How to Stay Safe and Sound Visiting a Place for the First Time

How to Stay Safe and Sound Visiting a Place for the First Time

Travelling to the place you have never known before can be both thrilling and exciting. New experience and adventure are what you can expect because you don’t really know what the place give you. There is particular excitement when you visit a place for the first time. The unknown can add mysterious thrill to make your trip feels even better. However, it is always essential to put your safety on top of your priority especially when you visit the place for the first time.

Staying safe and sound during a trip to unfamiliar place

How to Stay Safe and Sound Visiting a Place for the First Time

One of the most important keys to stay safe and sound when visiting a place for the first time is to prepare yourself. It includes learning more about the locals travel etiquette. You need to know the rules and codes the locals apply especially for visitors. You also need to read more about travel warning so you know how to keep yourself safe during your visit.

Always carry your passport stuck to your body to avoid getting stolen. It is highly advised to carry a bag so you can put your passport and money safely. When you are exploring the places, make sure to keep the bag close to your body especially when you are in crowd or public transport. You can use money belt but it usually more attracting for thieves. If you carry a backpack, it is best to put it across your body instead so you can always watch it.

Make sure that you have emergency numbers of the place you are visiting. So if something happens and you need help, you can contact the number. Give the numbers to your family at home so they can call if emergency happens. It is always best to make a phone call to your family at home regularly. So they know something happen to you when you don’t call them. Thus, they know where to ask for help.

Travelling solo to a place for the first time can be riskier especially if the place has high rate in crimes. Therefore, it is strongly advised to avoid using cell phone in public. Avoid using any gadgets because it attracts thieves more. You will be the perfect target right away. Expensive electronic devices can be very attracting.

Do not go to secluded places or hideous alleys alone. You don’t know if the places are safe for you. Even if you think it is faster routes to reach your destinations, it is best to use a path where many people are.

Always bring your own first aid kit. This way, you can always treat yourself if you get sick or injured in an unknown place. You don’t have to wander around the city to find some medications for your headache or cold. You can always rummage into your own bag and find yourself the magic pills you need. Besides, you already know the medication you brought will work for you so you don’t have to wonder about it anymore.

Avoiding Seasickness on a Raja Ampat Liveaboard Budget

Raja Ampat Liveaboard Budget

If you’re going on a liveaboard trip and are concerned that you might get seasick, you’re not alone! One of the most general questions new travelers have is, “will I get seasick on my boat trip?” Some people suffer from motion sickness, whether in a car, plane, bus, or the middle of the ocean. Motion sea sickness can happen to anyone. But, since a Raja Ampat Liveaboard Budget should be fun and exciting, so don’t let seasickness get in the way of the trip of your dream. Here are some things you can do to avoid seasickness during your Raja Ampat liveaboard trip.

Watch what you drink or eat before the Raja Ampat Liveaboard Budget trip

Drinking plenty of water during the Raja Ampat Liveaboard budget trip will help ease any symptoms of seasickness. An empty stomach can also upset your stomach. Therefore, having proper food is essential before a liveaboard journey—the best recommendation for eating food 45 minutes to an hour before leaving shore. Remember, you need to avoid greasy or acidic foods since all of those foods can contribute to the seasickness even more. The best foods are bland, light, and bare breed. One of the well natural remedies for sea sickness is ginger. Some people promote ginger’s benefits to alleviate nausea related to motion sea sickness without causing drowsiness. The ginger can be taken in various forms, including pills, candy, cookies, and candy. Many travelers also believe that eating green apples can help with nausea.

Choose the right cabin wisely

If you’re worried about motion sickness, you need to choose the right cabin close to the water level as possible. While you will probably spend your time in your cabin, make sure to pick a cabin with a view window or balcony. So, you can still set sight on the stationary horizon in hopes that your body will reset its equilibrium.

Prepare medication

There are a few medications available to treat seasickness since it is motion sickness. 12 to 24 hours before a liveaboard trip, you need to consider taking an over the counter nausea-like Benadryl, Bonine, or Dramamine. They work by blocking the miscommunications your feet, eyes, and inner-ears are sending to your brain.

