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The Ultimate Packing Tips for Komodo Boat Trip

The enchanting beauty of the land of Komodo dragons is out and now travelers from all around the  world flocks to the far flung haven. Now, trip to Komodo National Park, Flores, is not just like any trip. Aside from its rugged and outlandish lands, destinations are dispersed among more than 20 little islands—with one of world’s best marine park in between. This is a sailing trip featuring island excursions, dragon hunting, and diving expedition all in one package. And to ensure the success of the sailing trip, one should have meticulous preparation for three days and more on Flores’ famous Indonesian wooden ‘phinisi’  boats. It’s actually quite easy to put together a list of what to pack and when you are preparing your first Komodo boat trip.

The Ultimate Packing Tips for Komodo Boat Trip

Simple Luggage

Unless you are sailing on luxurious, private yacht, spaces on boat are generally limited. Don’t bring a bag that couldn’t be pushed on small closet self or slide under a bunk. Definitely don’t bring a suitcases. They take up TONS of room and their wheels can hurt the boat’s wooden deck. 

Be Reasonable with Make Up and Skin Care

On a liveaboard Komodo, no one cares whether your hair is blown dry and stay silky smooth after plunging in the water. For most women, make up pouch could be very bulky and take more spaces than all your underwear combined. Leave your heavy beauty supply home. Only take the essentials—like sunblock—and pack them into travel-size bottles. With so much diving, snorkeling, and hiking, you won’t have the time and necessity to wear makeup anyway. 

Pack A Conversation Starter Piece

Komodo boat trip usually got very lively with stories and anecdotes between fellow travelers. If you are naturally outgoing, you might find it difficult to stop yourself from all the talking. It’s just very fun to gather around and discuss what’s happening on previous/ next destination! But if you are on more introverted side, this could be quite a challenging situation. Pro tip: bring a conversation starter piece that invite people to throw a comment on it.  

Smart, Practical Clothing

The number one rules on clothes for travelling: pack wrinkle-proof, quick-dry fabrics that you won’t mind to wear for two to three times. The benefit of travelling on Komodo boat trip is, you will have access to blazing hot tropical sun everyday—means you can hang your clothes to dry. Also, pack extra pair of swimming suits/ shorts. You will have A LOT of water activities and you need something to wear while waiting for the other swimwear to dry.

Water and Wind-Proof Accessories

When you are travelling in hot and windy Komodo, you’ll want to wear something that would be friendly to the winds and water. Hats that won’t get knocked off by the wind as easily and sandals that would stay put in the water (and dry as quickly when you’re back on land). Simple flip flops may look very practical, but they quickly loosen the moment you get into the water. Go with rubber sandals that won’t be slipper on the deck and won’t float for water play in the beach. 

Outdoor Camping: A Boost to Your Mental and Physical Health?

Breathing in the fresh air, staying by the lake, having campfires, and going for a hike; all of the goodness outdoor camping can offer, and more. Outdoor camping is steadily popular, and they have their own dedicated fanbase, apparently. this is for those who are looking to plan out downtime and need some convincing on why you should go camping over other things you have in mind.

Give yourself a much-needed break from your routine through camping outdoor

Outdoor camping is not merely a popular outing associated with family time. There are people dedicated to the camping activity itself and they thrive in all that the outdoors offer. You’ve probably heard a million times that “going outside” is good for you. Well, it’s correct. But it’s also a bit more than that. The outdoor is good for you when you’re surrounded by trees and can smell the soil beneath you.

Nature has a way of stabilizing our moods and soothes us

Camping outdoors is a way to give our bodies and minds a break from the strenuous everyday routine. And nature is the best place to give yourself that break. There’s nothing better than spending the entirety of your downtime simply being among the greenery.

A glance at a slice of greenery does wonders

Even when it is merely looking at the houseplant on your office desk, there are health benefits you can already reap. Many studies have shown that looking at a plant increases your focus and even your productivity. This is a huge part thanks to the soothing and relaxing effect looking at plants have on us. And this is, of course, increased tenfold when you’re actually outdoors, surrounded by nature and everything it has to offer.

