Why Taking A Vacation Is Good After Pandemic

Why Taking A Vacation Is Good After Pandemic

We all know that it is such a challenging time with how we are fighting against covid-19. it is already half the year and the pandemic is still going on. We don’t know when it will end so we can start a normal life. However, we have to maintain positivity because we will overcome it for sure. The world had gone through various outbreaks in the past yet we still survive. This covid-19 will also end eventually. 

The idea to take a vacation after pandemic

There might be many things you have to take care of after pandemic ends. However, a well-deserve vacation should not be ignored either. It is still important to keep you sane and happy after going through a lot. You may not have settled on a plan yet. However, you don’t need to be in a rush. With how much time you have now, you can just start planning a vague itinerary for a vacation after pandemic.  

Appreciate life better

Treasuring the value of life and people you love is important thing you do. The pandemic has taught us a lot including how to treasure every little things in life. A holiday is one of the best ways to reward yourself and your loved one for overcoming such a hard time. You can treat it as a small celebration as well. Not to mention that it is a good moment to spend quality time with your families and friends and show your love and appreciation. 

Overcome the negativity from the pandemic

Overcome the negativity from the pandemic

Travel also helps you to create new memories by learning new cultures, spending quality time together and overcome any negativity from the pandemic. By travelling after the pandemic, it is like a refresh button you have. The stress that has been pile up through our hard times during pandemic might not be seen physically. However, it can be a huge burden to your mental health. A holiday can help reduce at least just a little bit of your stress so you can start focusing on positivity within yourself. 

Maintain your physical health back

An adventure is also great to maintain your physical health back. some of people in isolation tend to forget to exercise. A great adventure after the pandemic can be a good way to stretch your muscles. An adventure is a great learning experience as well for you to get. 

Get in touch back with the nature

Get in touch back with the nature

A holiday is also a great way for you to check up on the nature. You may have seen news from medias that following the drop of number of travelers travelling around the world, the air and water have become cleaner. You can enjoy the better nature after the pandemic. Not to mention that nature has positive effect that can leave us feeling soothed and healed. 

Experience a better service

Also, a trip after pandemic is highly anticipated because the pandemic has brought change to the tourism industry as well. We may experience better service and enhanced products provided by travel agencies. However, it is still more important for you to focus on value rather than a great deal if you decide to have a holiday after pandemic.

How to Get to Komodo Island with Kids!

How to Get to Komodo Island with Kids!

Kids are naturally young explorer and most of them get really excited on the chance of seeing the dinosaur-looking Komodo Dragons. It’s like walking into their awe-inspiring Dinosaur encyclopaedia, with the prehistoric giant lizard, Komodo’s spectacular savannah topography and all. However, the trip to the Komodo Island itself could be quite challenging. You see, the Komodo Island is located in the far east of Indonesia, a tropical country in South East Asia. If you are coming from other continent, it’s going to be a long haul flight. Here’s why and how you can get to Komodo Island safely with your little travelers tagging along. 

How to Get to Komodo Island from Your Country

The Komodo International Airport in Labuan Bajo, Flores, has not yet operating as a real international airport. It currently serves domestic routes only to big cities of Indonesia. So if you are not from Indonesia, how you can get to Komodo Island then

Well, there are two common way for international travelers to reach the Komodo airport; from Bali or the capital city Jakarta. If you already need to take a connecting flight to either Bali or Jakarta, this is going to be a really long flight.

Getting to Komodo Island from Bali 

Getting to Komodo Island from Bali

A lot of international travelers find that getting to Komodo from Bali is their favourite. Half of the tourists know Komodo during their vacation in Bali, while other choose to spend a week or two in this island before continuing the journey to Komodo. After all, you and the kids will need a rest after the long journey. It’s also good for the kids to have enough break from flying before continuing the journey to Komodo. 

Once you land on Komodo Airport in Flores, you will need to embark on a Komodo liveaboard for 4 hours before reaching the Komodo Island. There are four airlines to choose for Bali – Labuan Bajo flight; two budget airlines Batik Air, Nam Air and Air Asia, and the premium one Garuda Indonesia. While Batik and Air Asia are usually the cheapest, they are known for the infamous delay. Garuda is more expensive but it rarely delay unless for major issues and it gives in-meal snacks which is not included in three other airlines. 

