Most Recommended Street Foods to Try When Travelling in South Korea

South Korea is known for its unique and iconic culture. Aside from its entertainment industry, South Korea is also popular for its tourism. Thus, people from around the world are getting more curious to find out about charms this country owns. Of course, there’s so many places you can visit during your trip to this K-Pop land. However, this place is also a heaven for food lovers. It is not a secret that Korean foods have drawn a lot of attention from worldwide audiences due to exposure from K-movies and k-dramas. Therefore, travelling in South Korea won’t be complete if you don’t have a taste of their street foods.

South Korean street foods to try during your visit

The list of delicious and mouth-watering foods in South Korea is endless. Thus, you don’t need to worry about running out of ideas of what to eat next when you are street-food travelling in this country. Here are most popular and must-try street foods you should have a taste when travelling in this friendly country:

  • Dakgalbi is authentic dish from Gangwon province, specifically Chuncheon. It is a dish consist of stir-fried diced chicken marinated with Korean pepper paste (gochujang), along with sliced cabbage, scallions, onions, sweet potato, rice cake, and perilla leaves. It is served on a hot plate and you eat it directly from it without the need to use a plate or bowl. One of the most recommended places to enjoy this street food is at Yoogane Chicken Galbi.
  • Ddeokbokki is considered as the most popular street food adored by kids to elderly in South Korea. This is considered snack. It is made from rice cake (Ddeok), fish cake, and red chili sauce. This snack can be found almost in any type of eateries in Korea. Sometimes, it is served with broth. The texture is chewy and often tasted spicy. Recommended place to enjoy this snack is at Cheong-Nyun Tteokbokki.
  • Jjimdak is another popular street food in Korea you should try. It is braised chicken dish originated from Andong province. This dish consist of chicken, potatoes, carrots, onions and various vegetables which are marinated with Korean soy sauce. It is then served with rice cakes and glass noodles. For some people it may look similar as chicken stew. However, you should really try it to distinguish both dishes. Depending on your preference, you can have it more or less spicy. Recommended stall to visit is Ha-Hoi Andong jjimdak.
  • Budae Jjigae also known as Korean army stew is also popular foods you can find everywhere in Korea. This dish has risen to massive popularity after the Korean War. In the past it was made from leftover ingredients. Today, this stew is made from ramyeon (Korean instant noodles), spam, sausage, vegetables, rice cakes, and sliced cheese. They are cooked in chili paste soup broth. Sometimes, it is added with baked beans or macaroni as well. Visit Nolboo Budae Jjigae in Seoul to have a taste of this iconic Korean stew.