5 Interesting Facts About Tulamben Diving!

5 Interesting Facts About Tulamben Diving!

Located far from Bali’s main tourist hub in the south (think about Kuta, Canggu, and Nusa Dua), Tulamben attract a specific niche of traveller. It’s black sand beaches is devoid from fancy cafes or glamorous beach clubs like what you would see in the south. Instead, Tulamben is brimming with dive clubs, dive centers, and oceanfront resorts catering for divers. Yep, this small village in the north-east coast of Bali might sounds distant for common traveller, but it’s incredibly popular among divers, snorkelers, and the like. If you are an avid ocean explorer and coming to Bali for some ocean explorations, you gonna like Tulamben. Here’s five facts about Tulamben diving you’d like.

A sunken wreck become the most iconic thing on tulamben diving

5 Interesting Facts About Tulamben Diving!

If there’s one thing that boost Tulamben diving into fame, it’s the USAT Liberty wreck that sleeps under the water. It was an American cargo ship serving back during the WWII, before getting torpedoed by the Japanese. What makes this wreck so special is it’s location—it’s the shallowest wreck on earth! It lies in a sloping seabed where half of its top part is accessible from just 3 meters from the surface. The site is also accessible just from the shore by walking. Yep, that easy.

The village name derives from “batu lembih”

Not many people know this, even for avid visitors on Tulamben. The village name is derived from the Balinese “batu lembih”, which literally means “many stones”. Tulamben is very close to Mount Agung and the eruption from this volcano threw up large, smooth stones that made up the beaches on this village. The name got modernised to “Batulamben” before eventually morphed into the “Tulamben” that we know.

Tulamben is often made for beginner’s first dive

5 Interesting Facts About Tulamben Diving!

Tulamben is basically a bay and that’s contribute to trapping the nutrient-rich planktons in a sheltered water. The result is a blooming underwater life in a relatively slow to almost non-existent currents. This made Tulamben diving perfect for beginners! Tulamben is often referred as the first place for beginners to do their very first open water diving. It’s a very easy site with fulfilling experience!

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Diving in tulamben was first done in 1979

No one knows that the humble fishing village hides an astonishing beauty beneath its calm water. Until around 1979, when the curiosity of some local diving pioneer bring them into this village to investigate the allegedly wreck site. The investigation resulted in the founding of Liberty—and the rest is history.

There are about 11 diving sites in the village

The Liberty wreck is not the only dive site here. Tulamben is home for about 11 diving sites spread around the village. Muck dive, reef, and wreck dominates the sites diversity. It’s also varied in depth and marine life, while currents are still in range between low to moderate.

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