Budgeting: Transportation Could be Quite Expensive

Now we are talking about the budget; how to get to Komodo Island with kids without breaking your bank. Komodo Island needs serious planning as it can get quite complicated with the transportation. First, you need to arrange your flight to Indonesia. Then, you need to arrange a flight from either Jakarta or Bali to the Komodo International Airport. Lastly, you have to book a liveaboard to explore the Komodo National Park itself. It seems to be expensive, especially as the kids need their own seat as well. However, once you book the liveaboard in Komodo you are done. You no longer need to book a hotel or thinking about eating out. The liveaboard will be your hotel and restaurant all at once. With so many things to see and raw adventures to do, all the journey is totally worth it! To minimise the spending, you could consider booking economy-class flight (and deal with the delays) and not spending time too much in Bali. You might also want to fly to Labuan Bajo first in the morning, so you can sail right afterwards. No need to spend more money on additional accommodation in Labuan Bajo.

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Preparing the Kids for Long Journey

Preparing the Kids for Long Journey

Like we said before, reaching Komodo National Park is going to be a long journey. It can be quite challenging for young travelers to overcome. You can do your best to make the long trip more comfortable by preparing creature comforts for them. Kids-sized travel bag which allow kids to sit there during queue is brilliant. Inside, you can pack lots of healthy kids snacks to distract their attentions, some board games to play in the plane, some delicious bribes and toys (silent one, please) to keep them well-behaved, and comfy a pillow to sleep. Think everything through to make your kids comfortable during the journey to Komodo.  

The Future Of Virtual Tour After Pandemic

Our opportunity to heading outdoors and enjoy a vacation is not limited due to the pandemic. However, it doesn’t mean we cannot do anything to truly enjoy our life during isolation. Thanks to the technology today we can still travel around the world even if it is virtually. The pandemic has brought virtual tour into a trend. It is one of the most enjoyed entertainment during pandemic where people cannot go outside. 

Virtual tour after the pandemic ends

virtual tour while pandemic

A virtual has a purpose to reduce the over-tourism issue in the beginning. It was seen as an eco-friendly solution for it. There are many benefits of virtual tour such as reducing the carbon footprint of tourism. The majority of places around the world put a limit and restriction for people to travel. Thus, taking an adventure through Virtual Reality or VR is now considered a great option to enjoy. Due to the reduce number of people travelling, the air and water has become cleaner now as reported and covered by medias. 

The pandemic has been devastating for the tourism industry and no one can deny that. However, the benefits it has brought to the nature is a great investment for the future as well. Now, we all hopeful that the pandemic will soon end and we can get back to normal where we can go outside without worrying over coronavirus. When the pandemic ends, will virtual tour stay or forgotten?

We all know that virtual travel or travelling through VR is not something new. It has already existed even before the pandemic. It is only the impact of covid-19 that the popularity of virtual vacation increased. There are many issues that may limit the longevity of virtual tour to stay existed after the pandemic. Many experts said that it will stay there just like it used to be. It will be likely still used to enhance some travel experience. Some people may still treat is as a ‘try before buy’ kind of thing. 

However, it is hard to tell whether it will truly replace physical tour or vacation entirely. The gap is still big. Not to mention that the technology itself seems to not ready yet. The tools and equipment needed to deliver impressive virtual tour are expensive as well. Even if some travel agencies can afford them, travelers might still find them uncomfortable to wear because some of those equipment can cause nausea, headache, etc. 

Limited sensation is another issue of the popularity of virtual tour after pandemic. The videos might provide you with great image and clear sounds. However, it is still limited to it. You cannot smell, taste, or touch. VR experience is impressive but it still needs to some upgrade to truly replace the real one. Also, gaining new experiences as a tourist in unknown place and develop ability to adapt won’t be experienced through VR tour. It may be improved and upgraded in the future to give more impressive experience for travelers.

Reasons Why Private Villa Bali Is Best For Investment

Sometimes people need time to indulge and isolate themselves from the busyness of everyday life. Bali is one of the destinations to find pleasure and escape from boredom. Basically, the Balinese people believe that the goal of life is to achieve a life of peace, balance, and harmony. Anyone who lives in Bali will move towards that goal. That is why many local and foreign investors are moving quickly to build accommodation such as private villa Bali.

