Best Tattoo Artist Bali Why Book by Artist’s Specialized Style

Each artist has their own style and specialty. It’s the same with tattoo artists. There’s no definite answer to who the best tattoo artist Bali largely because of this factor. Someone who’s exceptionally good at fine line and intricate tattoos may not be good at doing tattoos of other styles; or they are simply not interested to do it. 

Some Bali tattoo artists do dabble in a little bit everything. We call these tattoo artists generalists. But if you’re a huge fan of a certain tattoo style and would like your permanent art to be perfect, then your best bet is to get the specialist artists to do it. Many talk about hygiene, services, and whatnot, but I don’t think we talk enough about style. While we can’t put style into rigid blocks, fact remains that you won’t have an abstract painter do you a hyper-realistic painting. They may be able to do it; but is it really something that they choose to do? 

Best tattoo artist Bali 

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What makes a best tattoo artist Bali is not just the number of years they have under their belt and whatnot. The right tattoo artist highly varies from individual to individual, just as artistic endeavor is something personal. If you love a certain style and know that you absolutely want to get your art done in that style, then go for the specialized artist. 

When you’re looking for specialized style tattoo artist instead of generalist, first off, you need to find out the niche of your tattoo art. It’s one of the keys in finding the best tattoo artist Bali There are numerous niches out there and chances are, the art you’d like to ink onto your skin belongs to one. 

Here are some of the niches known in the industry: 

  • Tiny tattoo artists 
  • Cover-up scar tattoo artist 
  • Realism tattoo artist 
  • Virtually most types of art you could think of 

With this in mind, it’s worth noting that some artists don’t want to do fine lines; or they simply won’t do it at all. Approaching a tattoo studio or an artist with this knowledge will save you a lot of time. So during your tattoo research, finding out your tat’s niche can be highly useful. 

Some artists won’t do certain tattoo 

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Just as there are artists that does specialized styles, some won’t do certain styles at all. One of the most common examples is tiny tattoo. A few tattoo artists feel they simply aren’t equipped with the fine lining super tiny design; some simply don’t like to do them. However on the other hand, there are artists who specialize on tiny tattoo and fine lines, and they only do those types of tattoos for clients who are especially looking for them. This is merely a simplified example of why choosing specialized tattoo artist that matches the niche of your desired design is so important. 

How to find out tattoo artist’s specialty 

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Portfolio, portfolio, portfolio. You wouldn’t be able to find the best tattoo artist Bali without identifying this first. Keep that as your mantra whenever you’re hunting for just the right tattoo artist. Tattoo portfolio does not merely consist of what your tattoo artist has done. It displays what a tattoo artist choses to display. And they only display the work they personally love to see on their portfolio. And it shows, whether it’s in their social media or their website.

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Up to date artist’s portfolio 

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It’s highly advisable that you check more than just the best tattoo artist Bali official website but their social media accounts as well. Website takes time and a little bit more effort to update. What they put on their website are often likely not as up to date. Updating their artwork on social media, however, is effortless. In this case, social media accounts such as Instagram are invaluable for your search for just the right tattoo artist.