Overall a form of mental health care: camping improves your moods and lower stress level

A study has shown that being in a forest improves both your mental health as well as your physical fitness greatly. The clear air and the airborne chemicals, phytoncides, produced by trees, help promote our immune system. Having a camping session would only do you good. Nature is capable of increasing your body’s ability to control your stress levels, helps stimulate endorphins and serotonin, the feel-good hormones your body needed, and more. Seriously, outdoor camping is extremely beneficial and consider that seriously the next time you plan your day off.

The exercise associated with the camping activities

Even without a dedicated session of work out, the entirety of camping activities themselves is packed with exercise. You’re likely going to do a lot of walking compared to your everyday routine. It’s an excellent break for your body especially if you work office desk jobs.

Why outdoor camping?

Well, why not? Whether it’s tent camping has its very own appeal and it definitely has its own fanbase. Ever wondered why camping; be it the conventional tent or hammock camping, seemed to have such a dedicated follower? Find out on your own. There are numerous blogs that show the sheer occult activity of enthusiastic camping fans. If your curiosity has been piqued, it’s time to dig it up.

Bali Diving Course, Unforgettable Adventure & Leisure Activity

It is a fact that diving is different from other activities. Scuba diving comes with a set of skills that distinguish from others. Many divers focus and become successful in this field by working hard to sharpen their skills or weaknesses. For beginners, there are many ways to learn to dive.

What is very possible for beginners is to join a diving club for diving courses, whether in the country or abroad. Learning to dive abroad is very possible for a training trip while enjoying a holiday. This is an adventure trip that is certainly fun and impressive. If you ask where to learn to dive with a cheap budget, then you can visit Bali.

Bali, the world’s best tourist destination that offers a unique and rich culture. Bali diving course is cheaper compared to other countries. Or if possible, look for dive operators who offer a busy schedule for diving training. This allows you to get rigorous training to sharpen basic diving skills.

The Find Bali diving course is very easy. There are many dive operators who offer complete packages for all levels. No matter whether you are a beginner or a professional, all need to understand and explore skills without any limitations.

It will be very possible for the Bali diving course to bring you to find a dream job. Being a coach requires a lot of time understanding the basics and knowledge about diving in depth. The Bali diving course is something that is very useful for anyone. And anyone should try for an amazing and impressive adventure.

Bali Diving Course To Learn Useful Skills

For beginner divers, taking a diving course and learning skills is extraordinary. The diving course is something great that you will later use to explore the underwater anywhere in the world. Learning some cues is a must. Remembering sign language is the only way to communicate with other divers when diving. Basic safety and first aid methods you must learn. Whether later you become an instructor or just dive as a hobby, at least diving is not only a pleasure, but can also help save the lives of others.

Bali Diving Course, Good for Travel

Wherever you go diving is good for an experience. The Bali diving course will be perfect with underwater tour trips and discovering many uniqueness. Dive certificate is the ticket for you. For this reason, the Bali diving course allows you to try diving anywhere in the world.

Travel Destinations You Should Include into Your Bucket List

There’s a lot of places you can go around the world that it sounds impossible to run out of ideas. Choosing travel destination can be fun yet stressful due to so many options. However, every individual has their own preferences so it makes it more possible to find the right travel destination that suits every individual’s taste. Everyone must have a bucket list containing things to do or places to go. If you travel frequently, you must have had your own bucket list. Your bucket doesn’t have to be filled with extravagant thing. It should contains every wish you want to achieve, including to visit a place you really want at least once in your lifetime.

Places supposed to be in your bucket list

Visiting new places is exciting because you will be experiencing new things, interacting with new people, and doing things you’ve never imagined before. Your bucket list might have been full with dream travel destination. However, it never hurts to add another one of these amazing places that definitely should make into your bucket list.

