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What to Look For In A Travel You’re Dreaming About?

George Moore–an Irish nationality novelist once said: “A man travels the world over in search of what he needs and returns home to find it.” Is that what really happening to you? Many of us are even have been traveling around the world, thanks God, you may are even possible for that. But seriously, did you find thing(s) you are really need?

What to look for in a travel you are dreaming about

I do really love taking pictures in an archipelagic islands of Maldives or at the lesser island of Flores through Komodo Sailing trip. But what for? Isn’t there should be the other things more than just “I need a trip to get rid off the noisy daily routines”?

We are all have been paying much for a luxury travel just to enjoy things we called as the travel experiences and not getting disturbed by anyone. We may are even dreaming about an excellent place to stay in Bali, but again, nothing left but a bunch of selfies, some recorded videos that you have actually been posted on your Instagram’s story, and travel stories that most of the parts will likely to be forgotten in the next few months or a year.

That will be a truly expensive trip ever if you don’t really get what you are actually need and don’t find things that are more than just what the travel packages have been offered.

I may sounds like an old wrinkle wise man with a long white beard here, but I think that it should be worthwhile since there may not many people are talking about this topic. In the other hands, we do really need a life wisdom where as I believe, traveling is part of how we are going to get it.

When we are heading to a new country, we will see different cultures, arts, religions, way of life and many more. Then, what? Bringing back a story how delicious the restaurants you have been visited are? Or how a way of life of the local people were giving you insights on how you will living the life in a better way?

Everything we do must had a purpose. We were traveling by thinking that we need a holiday retreat to forget the works for a moment. That might be a true, but later, ever since we will keep on getting stresses at work, then does it mean that we will keep on traveling as well? What if you can’t even afford for any type of travel you are dreaming about?

All I want to say is actually simple, it doesn’t matter where you are going and how many times of travel you will need in a month, I am going to make you remember one important thing which is; never forget to discovery yourself!

Explore the destinations is good and interesting, but we should also admit that each time we are going in a trip, that can also be a spiritual journey for finding ourselves. And sometimes, what have you been looking for in a long trip is actually has been existed around you for so long.

Travel Destinations You Should Include into Your Bucket List

There’s a lot of places you can go around the world that it sounds impossible to run out of ideas. Choosing travel destination can be fun yet stressful due to so many options. However, every individual has their own preferences so it makes it more possible to find the right travel destination that suits every individual’s taste. Everyone must have a bucket list containing things to do or places to go. If you travel frequently, you must have had your own bucket list. Your bucket doesn’t have to be filled with extravagant thing. It should contains every wish you want to achieve, including to visit a place you really want at least once in your lifetime.

Places supposed to be in your bucket list

Visiting new places is exciting because you will be experiencing new things, interacting with new people, and doing things you’ve never imagined before. Your bucket list might have been full with dream travel destination. However, it never hurts to add another one of these amazing places that definitely should make into your bucket list.

  • Mallorca is located in Spain. This is a beautiful island in Spain that is worth travelling for. In this beautiful and peaceful island, you can visit Palma the capital city, where you can enjoy architectural delights. Recommended places to go include Moorish castle, Gaudi works, and other cultural sites. Not to mention that the idyllic beaches are too tempting to skip when you are in this gorgeous island.
  • Slovenia is great travel destination especially when you are craving for real adventure. This place is also perfect for solo travelling. In this place, you will be able to enjoy world-class wine. Venturing to colorful towns, as well as visiting castles nestled in the mountain. Recommended places to visit when you travel to this place include Vintgar Gorge, Lake Bled, and Predjama Castle. If you are an active social media enthusiasts, taking pictures in this place is a must because the result will be surely album-worthy.
  • Bolivia is also a great place to travel to even though it is often to be underrated. One of the reasons maybe because it is lesser known than other touristy places in South America. If you are planning for serene getaway, this place is perfect. In this place you can enjoy the exotic beaches, stunning mountain ranges, as well as mysterious rainforest. If you like adventure, this place should be included into your bucket list. You will be able to experience various types of activities within varied terrain and climate zones.
  • Houston is located in Texas. This place is travel-friendly for every type of travelers whether solo or group traveler. Manicured parks, gardens, museums, as well as various option for dining are available in this friendly travel destination. The most important point of this travel destination is that it is affordable. Thus, this can be perfect destination for budget travelers as well. lots of interesting places are within walking distance that you don’t have to worry too much about transport.

