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Supporting The Locals While Traveling

You can do both travelling and supporting locals at the same time. In fact, it is a good thing to do because then your travel will be much more meaningful. For your information, travel and tourism industry give contribution to global economy. It is such a goal to know that the wealth resulted fro travel and tourism industry somehow is given back to the communities you visit. 

Support the locals while exploring the place

Travel is not only about spending your money. Travel is also about sharing happiness. You are happy because you get to visit a place you have dreamed of regardless how much it costs your wallet. It will be more meaningful when you can share a little bit of your happiness with the communities of the places you visit. 

There are many ways in which you can support the local communities while travelling. You can eat at the local restaurant or eat local foods. Choose smaller local restaurant, stalls, or cafes to eat out. This can ensure your money goes into the community in the surrounding directly. Not to mention that it gives you deeper insight into the local culture through their authentic dishes. You may also learn something more such as how the foods are cooked or how the locals originally eat them. 

Do as the locals do

go local while traveling

Try living like a local. This can gives you different but more authentic experience of the trip. When you try living like the local, you get to know more their culture in their original habitat. Not to mention that this brings comprehensive authenticity of the local. Staying at homestay with the local family is not a bad idea. Who knows maybe you can develop long lasting relationship with them even after your trip ends. 

Avoid chain supermarkets

Avoid big chains and supermarkets when you shop at your travel destination. Instead, you can try more authentic experience by shopping local. It is also a good way to support local small businesses. You can help the economy of the locals to thrive. You can also bargain the price so you can pay with low price. However, make sure to not overdo and pay reasonable price instead. 

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Minimize tourist footprints

Do your best to minimize your footprints. It means, don’t let our presence disturb the peace of the place. Always clean after yourself. Remember to always bring reusable bag to reduce the use of plastic bags. To ensure that you don’t cross any line, always remember that you are only a guest. You have to respect your host no matter what. Do not destroy or damage any property, nature, or wild animals. 


You can donate something you don’t really need. Something you don’t need might be a life saver for others. If you have a bit of extra cash, you can purchase some clothes you won’t find in your own country from the local shop. Then, you can donate your used clothes to the local charity shops, communities, or organization. This way, you can also avoid stuffing up your suitcase unnecessarily.

Best Tattoo Artist Bali Why Book by Artist’s Specialized Style

Each artist has their own style and specialty. It’s the same with tattoo artists. There’s no definite answer to who the best tattoo artist Bali largely because of this factor. Someone who’s exceptionally good at fine line and intricate tattoos may not be good at doing tattoos of other styles; or they are simply not interested to do it. 

Some Bali tattoo artists do dabble in a little bit everything. We call these tattoo artists generalists. But if you’re a huge fan of a certain tattoo style and would like your permanent art to be perfect, then your best bet is to get the specialist artists to do it. Many talk about hygiene, services, and whatnot, but I don’t think we talk enough about style. While we can’t put style into rigid blocks, fact remains that you won’t have an abstract painter do you a hyper-realistic painting. They may be able to do it; but is it really something that they choose to do? 

Best tattoo artist Bali 

bali tattoo seminyak

What makes a best tattoo artist Bali is not just the number of years they have under their belt and whatnot. The right tattoo artist highly varies from individual to individual, just as artistic endeavor is something personal. If you love a certain style and know that you absolutely want to get your art done in that style, then go for the specialized artist. 

When you’re looking for specialized style tattoo artist instead of generalist, first off, you need to find out the niche of your tattoo art. It’s one of the keys in finding the best tattoo artist Bali There are numerous niches out there and chances are, the art you’d like to ink onto your skin belongs to one. 

Here are some of the niches known in the industry: 

  • Tiny tattoo artists 
  • Cover-up scar tattoo artist 
  • Realism tattoo artist 
  • Virtually most types of art you could think of 

With this in mind, it’s worth noting that some artists don’t want to do fine lines; or they simply won’t do it at all. Approaching a tattoo studio or an artist with this knowledge will save you a lot of time. So during your tattoo research, finding out your tat’s niche can be highly useful. 

