4 Best Natural Attractions in the World

4 Best Natural Attractions in the World – There are so many beautiful areas in the world including the beaches, lakes, rivers, mountains, and more. Although there are indeed stunning, those places commonly have some similarities from one to another. However, there are actually some natural attractions that you may never find in other places. Sure, if you have a lot of money, make sure to go to some natural attractions below.

Bioluminescent Bay, Puerto Rico

This bay is really popular for the incredible blue shimmer it has. Slightly, the condition of the water is really magical so that it just looks like in the fairy tale. Even if you are swimming there, the sparkle is around and even covering your body. It is so damn magnificent, isn’t it? Anyway, how can it be?

Well, you should not worry since the blue shimmer is not because of the waste and pollution at all. Bioluminescent Bay is indeed a habitat of millions of unique water microorganism that is able to spread the light through its body enzymes. At night, the shimmer is more clearly seen and really beautiful to see.

Rainbow Mountain, China

Slightly, the mountain really looks like being painted. However, the stunning colorful formation is formed naturally due to the deposits of the sand and minerals for around 24 millions of years. So, from the distance, Rainbow Mountain is such a miracle that needs to be kept and preserved.

To enjoy Rainbow Mountain, you need to go to Zhangye Town, Gansu Province in China. The mountain is stretched on the area of 510 km square. There are now many inns and hotels for tourist accommodation. So, you can enjoy the beauty of the mountain more easily and comfortably.

Kawachi Fuji Garden, Japan

There are some tunnels of love in the world. One of them is located in Kitakyusu City, Japan. What makes this place is popular is due to the growth of more than 20 types of flowers naturally and they form a tunnel so that you can walk slowly below the flower bushes

Sure, although the flowers are grown naturally, the management still puts many efforts to arrange them. They provide some supporting items like the path, stairs, and many more. So, do you want to enjoy a romantic vacation with your loved one?  This place is definitely the right answer

Salar de Uyuni, Bolivia

This natural attraction is the true gigantic mirror floor. You can even enjoy the reflection of the blue sky along with the clouds from the surface. If you are just standing up there, it looks like you are walking in the air. This is so stunning, isn’t it?

Of course, there is also a natural phenomenon behind. The area is basically formed from the salt with the width of around 10,582 square kilometers. Uniquely, the salt field is also really flat so that it works like a mirror that is able to reflect anything above it.

From those best natural attractions in the world, which one is among them you like the most?