Keep your eye on the horizon

The leading cause of motion seasickness is the mismatch of sensory readings of your body and your surroundings. Therefore, the best way to remedy sea sickness is by confirming your sense and your surroundings. You can do this by keeping your eye focused on the horizon. Remember, you need to avoid these things on the boat including focusing on close objects and reading for prolonged periods.

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Better sleep before taking Raja Ampat Liveaboard Budget Trip

A lack of better sleep can make you cranky and not in a good mood the next morning. Better sleep before taking a boat vacation may preclude the occurrence of motion sickness because it prevents disruption to your vestibular system habituation process.

Attracting Investors During Remote Business Climate

For business, fund is vital to keep everything up and running. One of the way to secure fund for business is by having investors. However, attracting investors n today’s remote business sounds more challenging. Meeting face-to-face is not a good option today. However, you still have to get investor’s interest to keep your business running. 

How remote business can attract investors

Finding investors remotely is still possible and here are some tips you can consider:

Since it is remote business climate, you communicate and connect with others through online platforms. Hence, you first have to find the right platforms to find the right investors. Then, you can start networking using the most effective methods. For example, you can create interesting video message. Make sure that the content is not too long. Make it short, simple, shareable, to-the-point and contains your value propositions. Use your platforms to keep talking and connecting with other people so you can also get people point you in the right direction. 

Do your own homework even remotely. It means you have to do your own research on prospective investors. You need to outreach your investors with solid, eye-catching, and persuasive method. However, all those will only work if you know what you are looking for in an investor. Also, make sure that you show your value because investors also want to make good investment too even under remote situation.

Be mindful when personal branding yourself. During this tough time, it is important to be noticed by others as a thought leader. Make sure to create your content authentically to show your business value. You can create high quality content through various platforms. This will help help you to standout from the rest, and easily get noticed by investors. 

Build your brand solidly. It takes time to build your brand and gained credibility and respect that long lasting. You need to have good track record of your past ventures as well as of what you are currently doing. This is a good showcase to show your business as solid brand that has good record and promising future. 

Be more active in your platform by sharing your story especially if you have value-add. Generate your media coverage to generate awareness as well. This way your investors will see you as great innovator who know how to use publicity positively to your advantage. With the right publications, it will be easier to get noticed by investors. 

Do not be afraid to talk about your numbers. Make sure that you are ready with solid numbers so when investors approaching, you know what to deliver. Make sure you know what you are doing, how much you are selling, and provide information through relevant data. 

Build a trusted network. This sounds challenging but worth it. What you need to do is to be on point and transparent. Ensure your investors that you have a solid business case. Worth their time. Make sure to explain everything under 60 minutes but ensure your explanation easy to understand.

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Basic Bali Property Prices Investment Analysis
Tips to Maintain Villa Lovina Bali Exterior

Basic Bali Property Prices Investment Analysis

You must be familiar with the 80/20 rule in determining Bali Property Prices. The 80/20 rule is also general rule that can be implement in various type of industry. The rules states that 20% of your effort will go for 80% of your results. That’s isnt a quite good thing considering the opposite 80% of your effort only provide 20% of your results. In addition, if you willing to have more time in life, you need the techniques that can produce more benefit for your work.

Bali Property Prices

Otherwise, you can use the following analysis for Bali Property Villa analysis with small changes it can apply to secure and flip deals. Each point may quite similar with previous ones. When one point doesn’t suit your demand, you can move to another effort. Often you can implement this without the effort visiting Bali property in the first place. It could also be a decision guide whether you will take the time to inspect the property or not.

Study The Price Index in Various Area

Only mind the types of bali property prices that you are aware of and between your financial investing number. You should study the price index in various neighborhood. For instance, in Canggu area the average price for property on bali is between $150.000 – $ 250.000. Meanwhile Seminyak possess in $ 300.000 – $500.000. More affordable option would be Jimbaran area with average of $100.000 – $180.000.