Some artists won’t do certain tattoo 

tattoo artists in bali

Just as there are artists that does specialized styles, some won’t do certain styles at all. One of the most common examples is tiny tattoo. A few tattoo artists feel they simply aren’t equipped with the fine lining super tiny design; some simply don’t like to do them. However on the other hand, there are artists who specialize on tiny tattoo and fine lines, and they only do those types of tattoos for clients who are especially looking for them. This is merely a simplified example of why choosing specialized tattoo artist that matches the niche of your desired design is so important. 

How to find out tattoo artist’s specialty 

best tattoo artist bali

Portfolio, portfolio, portfolio. You wouldn’t be able to find the best tattoo artist Bali without identifying this first. Keep that as your mantra whenever you’re hunting for just the right tattoo artist. Tattoo portfolio does not merely consist of what your tattoo artist has done. It displays what a tattoo artist choses to display. And they only display the work they personally love to see on their portfolio. And it shows, whether it’s in their social media or their website.

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Up to date artist’s portfolio 

tattoo seminyak

It’s highly advisable that you check more than just the best tattoo artist Bali official website but their social media accounts as well. Website takes time and a little bit more effort to update. What they put on their website are often likely not as up to date. Updating their artwork on social media, however, is effortless. In this case, social media accounts such as Instagram are invaluable for your search for just the right tattoo artist. 

Not Very Common Travel Hacks You Might Need

Not Very Common Travel Hacks You Might Need

Travelling can be a stressful experience if you encounter many problems. For those who frequently travel to differences places must know that the stress from travel problems can drain your body. Thus, it will be very helpful if you find yourself travel hacks to make your trip easier and hassle-free. For avid travelers, they may find those travel hacks from their own experiences. If you also start travelling more frequently, guaranteed you will pick up some travel hacks yourself. It can help you handle travel hassles better over the time. 

Unusual travel hacks you might need

There are so many travel tips and hacks out there that you probably have known. However, there is nothing wrong with finding out more. And here are some travel hacks that are not very common but might be what you need.

Wear Compression Socks

Not Very Common Travel Hacks You Might Need

Instead of wearing stocking or regular socks, it is recommended to wear compression socks. They are better because they can help keeping your circulation and even make it better during your flight. A pair of compression sock will make you thankful because they can make your long-haul flight more bearable. Not to mention that these socks can help prevent the swelling or at least minimize it.

Bring Pillowcase

Instead of bringing pillow, bring the case. This is a great hack if you want to pack light for your travel. If you need to sleep comfortably during a flight for example, you can use the one provided by the airline. Then, you can cover it with your own pillowcase. Thus, you won’t need to worry over the cleanliness of the pillow.

Mark Your Belongings as Fragile 

Not Very Common Travel Hacks You Might Need

Mark your belongings as fragile so that your luggage won’t get tramped or tossed around carelessly by the staffs. They will also treat them carefully knowing that the contents are fragile. This might not be a simple thing but can be your life saver. Lots of travelers have experienced their suitcase got tossed or thrown and found how messy the inside was when they arrived at their destination. 

Read Seats Reviews

Choose the most comfortable seat beforehand by reading the reviews on the internet. Remember that every seat can be different even if they are in the same class. Thus, you can try enter your own flight details online to see the review from others who have experienced in occupying the seat during their flight. 

Save Destination on Google Maps for Offline

Not Very Common Travel Hacks You Might Need

If you have Google Maps, find the direction to your all places you want to visit later at your destination beforehand. Then, save it offline. Therefore, you still be able to access the map even though you lack of internet connection. This can be your life save especially when you don’t really know the place. 

Foldable Water Bottles

Bring your own empty water bottle for your travel. It can be very helpful because you can fill it up later after you pass the security. It is even so much better if you can bring the foldable ones. They are not only efficient but also eco-friendly. Thus, you can prevent yourself from leaving footprints during your travel. 

Preparing Komodo Island Liveaboard Trip

Liveaboard trip to Komodo Island and lands around is the next big hit in Indonesia. This is not your kind of everyday trip—and that’s why it’s so popular. The goal here is not to transport travelers to one harbour to another within the Komodo National Park. It’s to offer a stunning touristic trips on Flores’s pristine sea, with stopping points on Komodo’s best beaches, wildlife conversation, postcard perfect panoramic hills, and world class diving spots. Liveaboard is an experience of traversing the remote Komodo in the best environment possible. However, preparing a Komodo liveaboard trip would totally depends on your style of travelling and which kind of liveaboard that you are sailing with. Here’s our general rules on preparing a liveaboard Komodo trip. 