Private villa Bali for a better life

Private villa Bali with amazing swimming pool

Bali is not only filled with tourists but also ex-pats and those who have retired and want to enjoy old age. They choose to find a place to live that is perfect private to complement their daily life. Private villa Bali can be called a profitable long-term investment. There are many types of villas ranging from simple ones to those offering the highest luxury. When you want to invest, all you have to do is determine the location of the villa.

It is a fact that the location of the villa determines how much money you will invest. The more popular a location is, the more you have to prepare a budget that is super fantastic. Property prices in Bali continue to increase every year and offer multiple benefits for investors. Unfortunately, not all foreigners can easily invest in Bali. There are many requirements and documents that need to be prepared.

Government policies regarding ownership of property on behalf of foreigners are very strict. Foreigners can only own property with “Hak Sewa” with a term of 25 years. After 25 years, they can do 2x extensions of “Hak Sewa”. Of course, with certain requirements such as having a business in Indonesia, having a KITAS, and KITAB.

private villa in Bali offering a better life for you

The high demand for long-term private villa Bali long term rentals for foreigners is one of the reasons why there are many villa developments in several favorite areas. Seminyak, Kuta, Jimbaran, Nusa Dua, Canggu, and many other places at fantastic prices. Fortunately, not everyone is concerned with a favorite location or area. Many private Balinese villas that stand in local areas with rice fields and soothing views.

Private Bali villas always offer luxury and serenity for you to enjoy a better life. Away from the crowd with better air quality, a more regular lifestyle, relaxing, and avoiding stress. Bali and private villas bring many dreams for both domestic and international migrants. Determine the location and purpose of your stay in Bali, whether to enjoy a better life so that you can determine the best private Bali villa. This is why private villa Bali is the best investment for you to get a better quality of life.

How To Know If Train Is Safer Mode For Travel Today

How To Know If Train Is Safer Mode For Travel Today

Considering to leave your bubble during pandemic can be scary due to the pandemic that is still going on. Many people are still wondering if it is now safe to travel to different places. The risk of contacting and spreading the virus is still there even the number of case has gradually decreased in some places. Taking measurement and follow guidelines from authorities are best to do to stay safe. Train is one of the mode of transportation that put you at risk of the exposure to the virus. So is it really safe to take train for travelling now?

Safe ways to travel by train during pandemic

Regardless of your choice of travel type, there are always risks since the pandemic is evolving. Train is by no means the safest mode of transportation that can keep you safe from contacting the virus. However, there are still ways you can follow as measurement to stay safe and minimize the risk of exposure to the virus. 

Safe ways to travel by train during pandemic

A Hit in Hygiene Standards 

The pandemic has made us more aware about the cleanliness. In this case, it is important for you to know the cleanliness of the train you are planning to take. Find information about the new cleaning procedures and protocols the staffs implement. However, keep in mind that the transmission of the coronavirus is through respiratory not inanimate objects. Thus, it is important to practice social distancing to minimize the contact with others. 

Maintain Your Hygiene

Even if the train has implemented new cleaning policies, you still have to keep yourself clean by washing your hands regularly, wiping the surface around your seat with disinfectant wipes, and stay out of touching your face area with your hands. Many people thought that airplane has better air circulation and filtration system. However, train also has good system to keep he space refresh periodically. 

Which Mode of Transportation is Safer?

There are many factors to consider before deciding to decide whether airplane is safer than train to travel. No matter how safe the trip it may be, always take precautions. Even if the airplane is considered has better air circulation or filtration system, it has smaller space of cabin. Thus, the safer one is which of them implement protocols properly such as limiting the number of passenger, maintaining strict cleaning procedures, etc.

Avoid Any Direct Contact

During your ride, it is advised to avoid any direct contact with other passengers as well as the train staffs. Always wear your mask even if you are alone in your cabin. Your mask is a good reminder for you to not touch your face carelessly as well. If it possible, bring your own logistics so you don’t have to order anything during the ride. Pack your own foods and drinks. You can also pack your own blanket or pillow if you are having a long trip.

Train travel might not be the most ideal for a trip during pandemic. If it is not necessary, you might want to choose another alternatives. If you have to take train, take necessary precautions and follow the guidelines. 