These price index may also affect by aspect of nearby school district, shops, hospital, crime rate, etc. If the bali property prices interests you but you still need to figure out the neighbourhood, dont rush this technique. Thus, spend your time studying the local environment and neighbourhood before digging to much deeper hole.

Consider Basic Rehab Cost

This shouldn’t be much more than a brand new furniture in your living room. Since you know and aware the surrounding neighbourhood, you should have a consideration about your desired quality and cost. In addition, you might want to settle $4,000 average for rehab cost in several area in Bali.

Bali Property Prices

With more experience, you should have insight and estimation for medium and huge rehab cost. Often it vary from $15,000 and $25,000 respectively. Not to mention, the labor and materials to be include vacancy and demolition costs.

Calculate Your Bali Property Prices Monthly Payment

Some professional businessman and investors thought knocking off two zeros from their investment cost is rather close. But it’s worth it to calculate the number through the mortgage calculator. For instance, in $87,000 payment with $5,000 down and at 4% interest the calculation will result monthly payment for $400 (before taxes and insurance). Its more better rather than getting $870 by simply erasing the two zeros ($87,0ØØ).

Roughly Calculate Your Cash Flow and Equity

Subtract your monthly costs from the rent value that you consider to collect between your expected cash flow. Your equity is the gap between the after rehab price and your total buy value plus investment cost. Obviously, a successful investment is indicate with both positive cash flow and huge equity.

Affordable Bali Property Prices in Jimbaran

After you study and calculate the investment analysis in bali real estate industry, consider this affordable unit to close your investment goals. This robust 2 level villa is for sale with special price from $260.000 only to $183.172 ! How friendly is that for your investment analysis.

Bali Property Prices

This brand new villa located in remarkable area of Jimbaran. Gorgeously features 3 cozy master bedrooms with exquisite bathrooms. Fully furnished and decorated in each of its corner. Include with spacious garden, 2 living areas, fine dining area and kitchen, 7×3.5 m of swimming pool, car garage, security and one gate system in the house.

Without a doubt this unit is the most prolific option when it comes to Bali Property Prices analysis. Enquire this unit now on and get the detail investment return report in just 5 minutes!

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The Results of Having An Open Mind While Travelling

Lots of people saying that travel gives you benefits physically and mentally. It helps you to stay active to keep your physical well-being. It also offers you new setting which can help refresh your mind so you will be more stress-free. However, it doesn’t always happen to every traveler. Some people might get fatigue or more stress after travel. The reason could be that they didn’t open their mind so their trip focused more on visiting trendy places instead of experiencing the experience itself.

Open your mind while travelling

Therefore, it is highly recommended to open your mind when travelling regardless of your destination. Sometimes, the place you visit doesn’t show the same perfection as what showed on social media. By opening your mind, you won’t get stuck on finding the perfect corner of the place but rather how to enjoy it to the fullest so you return happier.

During your trip, you meet new people more than you do when at home. You have the option to open your mind and interact with them. It gives you many benefits because meeting new people and socializing can hep improve your social skills. You will become more fluent in socializing, talking to new people, and starting conversation smoothly. This can also help build friendship.

When you open your mind during your trip, you give yourself a chance to build your character. There are many things you find new ad interesting during your trip. You want to try them because it gives you a one-of-a-kind experience due to the limited opportunity and time. Each encounter helps you to know yourself more, what potential you have to grow your character and more.

Opening your mind while travelling will help broaden your perspective, making it easier for you to understand life and other people. You will know why certain things are taboos and what kind of new light you gain from seeing things from different perspectives. The way you think will evolve the more you travel and open your mind.

Travel with an open mind will results in more unique memories to remember. When you don’t focus solely on the perfection of the landmark or sites, you will gain more precious memories. Every interaction you did or every friendship you made during the trip will be your valuable experience. You will be able to create your own good memories because you are not limiting your own mind to focus on one thing only.