  • Mallorca is located in Spain. This is a beautiful island in Spain that is worth travelling for. In this beautiful and peaceful island, you can visit Palma the capital city, where you can enjoy architectural delights. Recommended places to go include Moorish castle, Gaudi works, and other cultural sites. Not to mention that the idyllic beaches are too tempting to skip when you are in this gorgeous island.
  • Slovenia is great travel destination especially when you are craving for real adventure. This place is also perfect for solo travelling. In this place, you will be able to enjoy world-class wine. Venturing to colorful towns, as well as visiting castles nestled in the mountain. Recommended places to visit when you travel to this place include Vintgar Gorge, Lake Bled, and Predjama Castle. If you are an active social media enthusiasts, taking pictures in this place is a must because the result will be surely album-worthy.
  • Bolivia is also a great place to travel to even though it is often to be underrated. One of the reasons maybe because it is lesser known than other touristy places in South America. If you are planning for serene getaway, this place is perfect. In this place you can enjoy the exotic beaches, stunning mountain ranges, as well as mysterious rainforest. If you like adventure, this place should be included into your bucket list. You will be able to experience various types of activities within varied terrain and climate zones.
  • Houston is located in Texas. This place is travel-friendly for every type of travelers whether solo or group traveler. Manicured parks, gardens, museums, as well as various option for dining are available in this friendly travel destination. The most important point of this travel destination is that it is affordable. Thus, this can be perfect destination for budget travelers as well. lots of interesting places are within walking distance that you don’t have to worry too much about transport.

Make the Most of Your Vacation with Bali Family Villas

Bali is a perfect place for a family trip. You might think it could be a hassle to bring your families for a vacation but it’s not always like that as long as you plan your holiday and choose the right accommodation. To tackle down issue with accommodation, you can rely on Bali family villas, villa rental agency, owned by Australian couple who have helped over 10.000 families to find perfect villa to stay at during their holiday in Bali. You see, parents have different worries from single travelers especially when it comes to accommodation. Single travelers can just sleep at hotel or hostel but families need to take care of kids or elderlies. Thus, accommodation is a big issue to handle.

How Bali family villas help you with your accommodation

Bali family villas has a solid team who can help you find the right villa as well as the best one. Finding the right villa is the first priority because not all villas with best features can provide what you and your families need. Thus, the team will help you finding private villa that can provide you what you need for comfortable space during your stay in Bali. Here how the team works to realize it:

  • The team investigate the villa personally instead of relying on digital information from internet. You see, there are lots of villas scattered in Bali with various features, amenities, facilities, locations, prices, and services. The team will help you to find the one that suits your family’s unique vibe started by picking villa with certain style as well as quality service that meets your criteria. Everything is researched based on your interest and preference. Therefore, the team can make sure that the villa meets the highest standard.
  • If this is your first time visiting Bali, the team will provide you any information you need. The team has experience the real Bali by living in it for years to know exactly what’s best of Bali that deserve your attention. Therefore, the make ensure you to really experience the finest of Bali from every aspect be it foods, attraction, and social interaction with the locals. Giving advice and suggestion is part of the service you will receive when you choose Bali family villas.
  • The service you will receive is genuine and reliable. Without underestimating professionalism, the team always do the best to give the best service. Since the team consists of families, they really know how prone it is to get some troubles when having family vacation. However, everything will be less-stressing and more fun when the service meets your need.
  • The payment in Bali family villas option is in AUD$ with hassle-free process. There are no hidden fees you need to pay because information about rates will be delivered clearly from the beginning. You will also receive information about additional charges if you ask for service outside the standard service. Therefore, the team will help you to make the most of your holiday in Bali without so much hassle in the way.

Most Recommended Street Foods to Try When Travelling in South Korea

South Korea is known for its unique and iconic culture. Aside from its entertainment industry, South Korea is also popular for its tourism. Thus, people from around the world are getting more curious to find out about charms this country owns. Of course, there’s so many places you can visit during your trip to this K-Pop land. However, this place is also a heaven for food lovers. It is not a secret that Korean foods have drawn a lot of attention from worldwide audiences due to exposure from K-movies and k-dramas. Therefore, travelling in South Korea won’t be complete if you don’t have a taste of their street foods.