Preparing Komodo Island Liveaboard Trip

Travelling Komodo Island in Phinisi Liveaboard

There are many kinds of liveaboard trip offered in Labuan Bajo, Flores. Phinisi liveaboard, however, is the best one. The phinisi-style ship is one of the finest and biggest fleet in Komodo. Phinisi liveaboard is usually pricier, but you are going to sleep in comfy and private cabins instead of shared dorms or open decks.

Save All Important Documents in Waterproof Folder

Preparing Komodo Island Liveaboard Trip

You are going to be surrounded by the water—and probably get wet for half of your trip. Store all your important documents in a waterproof folder so it won’t get ruined by the water. It’s also saver if—God forbid—something wrong happened with the ship. At least your important documents will be save. 

The Packing Tips 

Here comes the packing. While we can discuss packing tips for liveaboard trip in a whole separate articles, here’s the general rules. Don’t overpack. Bring clothes that can be folded to small and compact cubes. Choose quick to dry and anti wrinkle clothes. Pack only things that you will actually wear. Use soft-padded bags instead of hard case suitcases. Bring your personal dive gears (masks, snorkel, BCD, swimsuit, or dive computers) and put it on a dry bag. Insert that dive license to your wallet. Don’t forget your medicine including seasickness medications and bug repeller. 

Maybe You Need A Blanket 

Preparing Komodo Island Liveaboard Trip

If you take a phinisi liveaboard to Komodo Island, you can skip this part. But if you decide to take the most bargain ship in the port where all passengers sleep in a deck, you might need to consider bringing a travel blanket. Or at least something that can be used a makeshift blanket. A simple Bali sarong will do. 

Tipping the Komodo Island Liveaboard Crews

You’ve been enjoying your Komodo Island liveaboard trips. Everyday on the board you’ve been relishing on delicious meals cooked by the crews. They’ve been your guides, your dive master, your trip organizer, your barista, and basically provider of everything you need during the trip. It’s not an easy job at all. Now let’s consider the labour they’ve went through and give some rupiahs to the tipping jar to appreciate their works. There’s no fixed rules of tipping. But basically the rule of thumb of tipping is 10% of the cost of of your Komodo liveaboard trip. The crew will divide the total tips equally. However, if you feel like thanking one particular crew member for their impeccable service, go ahead and slip it in their hand. You will absolutely make their day!

Travel Tips And Guides To Shanghai You Might Need 

Shanghai is located in the biggest populated country in the world. The country itself is very big and there’s so many destinations you can visit for your travel plan. Shanghai can be considered as the focal point of tourism in China since it is the first place you can land on during your arrival. Shanghai is considered one of the top modern cities in the world. It is where you can find the fastest commercial train in the world. Shanghai itself is home to 20 million residents. 

Smooth, enjoyable trip in Shanghai, China

Choosing Shanghai as your travel destination is not a bad idea. The big population of the country should not intimidate you. You can still have smooth, enjoyable travel in Shanghai, one of the most futuristic cities in the world. This city is also where you can enjoy the past, the present, and the future. 

shanghai china travel

Accommodation in Shanghai

It is one of the most important elements when it comes to travel. As for travelling in Shanghai, accommodation is not an issue at all. There is wide variety of accommodation to choose such as luxury, mid-range, and budget hotels. For luxury accommodation, Park Hyatt Shanghai Hotel is recommended. It is the highest hotel in Shanghai. As for mid-range accommodation, Hotel Equatorial is a great option especially for international travelers. For budget hotel, Jinjiang Inn is a great place to stay at. The location and price are superb.

Dining experience

China itself is a great place for food hunting since its cuisine has already popular all around the world. It is even better when you can enjoy Chinese cuisines in China. In Shanghai, there are hot spots for enjoying Chinese best dishes. You can try out various dishes in restaurants such as Jesse, Fu 1088, or Yi Long Court. Those are most recommended restaurants to visit to have exquisite dining experience. 

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Dining alternatives

Dining alternatives – If you are not into formal dining in luxury restaurants, you can opt for the alternatives. For example, you can visit Hai Dai Lao hot pot to enjoy bubbling pot of broth contained meat, seafood, and vegetables. You can also head to Qibao food street to enjoy various Chinese foods in more casual setting. Aside from prime meals, there are also Chinese iconic snacks to try out such as the stinky tofu, xiaolongbao, and more. 


