A Day in the Life of Dive Internship in Bali

A Day in the Life of Dive Internship in Bali

Pursuing a dive master in Bali. What a life. This island is overflowed with exotic tropical fruits, cultural heritages, impressive landmarks, dozens of beautiful beaches, and acres of green paddies rolled in the hillside. The relaxing island living in Bali is just a perfect match for your dive master studies. So, in between drinking a fresh coconut post diving, how’s the typical day of dive internship in Bali?

A Dive Internship Morning for Diving Trip 

The dive centre usually open at 7 am with clients arriving 30 minutes later. It give you time to finish the paperworks, looking at equipments, prepping the tanks, and do other tasks while sipping your fresh brewed Balinese coffee. When the first guests arrive, you can greet them and chat about the dive of the day, a little of what they are doing, etc. Then, depending on the destination, you either proceed going to the harbour or loading the gears into a minibus. Your dive internship Bali might be based on Sanur and the client’s destination could be Tulamben, thus the minibus trip. The destination might be Nusa Penida or Lembongan, and you should escort the guests to the harbour and hop on 45 minutes speed boat journey. Boats departing at the morning usually returns at noon, and boats departing at noon returns near the sunset. 

A Morning for Dive Training

A Dive Internship Morning for Diving Trip

Not everyday you have to go on dive trip. During your dive internship in Bali, there are days where you need to help dive trainings. This means assisting in pool sessions, discoer scuba, open water session, and other classes. You will help beginners fiddle with their tools while organise and supervise the scuba diving activities. Under indirect supervision of a PADI Instructor, you might also teach an academic presentations during a pool session. Sometimes you will have pool sessions in the morning, and later go to a dive trip in the afternoon.

Do the Briefing

Before the divers start the trip, you will be taking the place of the dive instructor to conduct dive briefings. This also applies to dive students—you may need to give some briefings before the lessons start. 

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Afternoon for Dive Internship Bali 

Many afternoons are usually repetition of the morning. There will be divers coming for afternoon trip at 1 pm or dive students coming for the afternoon lessons. Interns during their dive internship in Bali will be assisting the course or the dive trip. When you are on dive trip, you might be in charge of helping customers with their equipments and refilling the tanks. 

In Betweens

Apart from leading customers on the dive sites and assisting courses, you will need to study for your own exam in between. You will be given dive theory materials to study for the exams, practice your own techniques, refreshing your search and recover skills, and mastering site map drawings. In your free days, you get to relax and unwind! Rejuvenate your tired body with some spa, try surfing, play in the beaches, and probably hit one of the hottest nightclub in town. Life in dive internship is never boring in Bali!