Things You Need to Know for Snorkeling Holiday on Komodo

Things You Need to Know for Snorkeling Holiday on Komodo

Take a snorkeling trip to Komodo National Park, where you will probably encounter some of the most amazing and beautiful sea creatures in the world, such as manta rays and sharks. Divers will visit Komodo Island, which is recognized as the largest marine biodiversity in the world, and experience spectacular dives with manta rays, sharks, etc. This is a practical and inspiring guide that will help you plan your dream trip to Komodo National Park and enjoy nature in all its glory.

You Need to Book Komodo Liveaboard Snorkeling

You might know the Komodo National Park for its dinosaur-looking Komodo Dragons, beautiful empty islands, and crystal clear turquoise waters. Spread within the territories of Komodo National Park are hidden dive and snorkel sites with bustling marine life. And to reach all this awesome underwater sites, you need a liveaboard boat. This boat will take you to every remote snorkeling sites in Komodo while you are sleeping and eating on it. Traversing the Komodo waters with liveaboard is the easiest way; you don’t have to go back to Labuan Bajo and forth everyday just to reach the snorkel site. Hop on liveaboard for 3 days trip or more and you’ll get the best Komodo snorkeling trip for the holiday. 

You Need to Book Komodo Liveaboard Snorkeling

Personal tip: choose a liveaboard trip with snorkeling program on their itineraries. Or best, rent a Komodo liveaboard so you have freedom to pick up destinations and create your own itineraries. 

You Need to Bring Basic Snorkelling Gears

Sure, some liveaboard rent their snorkel gears to passengers. But won’t it be better if you bring your own? First, you might won’t find the right snorkel masks that would be a tight fight to you. Second, after this pandemic it’s just best if we just use our personal things. Just to keep us safe from the risk of unwanted contagion. 

You Need to Choose Komodo Snorkeling Site

You Need to Bring Basic Snorkelling Gears

Here’s the thing. Komodo is known for its hyper marine diversity—and also strong currents which make it happened. You’ll want to have some research on Komodo snorkeling sites that would be right for your level. Are you confident in sites with strong currents? What kind of marine life you want to see; big fishes like manta or coral beds? Do you want to dive as well or stick to snorkel only? These preferences impacts on choice of sites. Know what you want before going to snorkel in Komodo. 

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Reasons to Experience the Liveaboard Travel Package

You Need to Bring Some Cash

When you hop on liveaboard for having the Komodo snorkeling tours, you are essentially going to a faraway land. A remote destination where all the lands are empty and totally pure in its natural glory. Of course, you won’t find ATM machines there. So before you go, make sure you bring enough cash with you. Who knows, you want to purchase some drinks on board or buy some souvenirs on the Komodo Island. 

Protecting Yourself and Others During Your Trip

Protecting Yourself and Others During Your Trip

Many places have lifted their stay-at home orders so people can travel again when necessary. Even though there are still many people who feel scared to travel again, many are ready to plan their trip either for business or leisure. One important thing that travelers should remember is to protect themselves and others. It is not about keeping yourself safe from contacting the virus but also about keeping others safe from the risk of infection.

Safe trip to protect yourself and others

Before a trip, it is necessary to do your own research so you know what routes and precautions you need to take. You also have to look for information regarding to your destination. Of course, staying home is the best way to protect yourself and others from the coronavirus. However, if you really have to take a trip, consider these things:

Get enough information about the virus

Protecting Yourself and Others During Your Trip

You have to be informed whether the virus is spreading in your destination or not. You also need to be aware whether is is spreading in your community. If it is, you may not realize being infected and spreading the virus to your destination. You also need to be aware of procedures for safe trip such as maintaining 6 feet with those you are travelling with. You also need to know if your destination require visitor to undergo self-quarantine for 14 days after travelling.

Make sure you are healthy

Before you go, make sure that you are in a good condition. If you are currently sick (even not related to coronavirus), it is best to stay at home instead of travelling. The chance of getting infected by the virus is higher when your immune system is weaker. It is also wise to not travel if you have been around with people or someone with COVID-19 in the past 14 days.

Take all the necessary precautions

Protecting Yourself and Others During Your Trip

During your trip, taking precautions is still necessary. Practicing good hygiene is essential because good sanitation can prevent and minimize the risk of contacting and spreading the virus. During your trip, always remember to wash your hand especially after you have been in public space. Wash your hands with soap for 20 seconds and rinse them with clean running water. Or, use hand sanitizer thoroughly with at least 60% alcohol.