Nightlife escapade – Don’t head to your hotel room too early. The night is young in Shanghai so you still have time to venture the city more. There are strategic spots you can visit to enjoy your nightlife escapade in Shanghai. For example, you can visit Flair, a rooftop bar with stunning terrace overlooking the city since it stands at 250 meter in the sky. Or, you can also head to the Apartment. However, it is not to visit a resident but to enjoy various meals and drinks. The structure consists of two floors with a roof garden. The bar is open until 4 a.m so you can enjoy your night as you wish.

Home Interior Design Yogyakarta Learning the Basics

Whether you’re simply a DIY home interior design Yogyakarta or someone who might be interested in pursuing interior design at some point, understanding the fundamentals is simply one of the first things that you should do before everything. What sets apart design students and amateurs is that they’re taught the most basic foundations that make up everything that requires creative thinking when it comes to creating a brilliant design. And the end of the day, the magic of interior design is the formula. Learn it, understand it, only then you can defy the rules. 

home interior design yogyakarta

Worry not, the knowledge is not only something that can only be studied by interior design students. You can too, with dedication. Now let’s delve into some of the most basic foundations of home interior design Yogyakarta in brief. 

Home interior design Yogyakarta know the rules 

As with everything design, there are several rules that you should be aware of. And the world of  home interior design Yogyakarta is no difference. This applies not just to furniture picking, but also home accessories as well. The two basics we’re going to cover here are: 

  • Focal point
  • Color 

Focal point of your interior design 

Most interior design and room layout has a focal point in which the eye would take as one of the main features of a room. For contemporary designs and those that are somewhat non-traditonal, sometimes the focal point is forgone in favor of a more “spread” visual feature. But nonetheless focal point is a concept that’s important to understand.

furniture ruang tamu jogja

For instance, if you’re designing a bedroom, then the focal point would inevitably be the bed. Especially when you’re using a piece of large bed like the Queen or the King bed. 

Understanding color usage in designing a room 

That single factor that could instantly change a room is undoubtedly the color chosen by the homeowners or the interior designers. Color matters a lot to the point that you can either make or break a room through color. Here are some of the reasons why color is so important in home interior design: 

  • Color dictates the mood of the room 
  • Color creates the illusion of; largeness, narrowness, contrast, among other effects. 

Always invest in quality items 

home furniture jogjakarta

No matter how much you understand your ultimate focal points or colors when designing an interior, if the furniture pieces don’t last, it would be nothing. This is why we always encourage home owners to look beyond the initial beauty of the furniture piece. See beyond the aesthetic value; make sure to: 

  • Give your furniture a sit-test. It does look good, but is it comfortable? 
  • Don’t ever choose flimsy furnitures. A general rule of thumb is, if it’s lightweight, then it likely won’t last. This is especially true for wooden furnitures 

Investing in quality items will only pay off in the long run. 

mebel furniture jogja

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Want a more affordable option? Look at secondhand stores 

Many secondhand stores have quality furniture pieces that you’ll be surprised to find. Aside from furniture, secondhand stores are perfect as a place to look for home accessories Yogyakarta as you can find countless surprising pieces that you may not expect you needed before. Go to the nearest antique or secondhand shop and do your due diligence of digging up. 

Reasons Why Many Tourists Misbehave When Travel 

Travelling is fun and all until you do something that offend the locals or damage the nature. The number of people travel around the world keep increasing. It shows that people are more and more interested to explore the world without hesitation. However, there have been many reports of tourists misbehaving during their visit. Tourism may impact positively to the global economy especially for a country that has many tourist attractions. However, it can also impact negatively both to the local culture and the nature. Therefore, there have also been countries that limit their tourism quota to minimize the negative impacts.

beg packers

Most common reasons of tourists misbehaving during their trip

There are many kinds of misconducts done by tourists. You may have heard about Chinese or Australians who are blamed for misconduct during travel. They were even labeled as ‘bad tourists’. However, they are not the only one who have behaved badly during a trip. In fact, there are many tourists who did the same and went unnoticed due to lack of media exposure. Misbehavior during a trip can be offensive, disrespectful, and exploitative actions. There are many possible reasons why some tourists tend to misbehave when travelling, such as:


Lack of cultural understanding is one of the common reasons why tourists are so clueless about the local cultures of the place they are visiting. Therefore, they don’t know what kind of actions that can be considered as disrespectful or offensive by the locals. Also, every place have different tradition, culture, and lifestyle. Differences in those aspects can lead to misunderstandings. Some tourists may unconsciously do something they are used to in their own country which can be offensive when they do it in another country. However, this is not an excuse because tourists can do their research in advance. Thus, they have enough knowledge of the local culture.