When you open your mind during your trip, you will return feeling more grateful of your life. You will appreciate what you have in life after seeing many new things during your trip. Some people you meet during your trip might live in worse places than yours. It is like eye-opening experience. You will feel more grateful and lessen your complain because you know there are people out there who are more unfortunate than you. Also, travel with an open mind helps you to build patience.

Why Raja Ampat Diving Should Be in Your Bucket List

Raja Ampat Diving

So you’re excited about your next dive trip, and you and your buddy are running through some of the best options. To a place that has incredible views? Or is now the time to spend your extended holiday taking a trip to one of your dream bucket list destinations and experience some of the best diving on the earth? Have you heard of Raja Ampat? Raja Ampat in West Papua is a paradise for divers. There are plenty of dive sites there. The island is still very much a protected area where travellers are well regulated to ensure the fauna and flora is kept intact. Raja Ampat Diving is a top favourite on the most divers list, and there is no place quite like it for scuba lovers! This place should be in your dive list!

Raja Ampat Diving is officially the best dive destination!

Raja Ampat is scuba diving heaven. It’s one of the most affluent areas for marine life in the world and all underwater new species being discovered all the time. You can find more than 200 internationally renown diving sites there. There are more fish, corals, and other marine life there than anywhere else in the world its size. It is estimated more than 75% of world species live here. The incredibly pristine and diverse marine life have put this area on the map of the world’s best tourist diving destinations.

There are a variety of Raja Ampat Diving sites.

Regardless of which part of the area you stay on in Raja Ampat, there are a lot of dive spots within reach. The underwater topography of the Raja Ampat Diving is hugely varied.  You can dive to impressive caves that are fun to explore. You also can dive along reefs located on walls, slopes, ridges, overhangs, and underwater seamounts. It is an exciting part; you can see multiple cleaning stations attract manta rays year-round.

Consistency of the area’s condition

Being a tropical climate, the water temperature of the island is around 28 °C all year round. The visibility is generally from 10 to 40 metres depending on the site. In general, visibility for diving is excellent around mid-April until mid-November, when the prime manta season begins. Because of the tropical environment, there are no days all year where you can be sure it won’t rain, but the rainy season is generally around October and April. As far as weather is concerned, any time of year is a great one to visit Raja Ampat. The climate and underwater conditions are good all year.

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It has rich marine biodiversity

The island is widely known as the centre of rich marine biodiversity. Raja Ampat is part of the coral triangle so that you can find over 550 species of coral, almost 700 various types of molluscs, 17 different species of dolphin and whale and including 1711 different types of fish. A lot of divers come here for the sheer diversity of marine life experience. Some divers are here for the big stuff like mantas, turtles, devil rays, white tip, grey reef sharks, and black tip. Some also come here for the macro like banded pipe-fish, pygmy seashores, blue ring octopus, the nudibranchs and the ghost pipefish. You can also geek out at the unbelievable extent of coral species that encrust the reefs here. Whatever species you want to see, it’s brimming with life.

Improving Your Staffs To Grow Your Brand Successfully

Diving into entrepreneurship doesn’t mean you just sit down and watch your teams work for you. There are many things you have to take care of so everything runs smoothly. To run successful business, you need to build solid team consist as well of reliable staffs who can help you grow your brand. As the leader, you cannot just let them figure it out by themselves on how to work. You need to help them keep engaged and motivated so they can do the best. 

Business Brands

Inspiring and encouraging your staffs

You may have solid teams with reliable staffs. However, problems will still arise. Sometimes, it is hard for your staffs to generate ideas. It is your responsibility to help spark their deeper thinking. This way, you can inspire and encourage your staffs to do their best. Here are things you can question your staffs to help them generate ideas or solutions:

Do not hesitate to ask your staffs of what they really think. Maybe, your staffs are not often speak because you don’t really give them opportunity to make them. When you ask your staffs of what their opinion, there will various ideas coming up that can be used as solutions. Do not hesitate to open yourself for group discussions. It doesn’t matter if at the beginning your staffs don’t really give you the best solutions. They will get better the more they get used to speak up. 