Eco-Friendly Travel: Taking Part in the War of Plastics

One of the global issues today is the enormous use of plastics that definitely can harm marine life and the ocean. Having eco-friendly travel by avoiding plastics helps a lot.

Traveling and Plastics

We all know that people in the world including us have been using tons and tons of plastics in daily life. This becomes nothing if the plastic itself is harmless. When we realize that there are so many negative things about plastics, undoubtedly, we should do something about it.

Plastics in fact never go away.

How to avoid plastics when traveling

It also can attract pollutants, give bad effects to our health, spoil our groundwater, poison our food chains, threaten wildlife, etc. Those who love traveling, you can start by booking a sustainable travel provider which will avoid the use of plastic bottles.

Independent travelers can help save the earth from the danger of plastics by doing the tips below.

What to do to avoid plastics when traveling

  • You will need water wherever you go, so the best thing to do to avoid single-use water bottles is to carry your own refillable water bottles. Remember, you should buy a water bottle that is made from a great material that won’t give any harms. It will save you money as well. Why? Every time you come to a public place like an airport, you can refill your water bottle. Eco-friendly travel includes the use of a traveler’s water filter because not all countries in the world have the water that we can drink directly from the tap. In the online or offline shops of travel tools, you’ll find this kind of water filter. So, if you have it, wherever you are, you can drink water safely.
  • Trying local street foods and drinks is a must to do when traveling. Say no if the sellers use plastic containers. Use your own eco-friendly containers you bring from home.
  • When you are at eateries, avoid the use of plastic straws for your drinks. Bring your own straws made from bamboo woods or stainless steel.
  • It is a must for you to make sure that you have prepared a wooden toothbrush with changeable head, bars of soap, and bars of shampoo. Those two won’t need plastic containers, right?
  • If you travel to South East Asia or South America where the use of plastic packages is still high, it is better for you to bring your own bag when you decide to go shopping, especially at a traditional market.
  • Wherever you are in your destination, especially if you are at a mountain, a garden, or a beach, it is great if you just help pick up any things made from plastic such as bottles, containers, wrappers, caps, etc, that you find there.

You feel good when you can take part in creating a blue planet without plastics, don’t you think so? Besides, what you should do to take part in the war of plastic isn’t really hard. Hopefully, the article talking about eco-friendly travel can give you the inspiration to try to eliminate the use of plastic in your daily life.

Hassle-Free Camping Idea You Can Teach Your Kids

Camping can be a beautiful unforgettable memory for many of us. Even since years ago when we were a kids, we can still remember how fun it was to be at outdoor with friends and teacher or parents.

We have been realized that kids should be given the beautiful experiences that can help their growing. The more of good memories they’ll get, the better for their life. It will also help their mental and later will contributing in making them as a better person in the future.

Therefore, through camping, you can makes it as one of the activity you can share with your kids to gain more benefits for them while you can also get the advantages of the camping itself.

Hassle-free camping idea with kids

But for some people, camping can be a hassle. Sometimes, they will only need to go out and camping for about 4 or 5 hours, but there are too many things they have to bring. Not to mention if you are bringing the kids, then I am sure that there will be more hassles that can make your camping won’t be interesting as before.

So that, I am here to give you a hassle free camping idea while you can still teach your kids at outdoor and introduce them to the nature or environment. What kind of a camping idea will it be?

Hassle-free camping idea at house yard or neighborhood with the right and fun camping gears

The only camping idea I am going to tell you this time is by making use of your house yard, the neighborhood or the nearby park especially for those parents that are working at home.