Lack of traveling experience

Lack of experience in international travel also has become one of the most common reason of tourists misbehave during a trip. It is also common for people who come from oppressive country to feel like they are out of cage. Thus, they think they have all freedom in the world and do something they cannot do while they are still at their home country. However, they don’t realize that the actions may offend the locals instead. Therefore, it is important to have such control during travel. Drowning in excitement can lead to misbehavior that can disrupt the harmony of tourism.

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Lack of awareness to preserve nature is also common problem that cause tourists to misbehave. They may think that throwing rubbish carelessly during a trip is not a big problem. However, it can cause many problems both to the locals and to the environment. The locals are the ones who have to deal with the aftermath. Not to mention that this kind of misbehavior can damage the nature. It is not only about the image of the tourist attraction but something important for the long-term impact. 

Wedding Vendor in Bali & Specialized Catering Menu for Paradise Island Ceremony

Choosing wedding vendor in Bali can be super tricky especially with the sheer options the island provide. There’s one wedding vendor that would take quite a bit of time and effort to look though, and surprisingly, it’s the caterer. How is caterer so important as a vendor for your big day? 

The importance of catering as wedding vendor in Bali

After booking a venue, wedding caterer can easily be among the top costly wedding vendor in Bali that your wallet would need to pay for. You’re going to need to budget your priorities accordingly. Do you have a budget estimation ready? If not, start now before you approach any wedding vendor in Bali. 

wedding vendor in bali

Choosing reliable wedding services Bali can be tricky

Anyone can claim that they have good food. When it comes to the wedding vendor in Bali that focus on catering, food is the most important thing, right? Unfortunately, that’s not the case. Beyond the food and the presentation, the most important thing you need to take into your first consideration is service. Caterers are nothing if not for their services. 

This is why choosing wedding vendors that actually specialize on wedding services Bali is a bit tricky. Simply choosing any vendor would not do. Make sure that you choose wedding vendors who put emphasis on their hospitality service. Especially for those who are going to have their staff present throughout your wedding. 

wedding services bali

Choose Bali catering company serving good vegetarian options 

Some of the best catering in Bali that we know have rather elaborate packages catering just to the vegetarians out there. When you’re looking for wedding vendor in Bali island that provide solid options for your wedding, here are several things to note: 

  • You don’t have to specifically look for wedding catering services that cater to vegans. Unless of course, you’re one yourself. Good variants of vegetarian menu is usually enough. 
  • This also applies to catering to dietary restrictions, such as gluten-free diets. Fact is, you simply can’t fulfill each and everyone’s dietary restrictions. Unless of course you have unlimited budget. 
bali wedding vendor

Best catering in Bali has their own specialties 

Experienced Bali caterers would usually have certain types of wedding that they’re most familiar with. They have extensive experiences handling clients and serving the best menu for your guests. However, they never try to please everyone. They’ll usually have a certain theme or a specialty to their menu catering. 

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Why does hiring a specialized Bali catering wedding important? 

flower vendor arrangements wedding bali

Wedding catering services who know what they’re doing will stick to what they’re good at. If they’re a restaurant specializing in Japanese food, then they wouldn’t try serving any other food even if they have the option for you to customize the menu. Here’s why you should hire specialized wedding caterers: 

  • A specialized Bali catering wedding will deliver excellent menu more than caterers that are more of a generalists. Simply have that one theme and save your money for wedding vendor in Bali that you still need to plan out. 
  • Having a specialized caterer will make your wedding stand out. And you know just how important food and services are when it comes to impressing your guests. 

First Time Travelers’ Most Common Mistakes

First time travelling abroad can be nerve-wrecking and exciting at the same time. It is common to feel nervous as it is your first time travel to different country where you may not understand the local language, culture, etc. However, it is great to be brave and decide to travel because it can broaden your horizon. There are many things you can learn from travelling that you may not earn from other places or occasion.