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Not Very Common Travel Hacks You Might Need

Stay contactless whenever possible

Minimize any physical contacts with other travelers. It is also advised to avoid touching your nose, mouth and face area with your hands. Thus, it is a must to wear a mask. Aside from protecting you and others, a mask is also like a reminder for you to not touch your face. In public places such as station,keep 6 feet distance from others to minimize the close contact.

Always be cautious

Be more cautious when you sneeze or cough. Don’t cover it with your palm but your arm. Your palm is prone to touch. If you cover your sneeze or cough with your palm of your hands, it increase the risk of spreading virus because you may have contacted it prior. There is not truly a safer type of travel than others because every alternative has its own risks. However, take necessary precautions to stay safe.

5 Interesting Facts About Tulamben Diving!

5 Interesting Facts About Tulamben Diving!

Located far from Bali’s main tourist hub in the south (think about Kuta, Canggu, and Nusa Dua), Tulamben attract a specific niche of traveller. It’s black sand beaches is devoid from fancy cafes or glamorous beach clubs like what you would see in the south. Instead, Tulamben is brimming with dive clubs, dive centers, and oceanfront resorts catering for divers. Yep, this small village in the north-east coast of Bali might sounds distant for common traveller, but it’s incredibly popular among divers, snorkelers, and the like. If you are an avid ocean explorer and coming to Bali for some ocean explorations, you gonna like Tulamben. Here’s five facts about Tulamben diving you’d like.

A sunken wreck become the most iconic thing on tulamben diving

5 Interesting Facts About Tulamben Diving!

If there’s one thing that boost Tulamben diving into fame, it’s the USAT Liberty wreck that sleeps under the water. It was an American cargo ship serving back during the WWII, before getting torpedoed by the Japanese. What makes this wreck so special is it’s location—it’s the shallowest wreck on earth! It lies in a sloping seabed where half of its top part is accessible from just 3 meters from the surface. The site is also accessible just from the shore by walking. Yep, that easy.

The village name derives from “batu lembih”

Not many people know this, even for avid visitors on Tulamben. The village name is derived from the Balinese “batu lembih”, which literally means “many stones”. Tulamben is very close to Mount Agung and the eruption from this volcano threw up large, smooth stones that made up the beaches on this village. The name got modernised to “Batulamben” before eventually morphed into the “Tulamben” that we know.

Tulamben is often made for beginner’s first dive

5 Interesting Facts About Tulamben Diving!

Tulamben is basically a bay and that’s contribute to trapping the nutrient-rich planktons in a sheltered water. The result is a blooming underwater life in a relatively slow to almost non-existent currents. This made Tulamben diving perfect for beginners! Tulamben is often referred as the first place for beginners to do their very first open water diving. It’s a very easy site with fulfilling experience!

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Diving in tulamben was first done in 1979

No one knows that the humble fishing village hides an astonishing beauty beneath its calm water. Until around 1979, when the curiosity of some local diving pioneer bring them into this village to investigate the allegedly wreck site. The investigation resulted in the founding of Liberty—and the rest is history.

There are about 11 diving sites in the village

The Liberty wreck is not the only dive site here. Tulamben is home for about 11 diving sites spread around the village. Muck dive, reef, and wreck dominates the sites diversity. It’s also varied in depth and marine life, while currents are still in range between low to moderate.

Do you want to dive in Tulamben?    

The Calm and Tranquil Nepal!

Nepal is known as the developed country but it offers great tourist sites that link to Buddhism culture as well as Hinduism as those found in most countries in South Asia. If you ask, where is it? it is a landlocked country in the Himalayas, bordered to the north by China, to the south, west and east by India. Kathmandu “spelled Kathmandu” is the political and religious capital of Nepal, of which it is also the largest city and the capital of the district of the same name. Like what has already mentioned, Nepal has heavenly places in the tourist field which you will take advantage of as the next destination for the holidays! this article will help you to specify the tourist sites if “instagramable”!

 Phewa Lake and Tal Birahi Temple

The Calm and Tranquil Nepal!

Lake Phewa is the largest lake in the city of Pokhara. It is bordered by the area known as Lakeside and the mountains. This place is also a favorite place for domestic and foreign tourists. To get the best view, you should visit this lake in the afternoon or early in the morning. The most popular attraction in this lakeside region is “Baidam”, known as the lake. There are many souvenir shops, bookstores, inns and restaurants that are thrilling when visited by tourists wishing to shop or food tours. The Tal Barahi temple is a pagoda located in the middle of the lake and is the most important religious monument in Pokhara. This two-level pagoda is dedicated to one of the Hindu gods known as Vishnu.