Those kind of workers as well as parents sometime have no time for their self and sometimes kids are being sad by that. Planning for camping in a holidays season sounds good, but it can be a too long waiting.

So, why not using what you may have already got around you? Your house may has its own front or backyard, the gardening area, side of the river close to house, the nearby public park or just anywhere possible that you can reach it in no time and start your camping for hours or even a night with your kids.

Making use the area that you have known so long can also be a good thing for the kids that won’t be strange and afraid about the camping site you have chosen since they have also familiar with the area.

Now, the first and main hassle should not be a problem anymore since the camping site you can use will be closer or even at your own home at the backyard where you don’t need to spend more times to get to it. So, your kids will no longer need a promise from you telling them: “we will go for a camping next holidays!”

The next thing you will need to supporting this hassle-free camping idea where you can also teach your kids about some valuable things is that to buy and use the parachute hammock as the shelter.

While writing this, I am actually feeling excited about the idea. As the hammock made of parachute has been a simple shelter for many campers, you can also take the same advantages of it for your kids. You can teach your kids how to uses it or showing them how you will deal with the suspension system base on their knowledge with a simple words.

It is also a fun thing to bring knowing that kids are a big fan of the swing and you can use the hammock for that.

Using the tent is also recommended. The thing is that, won’t it be giving you the extra troublesome?

Now, your have decided where to go and what to use, another thing you can add for the camping activity to make your kids experiencing more fun and happiness is to bring their toys or games you often playing with them back at home. Even if the condition will be possible, you can also showing them how to light up the fire camp while enjoying the silent in the night.

Those are things you can do to get a hassle-free camping idea where you can teach your kids with actually many things. Here i just mentioned some possible activities and gears you can bring, but for the other things that can improve the kids excitements, you can think about them yourself since you should have known your kids very well about what will make them happier.

Off-Road Adventuring: Why People Even Do That?

More doesn’t always better. Take a road as an example! We are all need to have a good road to make our way smoothly to the destination. But when its come to talk about adventuring, more should be lessen!

That’s what I have thought of about an off-road adventuring where many of the adventurer are requiring to be different with the others and need to experience the other side of “not making yourself comfortable in a traveling!”

Most of the traveling you have been talking about or read in a travel zines somehow were talking about the same things over and over again. You will have to travel in luxury, comfortable and having fun at the destination you visit.

Far different with an off-road adventuring, you will forget almost of all those things but the having fun part will be kept behind. You don’t have to think about the luxury of an accommodation, how you will enjoy your spare time while drinking cocktails in evening after the sunset and everything regular. You will only need to use your t-shirt and see how fast your adrenaline will be.

Why people are in love with off-road adventuring?

What I am actually mean by saying the above things is that people are different in enjoy their times and I think that there is no good and bad in that. So does when people are making an off-road adventuring as their hobby or as simple as their travel option to try.

reasons why many people are in love to off-road adventuring

Besides that, it can also be the benefits the off-road adventuring has that make the other adventurers are doing it often and regularly and if you want to know more about what are those benefits, you may will need to see the below lists. For your information, I am talking about the off-road adventuring by using both the motorbike or the four-wheel drive

  1. Experience the different part of the world: Many off-road adventuring will be held on places that many won’t go there. If you are interesting about this, you won’t only start your adventure but can also start an exploration to a new world you may have never seen and heard before. That can be a unique thing to do in life for sure where you will have a chance to experience such rare thing in life.
  2. Improve driving skill in dangerous condition: The fun thing to be underlined about the off-road adventuring is that we will find the troublesome. You don’t need a smooth road, even you have to find the harsh one or even the towering one that can make your heart out. But we should also admitted that it will be improving our driving skill especially in a dangerous condition.
  3. It is about teamwork: When you are deciding to drive the four-wheel, it will be a lonely adventure if you are going alone. But mostly, it is a good thing to do when you are with a friend that can be your guide during the off-road adventuring. It is a great thing to do for improving the teamwork and a worthy one to do in life.

