The Ultimate Sanur Travel Guide: Where to Stay & the Must Dos!

The Ultimate Sanur Travel Guide: Where to Stay & the Must Dos
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When you first think about Bali, you might be instantly thinking about Kuta and Seminyak with its lively night parties, Canggu with its hipster cafes and amazing surf breaks, or Ubud with its thick cultural traditions, rice terraces, and lush tropical forest. But not Sanur, the rather quiet beach town of Bali. Despite that, Sanur is ideal for a peaceful stay. It boasts swimmable beaches and a genuine sense of local community and culture. So, where are the best places to stay in Sanur? To assist you in making your decision, we’ve put up a Sanur travel and villa guide you can bookmark for your next Bali holiday. 

Sanur, the Oldest Beach Town in Bali

Sanur was the birthplace of Bali’s tourism industry. Sanur, on the other hand, has a long history in Bali, having played a significant role in several historical events. Many historic sites in Sanur have now become a must-see destination for visitors to Bali. Sanur, like the rest of Bali, has a plethora of eateries and cafes along its shoreline. We personally really love to take a stroll around Sanur and just enjoy the scenery of coffee shops, restaurants, Balinese warungs, and gelato shops lining up the streets. It’s not as busy as Canggu or Seminyak, but it surely has its charm. Sanur feel very peaceful and we think it’s just perfect for those seeking a tranquil getaway.

Where to Base Your Villa in Sanur Bali

Where to Base Your Villa in Sanur Bali
A nice 2 bedroom villa sanur Bali with private pool. Image Source: Kibarer

When visiting Sanur, we believe it is critical to stay on the beach or within walking distance of it. We’re personally more inclined to rent a private villa in Sanur than staying in a hotel room mainly because you can cook during the vacation. Being able to cook can save up your budget a lot. Also, you own the whole place for yourself. Some luxury villas in Sanur have professional maids that will come once a day to clean up the house so you don’t have to worry about anything.  

Some villa alternatives in Sanur Bali are located on the other side of the highway, further away from the beach. However, it might detracts from the Sanur experience. Choose a villa between Jalan Pantai Sindhu and Mertasari Beach. These streets are the most central region to stay in Sanur and you can access the beach in minutes!

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What to Do in Sanur

What to Do in Sanur Villa Bali
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When we talk about Sanur, we can’t leave out the famed temples, beaches, and water-sport activities that abound in the area. Sanur’s seas are very clean and ideal for swimming, snorkeling, and other water activities.

Relax in the Beach

Nicknamed as sunrise beach, tourists flock to Sanur to witness breathtaking sunrise from the Pantai Matahari Terbit. However, the golden sand beaches of Sanur don’t lose their charms during the daytime. Sanur has a laid-back and laid-back vibe. The beach is coated with gleaming golden sand and offers spectacular views of the sea to its visitors. Enjoy gorgeous sunsets while relaxing on the sands of Sanur Beach under the shade of the shady trees. There are also several excellent restaurants where you can sample the best of Balinese food.

Morning Walk around the Beach Path

While Sanur’s beaches are undeniably gorgeous, we particularly love to just walk on the pavement path along the coastline. The majority of Sanur’s shoreline is flanked by paved roads and surrounds the waterfront, making it ideal for an evening stroll. This will allow you to enjoy the beauty of the environment as well as the city views of Sanur, which are surrounded by lovely restaurants and cafes.

Shopping in Danau Tamblingan Shopping Street

Jalan Danau Tamblingan, Sanur’s main street, is a must-see shopping destination. Various brand boutiques and locally owned art shops will be available here. The majority of the handcraft goods sold in the art shops are of good quality and are ideal as keepsakes.

Do Yoga

Do you want to make the most of your time on the road? You might want to give yoga a try. Sanur offers a wide range of yoga classes to help you make the most of your time in Bali. Yoga retreats incorporating other activities, such as yoga and diving, yoga and massage, and yoga and pilates, are also available. Reserve a space on a Sanur yoga retreat and prepare to explore this fascinating corner of Bali.

Visit Bali Orchid Garden

In Sanur, there is a lovely botanic garden. Sanur’s temperatures are ideal for orchid growth, allowing for the cultivation of uncommon and rare orchid species. A professional garden tour is also available here. It’s a fantastic area to come for nature lovers and photographers alike.

Try Scuba Diving

One of the activities to do in Sanur that you should not miss is diving!  If you’re a diver, don’t miss out on the opportunity to discover Bali’s underwater wonderland. But if you aren’t, you can always try a Try Diving program at many dive centres in Sanur. 

Sanur is one of the only places in South Bali where diving is possible! Otherwise, you need to travel up north to Tulamben, Amed, Menjangan, or hop to Nusa Penida to be able to dive or snorkel. With its low current, Sanur is an excellent starting place for beginner divers and snorkelers.

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See Kite Festivals

The annual Bali Kite Festival takes place in Sanur, where hundreds of unique-looking kites fly across the sky in a friendly competition.

Come during the dry season (May to August), when Bali receives lovely strong easterly breezes. Sanur is Balinese’ favourite place for kite flying! You will see a variety of massive and imaginative kites, some of which are over 100 meters long!