The Future Of Virtual Tour After Pandemic

Our opportunity to heading outdoors and enjoy a vacation is not limited due to the pandemic. However, it doesn’t mean we cannot do anything to truly enjoy our life during isolation. Thanks to the technology today we can still travel around the world even if it is virtually. The pandemic has brought virtual tour into a trend. It is one of the most enjoyed entertainment during pandemic where people cannot go outside. 

Virtual tour after the pandemic ends

virtual tour while pandemic

A virtual has a purpose to reduce the over-tourism issue in the beginning. It was seen as an eco-friendly solution for it. There are many benefits of virtual tour such as reducing the carbon footprint of tourism. The majority of places around the world put a limit and restriction for people to travel. Thus, taking an adventure through Virtual Reality or VR is now considered a great option to enjoy. Due to the reduce number of people travelling, the air and water has become cleaner now as reported and covered by medias. 

The pandemic has been devastating for the tourism industry and no one can deny that. However, the benefits it has brought to the nature is a great investment for the future as well. Now, we all hopeful that the pandemic will soon end and we can get back to normal where we can go outside without worrying over coronavirus. When the pandemic ends, will virtual tour stay or forgotten?

We all know that virtual travel or travelling through VR is not something new. It has already existed even before the pandemic. It is only the impact of covid-19 that the popularity of virtual vacation increased. There are many issues that may limit the longevity of virtual tour to stay existed after the pandemic. Many experts said that it will stay there just like it used to be. It will be likely still used to enhance some travel experience. Some people may still treat is as a ‘try before buy’ kind of thing. 

However, it is hard to tell whether it will truly replace physical tour or vacation entirely. The gap is still big. Not to mention that the technology itself seems to not ready yet. The tools and equipment needed to deliver impressive virtual tour are expensive as well. Even if some travel agencies can afford them, travelers might still find them uncomfortable to wear because some of those equipment can cause nausea, headache, etc. 

Limited sensation is another issue of the popularity of virtual tour after pandemic. The videos might provide you with great image and clear sounds. However, it is still limited to it. You cannot smell, taste, or touch. VR experience is impressive but it still needs to some upgrade to truly replace the real one. Also, gaining new experiences as a tourist in unknown place and develop ability to adapt won’t be experienced through VR tour. It may be improved and upgraded in the future to give more impressive experience for travelers.