Prompt a question that makes you know more about the current situation of your staffs. Maybe, the difficulty of generating ideas come from their personal problems. You can check whether they are okay in the moment. This will show your care as leader. Not to mention that it also helps create positive work environment. 

You can also ask your staffs of what would they do as a leader if they were in your position. This may sound intimidating to answer. However, this can be an act of encouragement because you give so much power for your staff to share their opinion. They may have difficulty to generate ideas because they think they have limit due to their role or position in the office. By imagining themselves to be a leader, they may think of more options. 

Spark your staffs’ creativity by asking what things they would change if they were given the power or opportunity. This can spark their creativity of thinking. They also won’t be stuck in just one solution or idea. This kind of question can be a regular thing to ask. It can help your brand to grow and develop. 

Sometimes, the solution cannot be found because there is no mutual understanding of the problem’s root. Hence, it is important to reach mutual clear understanding of it. Before trying to find a solution. It is essential to discuss the root of the problem first. It will guide you and your staffs to truly think and find the right solutions.

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Tips to Maintain Villa Lovina Bali Exterior
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Types of Villas the Travellers Can Rent at Seminyak, Bali

Tips to Maintain Villa Lovina Bali Exterior

A well-develop Villa Lovina Bali isnt just helps you to feel proud as an owner, but also to retain its value and cut renovation costs. If the villa unit are not consistently take care, more damage can happen. Which means you will getting more expense to fix it. In your journey for a dream sustainable villa, here the tips to maintain your villa lovina bali exterior:

Villa Lovina Bali

Settle the Roof

Depending on which material it made of and amount weathering it received. You will need to at least replace the roof for every 12 to 25 years. You may clean the roof to help sustain its lifespan in short period, but consider to replace it for long term. Whenever you seek for Villa lovina bali, find the one which offer a new or strong roof. In addition, this could be a great buying point when you negotiating the unit.

Villa Lovina Bali

Pose as extension of the roof, gutters also needs an attention. Furthermore, there are several option to prevent gutter damage. The modest way to do are to clear any over-hanging branches that interrupt villa unit in each corner.  Its best to routinely clean the gutters out before it become sticky and clogged.


You could tidy up your windows and blinds from inside of your villa lovina bali, but consider to wash the exterior routinely. Cleaning the exterior of villa’s window is not just make your unit look astounding, but it also remove any new dirt and rust. Untouched dirt and rust will do more harm if its not remove quickly.

Similar to roof, windows pose as long-term object, but still it need to be replace or repair after awhile. If any problem occurs, like the frames are cracked, difficult to open, bring in a draft, or absorb a lot of noice, then its time to find s new living journey. This approach will consume you a lot of time in maintaining your window’s home.

Villa Lovina Bali Siding

Mostly serves to guard your villa from the other aspect. Regardless of the material pose as the siding, it still needs a cleaning. The simple way to clean villa’s siding is to brush it with soapy water and clean liquid. Also, dont forget that siding is usually in angle direction and not completely in flat surface. Its best for you to maintain it to clean between any corners.

Villa Lovina Bali

Be sure to note any cracks so you can come back and fix them to prevent any water coming through the walls. Getting outside and working on your house can be a tedious and time-consuming task—but the results are worth it. Though these are just a few tips to maintain your home’s exterior, if you stick to it, you’ll encounter a gorgeous looking villa lovina bali for a long time.

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Taste The Culinary Delights of Pangandaran

Talk about Pangandaran Regency in West Java, known for its abundant coastal tourism. But who would have thought it, this city known as “Hawaii Van Jabar” also offers a variety of culinary specialties renowned for their delicacy.  Various culinary offerings certainly have unique and appetizing flavors. Here are some recommendations of specialties from Pangandaran that you can taste during your visit.