First Time Travelers’ Most Common Mistakes

Most common mistakes of first time travelers

There is no need to worry about making mistakes when travelling because you can learn a  thing or two from them. Besides, even seasoned travelers still experience the most common mishaps and problems. Therefore, you don’t have to be afraid to travel just because you feel like you are going to make mistakes. To help you be more prepared, here are examples of most common mistakes done by first time travelers.

Using travel agent for everything

It is helpful to use travel agent especially when you are travelling to rather less touristy place to ensure your safety. However, it is also highly recommended not to use travel agent for everything especially when your travel destination is pretty popular. You can book the hotel and flight using travel agent. However, give yourself a chance to do something by yourself such as planning itinerary, finding local foods, etc. 

Avoiding the locals at all cost

First Time Travelers’ Most Common Mistakes

It is understandable to feel afraid of the strangers. However, avoiding the locals just because you are afraid of them being strangers will make you uncomfortable throughout the trip. Everything might seem suspicious in the eyes of first time travelers. However, you don’t really have to be so closed-off. Sometimes, you can let yourself loosen up and make friends with the locals. Not every stranger is a bad guy. 

Overbooking the trip

It is most common thing done by first time travelers because they are afraid to be not enough prepared for the trip. They end up overbooking to make sure that everything is in check. Booking everything will limit your flexibility to enjoy the trip because you will be bound to the things you have booked. Instead, book important things such as for accommodation. Meanwhile, you don’t have to book restaurants for having lunch or dinner. You can go exploring the city and food hunting. 

Over-planning your itinerary

First Time Travelers’ Most Common Mistakes

It is often that first time travelers feel like they have to visit every tourist attraction during their travel. They end up having over tight schedule for their trip without giving themselves a break. They insist on visiting 12 tourist attractions in a day and plan to visit other 10 tourist sites the next day. However, it is not a good idea at all. You will end up not enjoy the trip at all. Do not force yourself to see and do everything especially when your time is short. Choose the things you’d like to do and see the most and make the most of them so you have memorable trip.

Where to Stay: Bali Resorts Seminyak Comparison to Other Areas

Bali resorts Seminyak is located in the area that’s a playground travelers who yearn the finer things Bali has to offer. Its streets are lined with boutique shops and you can find an abundance of fine dining establishments in the area. it’s the place for people to shop and party and safely retreat to their resorts, coming home to a chef’s cooking and a butler ready to greet you. What are the other options aside from Seminyak and Kuta for your Bali accommodation?

Bali resorts Seminyak: getting to know the Seminyak area

Seminyak is the capital of Bali’s luxurious tourism and it shines through at seemingly every corner of the place. If you enjoy shop-hopping and appreciates the finer things of Bali vibrant scene, staying in a hotel or resort in Seminyak may just be right for you.

Staying in Ubud Bali for a more spiritual experience

In the last few years, Ubud has attracted a large crowd of yoga enthusiasts. As such, the area is now also known as the place where health and spiritualism combine. Have you been thinking of getting on that detox or retreat holiday? Your next Bali vacation may just be the right occasion for it. Stay away from Seminyak and Kuta for a bit, then. Choose resorts or hotels in Ubud or nearby areas like Sukawati or Singapadu. Staying in the Ubud area would be ideal for you who crave this sort of getaway.  

A quieter, less crowded tourist area: stay in Sanur

Sanur is the first area that got concentrated by tourism activities long before Kuta and Legian did. Sanur is a good place for you who’d like to stay close to the heart of the downtown, Denpasar. The area is close to some of the most important centers in Bali; 10-15 minutes ride to Renon (government offices), 30 minutes to the airport, and even closer to where the Balinese locals spend their day to day lives. Sanur is a touristy place, but definitely not to the extent where Bali resorts Seminyak or Kuta and Legian are.

A paradise for divers: stay in Amed, Karangasem

Amed is somewhere that is located the furthest away from other areas mentioned above. However, it’s a place perfect for those who love diving. Catch an impressively wide array of marine life and marine biodiversity. This may also be the best place for those of you who are interested in the Balinese traditional villages because of its remote location. Do note that by staying in Amed, you’re going to be very far away from the common tourist attractions as well as the center of the city. The nearest town would be Karangasem. Be prepared for a bit of inconvenience as there aren’t that many ATMs, for example.