There will be more advantages of the off-road adventuring especially it is a sport itself with its own championship that can make you an athlete. But overall, those 3 above reasons are my hand-picked ones that I considered as the reasons why there will be more people are in love with off-road adventuring.

Excellent Place to Stay in Bali

Many people may are visiting Bali just for the Kuta’s nightlife. But frankly, Kuta will be too crowded for you to stay. It is still fun to be there if you want, but I am prefer to get you heading to Seminyak for many reasons including as your excellent place to stay and experience the nightlife and more adventures in Bali.

There are numerous beach clubs at Seminyak where you can’t even had a chance to experience the same tropical fun at Kuta, bars with international Djs, various accommodation option, shopping centres and more.

It is truly an excellent place to stay in Bali where the Seminyak area itself has been developing as the travelling centre in Bali just like any other popular areas.

An excellent accommodation to choose for your stay at Seminyak, Bali

As said before that there have been various type of the stay at Seminyak. You can choose from the widest price of the pretentious guest houses to the lowest price of the hostels. There are also some beachfront condos and apartments you can choose.

But of all the available choices, there are one of the popular and best accommodation for most of the travellers that are staying at Seminyak. It is the villa where the Seminyak itself has many of it. It can be considered that villa is the most accommodation at Seminyak.

And if you are asking me what kind of villa that will be the favourite for everyone, many travellers have been pampering their holidays by choosing the Seminyak villas with private pool as their best accommodation while enjoying the best sleep and stay experiences in their holidays in Bali.

Excellent place to stay in Bali

Can that type of accommodation be your excellent place for your next retreat in Bali?

Room tips on how you will choose your villa at Seminyak

If there will be the useful first tips on how to choose your best place to stay in Bali or Seminyak, then I won’t included the private pool as my recommendation since most of the villas are possible to have that facility. But, you may want to know first that if you are requiring the tranquility and silence while staying, then you have to choose the one that is not closer to the beach club and night club to avoid the noises.

Next, it is better to finds one that can is also not too close with the other accommodations or other buildings that can be publicly accessed like restaurant that surely will break the silence of your stay.

You can also considering the garden of a villa that can be a good thing for your accommodation and to get rid of the noises from outside or minimizing them all to say the least. You won’t also need to worry that your accommodation will be too close to the main road because most of them will be a hidden gems backside of the traffics to keep all the travelers experiencing the comfortable stay.

When the above private pool villa will be met the excellent place to stay in Bali such Seminyak, you’ll wish that your holidays should be longer than what you have got.

Is It Bad to Get Addicted to Travelling?

For some people, travelling is once in a while time thing. Some other consider travelling as a hobby. There are those who make travelling as their job such as travel blogger or photographer. There also people who started getting addicted to travel. Travel addiction may sound bad but it is not entirely bad. It depends on from what point of view you see it. Travelling a fun thing to do especially when you are currently in stress or burning out. It can be a refreshing activity to distract your mind. Some people travel also to recharge their positive energy. There are always positive effects you get from travelling.

Getting addicted to travel

Before elaborating if it is good or bad for being addicted to travel, you need to know first about the signs whether or not you are already travel addict.

When you keep thinking of being somewhere that it keeps bugging your mind even when you are in the middle of doing something then it is one of the sign of travel addiction. Your mind keeps wandering around some places you want to visit or you did.

Another sign is when you keep asking people around you about their experience in travelling. You even keep asking your friends to travel with you to the point where you keep being rejected since you have asked for many times already.  

Is It Bad to Get Addicted to Travelling?

Another sign is when you keep watching anything related to travel either from TV shows or online program. You start reading travel guide books for fun. Whenever you go, you plan a trip to the point your journal or phone is full of your plans.

Other signs include saving travel playlist on your phone, having more than one currency in your wallet, you speak more travel terms such as airport codes to say a name of a place, keep analyzing tourists around you to tell where they have been to, being restless when you haven’t been travelling lately, reading travel blogs for hours, having a never-ending bucket list, collecting travel stuffs, talking more and more about travel even if the topic you are discussing is not related to it, planning for the next trip while you are currently on a trip, and the list goes on.