Pangandaran Chicken Soup

As we know, Soto is a typical Indonesian culinary dish in various regions. However, this typical Pangandaran soup has a unique and different taste from others Soto. The interesting thing about this typical Pangandaran soup is that there are chunks of meat that are quite big and in abundance in each portion. The existence of pieces of meat that make this Pangandaran style soup has many fans. Not only that, with a fairly clear yellow sauce which is its own characteristic of this unique dish. The stuffing contained in this soup is actually almost the same as the soup in general, namely chicken, bean sprouts, vermicelli noodles, a pinch of leeks, peanuts, red crackers and fried onions. The combination of the different toppings with the very distinctive seasonings can create such a delicious taste!


As it is known Pangandaran is a district on the west coast of Java, so the surrounding community has a fishing profession. Along the coast, there are several traders selling seafood dishes. Or often called seafood, including snapper, shellfish, crab, squid and many others. Usually, most fishermen in Pangandaran sell their catch directly to the local community or tourists.

Dawet Pangandaran

Dawet Pangandaran is made from black grass jelly or black sticky rice to which liquid palm sugar and coconut milk is added with fresh crushed ice. This Pangandaran drink is perfect for consumption when it is hot. The special feature of this Pangandaran dawet is the use of palm sugar, as the dawet generally uses only melted Javanese sugar. Now, after mentioning some of the above foods, are you starting to taste them? Come visit Pangandaran but always pay attention to the health protocols! Have a good vacation and also protect your health!

Top 5 Dive Sites in Kri Island

Kri Island

The island of Kri is a very tranquil little island. The island is one of the most popular destinations of Raja Ampat. It is often called the Lonely Planet Effect. Even though the island is small and narrow, it has extraordinary marine biodiversity and amazing beaches landscapes. No wonder the best walks on this place are along the coastlines during those special moments while watching the sunset. If you are a diver enthusiast, you must visit Kri Island because it has the earth’s richest marine biodiversity. There are plenty of dive sites around this island that are world-famous, and dive sites around this island are spectacular. Want to know where to dive on this island? Here is the top dive site for you!

Cape Kri, Favorite dive site at Kri Island

It’s located in the east of Kri Island. Cape Kri in Raja Ampat’s best-known dive site. You can feel an unforgettable experience here because there are so various fish and colorful coral reefs, and the sun’s rays from the surface of the sea cannot penetrate the water. Only this place, you can find carpet sharks or wobbegong sharks, snapper, tuna, fusilier, sweetlips, butterflyfish, and angelfish. If pure diversity of species is your list, then this is a dive site for you.

Melissa’s Garden

Melissa’s Garden is one of the best dive sites on Kri Island. The oval-shaped reef here is teeming with small beautiful marine life. The dive site features extended areas of coral gardens with their intense colors and beautiful forms that excite an exciting dive. With a depth of 20-25 meters, Melissa’s Garden offers gorgeous scenery you won’t forget. If you are a macro photography lover, it is an excellent place for you!

Mike’s Point

Mike’s Point is a popular site for advanced divers. This dive site offers a beautiful wall that is covered with massive black corals and giant gorgonians. When you dive here, you need to be careful because the current can be strong on this dive site. You can see lionfish, blacktip reef sharks, nudibranchs, seahorse trumpet fish, and pipefish. But if you are lucky, you can even see large Silvertip Sharks here.

Explore Kri Island Dive Site, Blue Magic

Blue Magic is famous for its underwater life with divers because it features lots of pelagic fish. Spectacular schools of fish swirled and gathered at this dive site to regularly feed or be cleaned by divers. Apart from the big marine fishes, there are also pygmy seahorses. The seawater is clean and makes the underwater life never ceases to amaze explorers.

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Manta Sandy

Manta Sandy is one of the busiest dive sites in Raja Ampat. The site is the main cleaning station for Manta Rays because this site is very rice in plankton, and there is a narrow channel with several coral bommies that features small coral bommies located between the main and a smaller one. The Manta Sandy is a shallow site; this site is perfect and offers you the chance to get close, swimming with excellent manta ray views.