Garden of Dreams

The Calm and Tranquil Nepal!

The Garden of Dreams, also the Garden of the Six Seasons, is a neoclassical garden located in Kaiser Mahal Kathmandu, Nepal, built in 1920. Designed by Kishore Narshingh, it consists of 6,895 square meters of gardens with three pavilions, an amphitheater , ponds, pergolas and urns. This park was not as beautiful as it is today; but thanks to the role of the Kaiser descendants, this park has become more attractive. Tourists normally visit there to take photos because its view is notably “instagramable”!


The Calm and Tranquil Nepal!

Bodnath is one of the main Buddhist shrines in the Kathmandu region of Nepal. One of the world’s largest sons of the fourteenth-century skyline. The prison of an older stupa attested at the time. The largest stupa in Nepal apparently became one of the UNESCO World Heritage Sites in 1979. When you get there, you can feel a spiritual nuance, as many monks from Tibet pray there !

Tilicho Lake

The Calm and Tranquil Nepal!

Natural tourism is considered an asset for Nepal, it looks like Mount Everest is always successful in attracting the attention of tourists as well as hikers! You can also find Lake Tilicho, one of the highest lakes in the world. It is located at 4,919 m above sea level in the Annapurna region in the Himalayas in Nepal.

Reliable Yogyakarta Residential Furniture Manufacturers: How to Spot Them

There are countless of Yogyakarta furniture manufacturers and labels out there just as there are suppliers, but how do you determine which one is the best for you? Furniture shopping unfortunately isn’t as simple as attire-shopping even though you’re essentially outfitting your home and dressing your space to its best potentials. Here are some of the most basic things you should be on the lookout for when you’re looking for trustworthy furniture manufacturers in Yogyakarta.

Reliable Yogyakarta Residential Furniture Manufacturers: How to Spot Them

What makes a reliable Yogyakarta furniture manufacturers

Wide variety of materials vs specific materials. While going for Yogyakarta furniture manufacturers that provide the widest possible variations and availability of materials can be a very convenient way for your furniture shopping, sometimes, going for shops that sell only one or two specific materials can be worth a visit. Manufacturers that have their own specialization tend to be of higher quality, and they can often trace the source of wood they get, especially if you’re concerned with legality and/or sustainability of your furniture.

Quality and construction of furniture

Learning whether a furniture is of good quality is more than just looking for anything labeled grade A teakwood. It also comes down to the built quality as well. Look if the furniture is stapled, nailed, or put together with glue. Those three are often a sign of poor quality and should be avoided. The sturdiest built for joints are dovetailed or screwed. Remember that you’d want yogyakarta furniture manufacturers to get you furnishings that are durable and can last you decades. Quality furniture should always be able to get passed down as heirloom furniture.

Furniture styles and aesthetics

Reliable Yogyakarta Residential Furniture Manufacturers: How to Spot Them

The first thing you’d notice about a certain piece would be how your furniture looks. Each person has their own preference, but when it comes to putting together a look for your home, the best thing you can do is to plan it. Create a theme, get inspired by image boards, and stick to your furniture buying using the guideline you’ve set for yourself. While mismatched furniture has its own charm, it simply looks like a clutter and a poorly planned space when done wrong.

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Get to know your suppliers

Find reviews, and not just good ones. Not so stellar reviews can often be insightful for you to determine the quality of the furniture. It goes beyond pissed-off seller; ignore those kinds without constructive essence behind them. When you find negative reviews, find a pattern to determine real-life value of the piece; often, times, while it’s a setback for others, it won’t be a problem for you.

Ask other local businesses

If you have a big project and would like to take your researching a step further, then don’t hesitate to ask other businesses in the local area that have used the furnishings from the Yogyakarta furniture manufacturers you have your eyes on. Furniture suppliers often begin their businesses locally, so if there’s any place they’ve sourced to, ask them. If possible, go to the place they asked and connect with the people there. Buying a tea or coffee in the local cafe while getting to know the furniture products you’re looking to buy may not be the first thing in your todos, but words from past customers you ask to directly, while subjective, can change can truly contribute to insights about your furniture suppliers.