If you are experiencing these sign, then you might start addicted to travel. It is not bad if it doesn’t affect your healthy life. If you keep thinking about travelling to the point you couldn’t even sleep peacefully or starving yourself to save money for travelling then it is dangerous type of addiction. It is also bad if you neglect your responsibility to your family (if you have any) due to your obsession to travel.

If you are addicted to travel to the extent where you have bucket list to be fulfilled for few years then it is fine. It is even better if every list has purpose. That way, your trip is not only about wasting money but also get life lessons you couldn’t find anywhere but from travelling.

In the Hunt of Best Komodo Liveaboard for Budget Wanderers

Komodo is famous to travelers for its Komodo dragons, the-lost-world vibes, and exceptional underwater conditions and remarkable marine life. Breathtaking views of towering dormant volcanoes, jagged mountains, undulating hills, and pristine valleys with swaying savannah are everything. Once you set the sail to Komodo, you will immediately feel the outlandish vibe and feel like you are finding a long lost world where the ancient and prehistoric Komodo dragons roam the land. As sailing is a mandatory method to explore the magnificent Komodo, of course you would want to complete the experience by sailing in the best Komodo liveaboard you could find—without breaking the bank. In this article, we want to share the best liveaboard on a budget for your upcoming Komodo holiday references. 

Best Komodo Liveaboard — the Budget

When you are travelling to somewhere as remote as Komodo, you know that going for budget option would largely means leaving convenience behind. But here we have three budget liveaboard recommendation where basic facilities are arranged with great hospitality and travelling comfort in mind.

In the Hunt of Best Komodo Liveaboard for Budget Wanderers

Tanaka Liveaboard

Tanaka is one of the best Komodo liveaboard to explore Komodo National Park for those on a budget. Often running the popular three to seven nights trip departing on almost every week, the 35m Tanaka can host up to 14  guests in 5 cabins. All cabins are equipped with individually controlled AC and ensuite bathrooms including bathrobes, towels, and storage space. Diver enthusiast would be thrilled for having diving packages and snorkelling guide included on the price. What’s more, Tanaka have extra water sport entertainment like Kayak and Stand Up Paddleboard to use in Komodo’s pristine water. For a standard 4D3N sailing trip, Tanaka charges around US$ 1,294—and with such complete facilities, this boat is definitely a deal. 

Regina Liveaboard

Joining the 25m KLM Regina is a great way to explore the best of Komodo in intimate small-sized group. The boat itself come with 2 cabins three large double beds and three bunkbeds, catering to maximum 8 passengers on one trip. When you are not diving, snorkelling, or busy doing island excursion, relax on the open roof top terraces featuring comfortable bean bags where you could sit back and stare out into the open sea. With only US$ 633 for a regular 4D3N trip, Regina is truly the best answer for budget travelers. The downside would be the unavailability of complete diving equipments for avid divers alike. You might need to bring/ rent the diving equipments on your own. But if islands exploration is your sole purpose with some snorkelling here and there, this boat is your best bet. 

Helena Liveaboard

The KLM Helena is a 30m traditional sailing boat, fitted with modern amenities and furnishing. With  5 air-conditioned and ensuite cabins, this phinisi is ready to take up to 12 passengers to sail all around Komodo. For those who are interested, the boat provides two kayaks to chill whenever the boat pull over on calm and brilliant water. The food is delicious and always freshly prepared, but you are always advised to notify any food allergies prior to departure. If you don’t really have much budget to spare but still want a proper and comfortable sailing trip, then Helena could be your best Komodo liveaboard option.

Choosing the Right Hostel for Your Trip

There are many options for accommodation when it comes to traveling. Today, it is not hard to find decent play to stay in during your trip. However, some travelers limit themselves to choose accommodation.

You see, hotel is not the only option you have. You can find decent hostels to stay at. Of course, there is already stigma of hostel being dirty or messy. However, hostels today are different.

There are many hostels providing the best amenities, and more importantly still within budget. Thus, why spend extra money to book at expensive place if you can book a room in hostel which provide similar service?