South Korean street foods to try during your visit

The list of delicious and mouth-watering foods in South Korea is endless. Thus, you don’t need to worry about running out of ideas of what to eat next when you are street-food travelling in this country. Here are most popular and must-try street foods you should have a taste when travelling in this friendly country:

  • Dakgalbi is authentic dish from Gangwon province, specifically Chuncheon. It is a dish consist of stir-fried diced chicken marinated with Korean pepper paste (gochujang), along with sliced cabbage, scallions, onions, sweet potato, rice cake, and perilla leaves. It is served on a hot plate and you eat it directly from it without the need to use a plate or bowl. One of the most recommended places to enjoy this street food is at Yoogane Chicken Galbi.
  • Ddeokbokki is considered as the most popular street food adored by kids to elderly in South Korea. This is considered snack. It is made from rice cake (Ddeok), fish cake, and red chili sauce. This snack can be found almost in any type of eateries in Korea. Sometimes, it is served with broth. The texture is chewy and often tasted spicy. Recommended place to enjoy this snack is at Cheong-Nyun Tteokbokki.
  • Jjimdak is another popular street food in Korea you should try. It is braised chicken dish originated from Andong province. This dish consist of chicken, potatoes, carrots, onions and various vegetables which are marinated with Korean soy sauce. It is then served with rice cakes and glass noodles. For some people it may look similar as chicken stew. However, you should really try it to distinguish both dishes. Depending on your preference, you can have it more or less spicy. Recommended stall to visit is Ha-Hoi Andong jjimdak.
  • Budae Jjigae also known as Korean army stew is also popular foods you can find everywhere in Korea. This dish has risen to massive popularity after the Korean War. In the past it was made from leftover ingredients. Today, this stew is made from ramyeon (Korean instant noodles), spam, sausage, vegetables, rice cakes, and sliced cheese. They are cooked in chili paste soup broth. Sometimes, it is added with baked beans or macaroni as well. Visit Nolboo Budae Jjigae in Seoul to have a taste of this iconic Korean stew.

Why Stay at Canggu Villas for Holiday

There’s so many popular places in Bali when international tourists are flocking in such as Kuta, Legian, Seminyak, and many more. It also includes Canggu, one of the most favorite places in Bali due to its picturesque views. Besides, there’s so many things you can do while staying at one of Canggu villas. Yes, staying at villa while you are in holiday in Bali is more recommended. You will be provided with facilities and amenities in high quality. Besides, villas give you sense of home the most compared to other types of accommodation. Canggu has everything you need for a perfect holiday in Bali. Thus, booking one of the villas is just reasonable.

Benefits of staying at Canggu villas

Canggu is popular for many reasons. The most popular reason is the view. It is breathtaking and worth travelling for. From surfing, shopping to enjoying street arts, Canggu is an ideal place to stay for memorable holiday both when you do it solo or in group of friends or families. Here are what you get from choosing to stay at one of villas in Canggu instead of booking a room in hotel or hostel:

  • Canggu is popular but it is not too crowded. There’s still some senses of peace and calmness you can feel if you stay in Canggu. It is even better when you choose to rent a private villa.  Most villas in Bali is designed in artistic architecture which make them look even more stunning to look at. You can imagine how it feels to stay inside. The perfect vibe of exotic holiday can be felt during your stay at the villa.
  • Canggu is also popular for surfing. That’s why this area is flocked mostly by surfers both beginners and professionals. During your stay at the villa, you can attend local surf school. There’s so many of them so you can sign in if you are interested. They are also situated near some villas in Canggu, so you don’t need to go too far to go from your villa to the school.
  • Canggu is a heaven for massage. There’s so many massage house offering the best service for incredible massage in relatively low price. However, most villas in Canggu also provide spas so you don’t have to go anywhere else to get the best massage. You can even request massage therapist to your villa’s manager to come to the villa. This request may require you to pay extra aside from the rent payment at the initial.
  • For food enthusiast, Canggu is your safe haven. Many fine restaurants are scattered around Canggu. Aside from incredible dishes, the price is also affordable. From authentic Indonesian dishes, you can also find restaurants offering dishes in other styles such as Mexican, Chinese, Spanish, and many more. That’s why staying at one of Canggu villas is the right decision for you to make because you can enjoy various foods with high quality. Start your search of the best villa to stay at during your holiday in Bali now.

