contact with others. 

Maintain Your Hygiene

Even if the train has implemented new cleaning policies, you still have to keep yourself clean by washing your hands regularly, wiping the surface around your seat with disinfectant wipes, and stay out of touching your face area with your hands. Many people thought that airplane has better air circulation and filtration system. However, train also has good system to keep he space refresh periodically. 

Which Mode of Transportation is Safer?

There are many factors to consider before deciding to decide whether airplane is safer than train to travel. No matter how safe the trip it may be, always take precautions. Even if the airplane is considered has better air circulation or filtration system, it has smaller space of cabin. Thus, the safer one is which of them implement protocols properly such as limiting the number of passenger, maintaining strict cleaning procedures, etc.

Avoid Any Direct Contact

During your ride, it is advised to avoid any direct contact with other passengers as well as the train staffs. Always wear your mask even if you are alone in your cabin. Your mask is a good reminder for you to not touch your face carelessly as well. If it possible, bring your own logistics so you don’t have to order anything during the ride. Pack your own foods and drinks. You can also pack your own blanket or pillow if you are having a long trip.

Train travel might not be the most ideal for a trip during pandemic. If it is not necessary, you might want to choose another alternatives. If you have to take train, take necessary precautions and follow the guidelines.