The right hostel you should choose for your trip

How to choose the right hostel for trip

There are various factors that make good hostels. The staffs, facilities, amenities, and services are important factors to take into consideration when it comes to choose perfect hostel.

Some people say it is easier to find creepy hostel than the high quality one. However, you will find the right hostel if you search enough. Here are some tips to make your search for the right hostel easier:

  • Don’t always rely on the price. You see, one of the most common reasons why people choose to stay at hostel during their trip is because of the low price. However, the cheaper is definitely not always the better. Even if you are budget traveler, it is highly recommended not to always look at the cheapest when it comes to hostel. It is better to pay few dollar more for nicer room in decent hostel. Your body deserves it.
  • Good hostel provide decent breakfast both regarding to the time and foods. Some hostels begins breakfast as early as 6 or 7am. It is highly possible to miss the breakfast time if the schedule is that early. Thus, find hostel that provide breakfast at decent time with decent foods. Breakfast is the right time for you to gear up and be ready to face the day. If the food is not decent enough, find another hostel to book.
  • Try to find hostel that has a late check-out. Most hostels require their guests to check-out at 10am. However it is better to book a hostel than offer late check-out so you still have time to rest and prepare for the next activities. It is even better if you can find hostel that has flexible check-ins.
  • Find hostel that provide you lockers because they are not luxury but necessity. Lockers should a standard even in the hostel. It is important element you should have especially if you are the type of traveler that carry electronic device quite many.
  • Book a room in hostel that provides free-internet. You see, being budget traveler means you need to be wise with your expense. If you can gain benefit from hostel providing free internet then why not? Of course, internet is not always a must for travelers. However, it is a plus you can make the most of since many hostel still charge the guest for using internet today.

How to Decide Travel Destination from so Many Options

Travel has become important commodity so that’s why there are so many travel destinations around the world. Sometimes, it is overwhelming that even when you have time to travel, you are confused to decide where to go. Escape from your daily hustle and bustle is what your body deserves. You need a break for sure and travelling is like a healing moment you really need. Sometimes when you have decided the place you really want to visit, suddenly another idea comes to your mind and ruin your plan. The cycle keeps going and it ends up with you missing the opportunity to travel.

How to Decide Travel Destination from so Many Options

Picking travel destination

We always complain when we are faced with little to no option. However, we still complain when there are too many options as well. If you think of new places you have never been before, the list will goes on. The world is big after all. So here are some tips to decide travel destination for your getaway:

–        Decide what kind of travel you really want to pursue. For example, backpacking, luxury vacation, road trip, and many more choices. From there, it will be easier to decide your travel destination. If you aim luxury vacation, your possible travel destination could be those places related to islands such as Bali, Hawaii, etc. this already helps you sort out your travel destination choices.

–        Next, choose travel destination based on your interest. For example, your interest lies on history and culture. Thus, you can visit places that is rich with those values. You can visit Japan, Italy, United Kingdom, or Greece.

–        You can also choose travel destination based on your hobby. If your hobby is hiking, or climbing, you can visit a place that can accommodate your hobby the most. For example, you can visit country with popular mountain and hiking trek. If your hobby is watching movies, you can visit a place that had been used for a filming location. For example, you can visit Bali if your favorite movie is Eat, Pray, love where Julia Roberts was the lead actress.

–        If you don’t have certain interest and hobbies, try to make a lit consist of top ten places you really want to visit badly. Ten is enough number that you can write down on your note. Then, you can research those places more to find out which one of them that fits perfectly with your situation. You may also need to consider the weather of the place you want to visit. You don’t want to travel in a freeing or over heating country.

–        Think about what you want to achieve from travelling. If peace is what you are looking for, choose less touristy places where you can go stargazing, meditating, or simply relaxing without constant buzz and noise. If you need to recharge energy, try visiting lively places that hold cultural events or festivals. The buzz and positivity radiated from the locals is good for you. Not only get to visit the place that fit your need, but you also get to experience meaningful travel.