How to Decide Travel Destination from so Many Options

Travel has become important commodity so that’s why there are so many travel destinations around the world. Sometimes, it is overwhelming that even when you have time to travel, you are confused to decide where to go. Escape from your daily hustle and bustle is what your body deserves. You need a break for sure and travelling is like a healing moment you really need. Sometimes when you have decided the place you really want to visit, suddenly another idea comes to your mind and ruin your plan. The cycle keeps going and it ends up with you missing the opportunity to travel.

How to Decide Travel Destination from so Many Options

Picking travel destination

We always complain when we are faced with little to no option. However, we still complain when there are too many options as well. If you think of new places you have never been before, the list will goes on. The world is big after all. So here are some tips to decide travel destination for your getaway:

–        Decide what kind of travel you really want to pursue. For example, backpacking, luxury vacation, road trip, and many more choices. From there, it will be easier to decide your travel destination. If you aim luxury vacation, your possible travel destination could be those places related to islands such as Bali, Hawaii, etc. this already helps you sort out your travel destination choices.

–        Next, choose travel destination based on your interest. For example, your interest lies on history and culture. Thus, you can visit places that is rich with those values. You can visit Japan, Italy, United Kingdom, or Greece.

–        You can also choose travel destination based on your hobby. If your hobby is hiking, or climbing, you can visit a place that can accommodate your hobby the most. For example, you can visit country with popular mountain and hiking trek. If your hobby is watching movies, you can visit a place that had been used for a filming location. For example, you can visit Bali if your favorite movie is Eat, Pray, love where Julia Roberts was the lead actress.

–        If you don’t have certain interest and hobbies, try to make a lit consist of top ten places you really want to visit badly. Ten is enough number that you can write down on your note. Then, you can research those places more to find out which one of them that fits perfectly with your situation. You may also need to consider the weather of the place you want to visit. You don’t want to travel in a freeing or over heating country.

–        Think about what you want to achieve from travelling. If peace is what you are looking for, choose less touristy places where you can go stargazing, meditating, or simply relaxing without constant buzz and noise. If you need to recharge energy, try visiting lively places that hold cultural events or festivals. The buzz and positivity radiated from the locals is good for you. Not only get to visit the place that fit your need, but you also get to experience meaningful travel.

What to Expect on Komodo Sailing Trip

There’s few places like the Komodo National Park left on earth. A far-flung frontier, protected by local government and UNESCO to provide wild habitat for the rare, endemic, and prehistoric Komodo dragons. A place that almost totally untouched by mass civilisation except a few resort springs in the midst of wilderness. One of the last haven of earth to be home of incredible ecosystem and stunning landscape. Each natural wonder is spread among more than 20 islets and the underwater world in between, making Komodo sailing trip as the most popular choice to roam the wondrous Komodo. 

Here’s what to expect if you embark a journey with Komodo boat or cruisers:

What to Expect on Komodo Sailing Trip

Gourmet Meals

You can be relieved knowing that most Komodo sailing trip, either luxury cruisers to humble liveaboard, always make their meals from fresh and locally sourced ingredients. You wouldn’t find any pre-made quick food that we usually grab at nearest convenience store. The only thing that differ cruisers with budget liveaboard would be the menu. Cruisers and other luxurious liveaboard often feature extra fresh seafoods such as lobsters, clams, shrimp and pawns, and combining international menu with local sources. Budget liveaboard may have not such expansive (and expensive) variation of food. But you can always be sure to find warm tea, coffee, veggies, and freshly sliced fruits on every meal, regardless the type of the boat. 

