Green Tourism, The New Idea of ​​Tourism

The tourism sector often brings extraordinary benefits to the country, obviously the developed countries which rely on tourism as the national income for the country. For example, in Indonesia, the tourism sector is becoming one of the top three contributors of foreign exchange to countries other than gas and oil. It is for this reason that each country competes to pack the tourism industry in its country which aims to open investment opportunities, improve the competitiveness of local businesses, develop human resources in the tourism sector in order to obtaining a better income for the country.

Green Tourism to Expand the Tourism Sectors

Green Tourism, The New Idea of ​​Tourism

Each country especially the developed country in the situation of creating the new idea to expand the tourism sector, normally it works with some private companies to find the means how they optimize the tourism sector, we can mention the big machine of Disneyland park, the one that is better known as a big theme park as well as it is developed in 3 continents, 5 advanced countries “Japan, China, Hong Kong, the United States, and France” Disneyland is exactly a masterful creation to collect currency and increase country income, this is the reason why a lot of countries are inspired to build the theme park like Disneyland, although these are not exactly the same as Disneyland.

Green Tourism, The New Idea of ​​Tourism

However, these are the event so profitable to develop the Tourism sector. One of those that exists is Dunia Fantasi (Dufan) is a large theme park located in Jakarta, the capital of Indonesia and precisely found nearby on the beach of Ancol, or normally the Indonesians call it “Taman Impian Jaya Ancol”, that translates into French as “the dream park of Jaya Ancol” What a dream!

Eco-Tourism Concept

There is another new concept of tourism sector at this time touching in the ecological atmosphere, it is called “Green Tourism or Eco-Tourism”. The term “eco-tourism” brings together several concepts. It is above all a form of responsible tourism, often in natural environments although a form of green tourism is also developing in cities. The ecotourist does not only favor preserved places for his holidays, he also takes care not to degrade the environment in which he goes, whether it is species or landscapes. Simply put, ecotourism is tourism based on nature by including aspects of education and interpretation of the natural environment, culture and society with an ecological management of sustainability.

More Awareness on Green Tourism

Some countries which are benefited from having magnificent city portraits geographically have the possibility of maintaining and developing them as green tourism. Green Tourism is not only an idea for advancing the country’s economy, but also the manifestation of saving the planet by deploying plantations and avoiding the use of gas from cars. These are the destinations known by good eco-tourisms to motivate you to visit!