Most Komodo Sailing Trip Itinerary Would Include Land and Underwater Exploration

Much like Bali, Raja Ampat, and Thailand, Komodo sits right in the middle of world’s famous Coral Triangle. With extremely rich marine life, it’s no wonder that half of the travelers come to Komodo are divers and snorkelers. Diving just come in second after the much-awaited tour with the dragons, and it’s normal to find three to four dives featured on most Komodo sailing trip itineraries. 

Hotel-Standard Service

One from many things to love from taking a cruise/ sailing boat in Komodo is the service. Even in the remoteness, you would still have the same service as you would in a hotel. In a very basic level, you would at least have your cabin cleaned every day, get clean sheet, and towel changed. Again, additional facilities would varied between luxury, mid, and budget liveaboard. In luxurious cruise, you can expect to have toiletries supplies, flat screen TV, air conditioner, and ensuite cabin with double bed. 

Additional Charges

Sure, you have paid your boat tour full in front. But Komodo sailing trip is not about sailing with the boat itself. You would also have to pay entrance fee to the national park, pay the fee of Komodo rangers (don’t try to skip the ranger guides, they are the one that will keep you in one piece after the Komodo tour), and other charged fees to do another activities around the national park. The latter could varied from one activity to another, such as diving, fishing, canoeing, wildlife observation, and many others. 

Traditional Foods You Must Try in India

Traveling to India will make you able to learn about various unique cultures, religions, and traditions. India is not only famous for its Taj Mahal but also for its culinary. Traditional Indian foods are cooked with various spices so that it tastes uniquely delicious. For you who love foods with strong flavors of spices, you must try these traditional Indian foods when you travel to this Bollywood country.

Traditional Foods You Must Try in India


It is no doubt that Biryani is one of the traditional Indian foods which is popular all over the world. Biryani is rice cooked with spices and mixed with beef or chicken. Every region in India has different recipes of Biryani. So that you will taste different tastes of this traditional food every time you visit different regions in India. Moreover, Biryani is also very popular among Indian Muslims. If you look for halal foods when you visit India, Biryani can be your choice.

Tandoori Chicken

Another famous traditional Indian food, Tandoori Chicken. Tandoori Chicken is not only popular in India but also in Central Asia and some countries in Southeast Asia. This traditional Indian food is chicken cooked in the clay furnace and seasoned with yogurt mixed with spices such as Indian peppers, turmeric, and Masala salt. Tandoori Chicken is suitable for you who love spicy foods.


Dhokla is a vegetarian desert from Gujarat. This traditional Indian dessert is made from fermented flour which is mixed with yogurt, sugar, salt, and mustard seeds. Dhokla is steamed so that its texture is very soft just like a sponge cake. This dessert is not really sweet so that it is suitable to be served with a cup of coffee or tea. If you are a vegetarian, you must try this traditional Indian desert.


Another traditional Indian desert. Phirni is a rice pudding cooked with coconut milk or milk and sugar. Phirni is often completed with toppings such as almonds, pistachio, raisins, or cashew nuts. It has a sweet taste and soft texture. This dessert is always served in celebrations or religious events such as Karwa Chauth or Diwali. For you who love sweet foods, you will like this sweet Phirni dessert.

Gulab Jamun

Gulab Jamun is often called Indian traditional donut. It is very popular in India. Gulab Jamun is made from flour, milk powder, cinnamon powder, and whipped cream. It is usually served with syrup on top of it. But, there are various toppings used such as chocolates and almonds. Those toppings make Gulab Jamun looks more attractive and tastes more delicious.

Murgh Makhani

This traditional Indian food is from North India. Murgh Makhani is butter chicken cooked with super creamy curry sauce and served with canai bread. Murgh Makhani always becomes a special menu in many traditional Indian restaurants because of its creamy and savory taste. It is even said that the quality of Indian restaurants is judged by the Murgh Makhani served.

Those are the traditional Indian foods that you must try when you are traveling to India.